Thursday, February 19, 2009

Aserejé ja de jé de jebe ~~....

ROFL. I'm addicted to LAS Ketchup song Nyahahah!! XDXD Heard it long time ago from my cousin ~_~ Suddenly got to it last few days O.O~` But I dunnoe what language is it... heheh!!

*takes a deep breathing and starts singing*

Aserejé ja de jé de jebe
Tu de jebere sebiunouba
Majabi an de bugui an de buididipi

Full Version? O.O

- i only like the song, and the dance! XDXD *dances and sings along*
- am gonna download the song! HEE HEE. ♥
- i'm addicted to it becuz.. there's this Form 4 class in my school, did a drama or something that I don't get the plot at all, the finishing part, all of them gathered up at the stage and starts dancing along with this song LOLOLOL~ blame them! :D ♥
- printed out the lyric ! LOLOL~~~ XDDD Wanna learn mah~ HEE~~ and annoy my friends at school *evil snort* It's fun to sing other song languages that are SOOOO foreign to me! XD


- the song is So Far Away by ?? *shrugs* XD it's a lovely song...
- I wana make my own fan vid too! *is a lazy bum*
- Uru..♥.. *random*

I also went to gazette media to check abit and OMFG!! Distress and Coma single is ready!! ♥♥♥♥♥~~ I WANTT!!! *rush to and check* ZOMG~~!! I'm sooo wanting it!! Awwwh.. I can't ask my dad to go do all those stuff again.. I already ordered the PSC 10th DVD thingy, and needa wait for exams(haven't even started) to finish, together with "GOOD" results, then he might buy for me if I want it .. for my birthday pwesent.. ;_______; I hope he lets, and I needa.. buck up.... *kneels down on the floor and prayyy*

Optical Impression - kore ga hoshii
US Dollars 20.49 [Ringgit Malaysia 74.19]
CD + DVD Only

Auditory Impression
US Dollars 14.25 [Ringgit Malaysia 51.60]
CD Only

Okay right the price? LIKE DUH! I don't mind paying the rest if it's more than RM50!! ;_; I want Optical Impression~!! I want the DVD~ Although the Auditory Impression's cover looks better XD~!! I'm a despo! DESPOOOO~~!! Shit ler. I scared I'll go crazy if dad say NO. ;_________;

OH YA! Before I almost forgot, before I cut myself ~_~ I'm already late!!! ;_______;

Happy Belated Birthday to Yuki & Hizaki!!!!!! ♥
teh cute lil drummer and teh princess of Versailles~! 8D
wait, is he "lil" at all? ROFL

Yuki-kunnn!!~~ ♥
*melts by his hotness*
He looks soo HOT in blonde or brownish hair right? *Q* ♥♥♥
Gomen-ne! I'm a day late ;____;

*bows repeatedly* gomen gomenn Hizaki-sama!! ;_;
I'm 2 days late! ;_;
*hugss him tightly*

I just visit this page so that I'll remember their birthdays!! Thanks to Lang for reminding me! cuz I saw her blog *hugs hugs hugs* XDXD

*talks to myself* Teru's birthday is April 10th!
Keep that in mind! Must remember kay?
KAY?! *nod nod* MMmmmh!


NUU!! I still haven't read the GazettE's interview about PSC Carnival thingy... until sat!! *anxious*

Nyaaan~ Uru-chan~ ♥
So cuteee nee!! See his pouting lips? SEE?!
AWwwWWwWww... *-*
*runs over and squishes*
*cuddles Lang xD*

tou-san, onegai?

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