Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Teru is total hotness!! DIESSS

whatever.. I said I won't be onlining today.. and... -_-V
but I'll need to do something anyway! 8D

I've been reading a fan fic lately 8D and I totally LOVED it SOSOSOSO MUCH. It's like one of my top fav fics ever XD. Title is Colorblind, pairings are Uruha/Aoi, can read it at prelude_of_ruin , oh my god I really want the next chapts!!!! *DESPERATE*

It feels so... sad.. and tempting! OMG SUSPENSE! I started from chapter 1-4 last night, finished until the latest chapter 5 in school this morning *wasnt listening at teacher XD*, and I came back now I saw the next chapter is UP!! YAY!!! It feels like a movie, I WANT THIS MOVIE TO BE UP LOL... too good to be true? ;__________; *whispers* poor uru... T.T

KoonIe!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU FOR POSTING THESE HOTNESS SCANS OF TERU!! *grabs you and launch kiss attack* OMG I'm so itch to make something out of it now! AGGGGHH!!! I needa wait till weekend ;_;

^ does he know how sweet his smile is? *drowns in fascination*

OMG *stares at every single inch* his smexy thigh!!! ♥_♥ OMG~~~ *half fainting*

*stares stares stares at every pic* KYAAAAAAA!!! He looks so FRIGGIN' CUTE from behind too! XD He's a man of art *clears throat* ♥!

*SHOUTS* OMG!! look at the 4th pic!! *bleeeeds* omg he's so cute laa... *nyaaaa~!* he and his goofy self.. I LIKE!! OH I just realised.. he has SEXY BACK!! *dies of hotness overload*

*dies again* Teru's such a photogenic! oh gosh he look sooo gorgeous in jeans and white! and those jewelleries... *stares for a longer period* smexxyyyy! *-* ♥

*fan girl fan girl!!!* his eyes can KILL! :D:D ♥ *mouth open wide* Teru-kun~ Can I borrow those jeans? :D

*hands held up to reach his both palms*

Teru in BLACK is gorgeous too!!! ♥_♥

OH MY~! He can be a model~!!! (or is he already a model besides artist? *shrugs*) ♥

*runs and walk with him* hee hee :D ♥

*faints at his smile* ... gosh....

and oh! that day aso saw this.. Kazuki! Eh kazuki you better beware *predatory look*

*amazement* :D:D!!! AWESOME! ♥ I'm so gonna be over you XD

dots i didn't save the small scan haha!! :D nvm ... huhuhu

WOOHOO!! HOT sio!~ Reminds me of Uruha~ on the motorbike in one of the scans ... now I think they're really like brothers! XD ♥ plus the sunglasses... O.O

ohmygawd.. seriously similar to Uru leh!! *is gonna fall for him anytime* LOOK AT THE POSE, memang sangat same ngan Uru punya scan tuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D ♥_♥ Like Uru rite?! *looks at everyone*

just the piercing.. diff.. XD *stares*

*points at him and sweats* kodomo rashii! XP

Nyahaha! I feel so peaceful ... *shrugs*

Okay I lost my pendrive..
nvm, I'm getting another 8GB one this friday.. :D
and, hopefully it will berjalan ngan lancar! PLEASE!!! ;_;
I'm so fucking worried that's why I'm online now :D

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