Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Kamijo x Hitomi = HOTTTTTTT!!! x33

aiyomak.. i'm still coughing ler... ~_~
anyway, today i'm online again LOL *slaps myself* i needa confirm some stuff haha!
OH NOO!!! LJ MAINTENANCE! Wuuu ;_; i can't check whether the next chapter is up or not.. and i can't reply the comments T_T wuuu.... *snifffs* I'm so desperate for the next chapter!!

OH YEAH!! I did a GOOD DEED today! XD
After 2 periods of science, I came back from the lab to my class, and I saw a blue handmade purse, thick, lying on my seat! And I was like O.O ... Why suddenly got blue purse wan... Since when I brought this XD. So I opened it, O.O!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE THAN 300 BUCKS! About 30+ piece of RM10 and few pieces of RM5 and RM1. OMFG LOLOL This must be the treasurer! :D Or some rich kid trying to show off how much they've got during CNY. (but 300 for CNY seems a lil low -_-V) WOOHOO!! I'm so itch to just take it away, but I'll feel bad! D:

So I just decide to give to Pn.Chien, the teacher in charge for the week, during recess. I go search for her straight away after bell ring lor, alone. :D See i'm so independent *yeah right* XD. Go pejabat, don't have. So I go the teacher's room. Wahseh, so many teachers inside O.O scan around, walk around, canot see her O.O.. I saw Pn.Shahlawati so I ask her can I know where is Pn.Chien, then she pointed to me where Pn.Chien is, and called her loudly I almost jumped LOL! XD Then I go to her...

I tell her I found a lost item O.O... That time I was holding 2 packs of tissues, the blue purse and my own wallet in my pocket *its soo big and spaceless*, she looks like she tought the lost item was the tissue packs in my hands! LOLOL XDD, then I just take out that purse and show her, etc etc. She ask me write down my name, class, where I found it, etc. And gonna announce tomorrow morning O.O! EH!! Don't say out my name wor! HAHA!! :D

Shit. :D I dunno what I'm writing in that paper she ask me to write the details :

Ong Mei Lian
5 Meranti
- jumpa di kelas saya,
- tempat duduk saya.

OMG LOL That sucks!!! *half fainting* what happened to my BM?! XDD *is ashamed* Whatever x3

WOOHOO~~ A good deed indeed! xD
*snaps out of daze*

and omg baby.. you made my whore mood on! HAHAA!! :D and i'm not saying it's a bad thing *wink* i wanna save ALL nyahah! XD

lucky can check through mails :D mookori from lj rite.. she gave me three links to the 3 pics below, since I asked her to, what! It's Kamijo from Versailles and Hitomi from Moran ookay!! :D:D I LOVE THOSE TWO ♥

OH FISH. FISHHHHHHH!!!! I seriously gona love this couple XD... even though it's just scans.. but still?! :D Those pics were taken like years ago.. since it wrote Kamijo from Lareine(his ex band) and Sanaka(ex Fatima), should be! :D But it feels new to me~ bahahaha!!

Wait, I hope I recognize the correct person cuz... *kicks chair*

The Evangelist of Love

WOOHOOO!!! LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!OMG SO HOT!! :D:D:D:D Kamijo's the blonde, Hitomi's the brunette, seme and uke bahahaha! :D:D Anybody knows where to get the full scans? Or what name and issue is this mag? ;_;

Goodness.. I'm melting ♥_♥

*stare STARE STARE!!!!!!!!!!!* ♥ omg.. hitomi is sooo fuckin' HOT!! *covers my mouth and scream inside* oh goodness I'm in love with more him now :D ♥ and kamijo is just.. kamijo :D x33

WHAT?! 3 PICS ONLY ARH?! *wailing cry* I have a feeling that it has MORE! Nuuuuuu!! Am soo gonna search for it... ~_~

Hitomi.. ohhh Hitomi!~ Oh yeah, incase you havent notice, Hitomi's the one you saw when you first come into my blog XDD

^ YEP this pic! I'm so in LOVE with it!! ♥_♥

That sunday I watch this video... I like the way Hitomi talks.. and he talks alot! I LIKE!! *nod nod nod very quickly*So cuteee...... nyaaahaaa....

- although I don't really know what they're talking about.. :D
- i'm just focusing on hitomi ♥♥♥ xD
- others are cute too :D ♥ including the drummer, Soan :D
- this is the second part of the photoshoot interview or whatever thingy =D

I like their pv too~! Feel so... at peace? In Love? LOL!! Whatever it is! XDD
Moran - Kimi no Ita Gosenfu [PV]

- Hitomi ♥
- he sings so... *drowns*
- I'm starting to love Moran more after I watched these..... 8D


Anyway, last nite me and Fara sms for soo long! LOL more than one hour! :D XD She'll be finishing her exams tomorrow... and will online during the weekend, so we'll spend the weekend together! YAY!! And KoonIe too yeah! *wink wink* ♥ My 2 baby! *cuddles*

OH YEAY~! Dad gona use money order so that I can buy the item I want! XD Oh daaad! LOVE YOU!! *shivers* -_-V *praying hard that during the deliver and including the shipping after release will be safe 101%*

*peeks at Teru scans in the previous post*

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