Sunday, February 8, 2009

no more blood to spare...


MIKAAA!! Finally I remembered to post that for you, gomenasai! ;_; I... I dunno what pic to use so... *shrinks* And I'm 6 days late ... *///*

I give up! STUPIT blogger upload cacat-ed pictures for me. Click click banyak kali pun sama. ;____; So I tomorrow only post. Since tomorrow holiday... cuz thaipusam *eh how you spell that O.O*

Today I lost nearly 10 litres of blood (do I have that much blood? LOL).. :D OMGGGGGGGGGGGG *point point the pic at the left* THEY... THEY... *breathing hard* THEY... THEY.... *SCREAM* AWESOMEEEEEEE!!! GORGEOUS!~~! *jumps around*

I LOVE URU'S PANTS!! it's soo silky ... *touch touch*
RUKI! I seriously LOVE your poses!! :D:D *mimicks his poses* And your fringe! LOVE it that way! :D:D

*slaps myself* STOP! Tomorrow continue your fangirling... *stares at the pic*

Anyway! I've changed layout again! WAKAKAKA... it took me ages to finish it LOL... so many stuff to edit XD.. but I enjoyed it hehehhe!! I needa learn HTML after SPM.. so many things to do after that...

piercings - both my ears, and lip? Like Aoi's XD. But i'm a scaredy cat... MEOW
drive myself to anywhere i want - that'd be fun! :D:D so I don't need to ma fan my parents or other ppl all the time :D
dye hair - i want fresh red color! LOL *imagine* that'd be awesome! XD people will go stare at me like .... -_- ... or blonde blonde like uru~ *blush* but .. HEHE.
hair cut - i wanna spike my hair! Wakakaka! Like Hiko's? Or like boys' cut and spike it? *twitching eyebrows* WOOHOO~~
work part time - have to.. i need money.. can't always rely on parent right? D: then I can buy more stufff!!!! :D:D:D:D but won't ever go back to McD..
buy more clothes of my taste - lalalala~ I'm bored of wearing simple clothes all the time XD
learn HTML - YES YES YES!!
take japanese lessons - i definitely want this!! :O
guitar lesson - IWANNALEARN~~~~~~~~
et cetera? XD

So many! LOL CAN'T WAIT. I want my own laptop! So I must study hard then dad will buy for me... :D:D

I'm so in love with Sou's voice.... and can never get bored :D ♥ i esp. love these 3 songs... besides Mikansei Sapphire, Red Room etc. *nod nod*

Lolita23q - Last Heaven

- his voice sooo COOL~~!! it's hard and fast ♥ :D *fangirl fangirl*

Lolita23q - Mr. Hybrid

- i'm lovin' the whisper-like vocal!! :D:D:D ♥

Lolita23q - Hoshi no Kakera [PV]

- OMG I LOVE THE MUSIC!! The drumming and all... *rocks my head*

And LM.C's Haunted House Make A Secret XD!

- no idea why i love this! :D:D

After tomorrow I won't be onlining on weekdays anymore.. needa study already..exams next month.. :O PHEW LUCKY the last day of exam is 6th March and not 10th... it's GazettE's anniversary on the 10th that's why!! :D:D *is very grateful*

For my birthday this year.. If dad ask what I want for present, I'll say... DISTRESS AND COMA!! I want optical impression.. got DVD! YEAARGHH!! So must get good result then can lembikkan dad's heart he'll lemme buy :D:D

I hate my pendrive.. although it's 8GB.. what to do XD!

Shit... yesterday wanna post the check.. but post office never open!! How I wanna know the stamps how much? ;_; and I need it to arrive within a week, starting from yesterday, or friday... -_- I got the reply from YESASIA.COM haha!

we would like to confirm that the item in your order is a Region 2 DVD item and will only be compatible to players of same region code or DVD players without code restriction (Region-free DVD players). Thus, you are kindly suggested to check your player first if it would be able to play Region 2 DVD items.
Rest assured that we will process your order as soon as your payment is received.

YEAH! I don't think my DVD player has code restrictions though XD!!

hoshi no kakera
yozora toketa...

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