Saturday, February 7, 2009

I changed url again!!! D:

Awwwh I'm lovin' this wallpaper! I know it's simple but I LOVE IT~!!! :D Uru...*sighs in pleasure* ♥! LOL Ruki's face! HAHAH!! REITAA~~~ *steals his pants* ohohoho~ Aoi admiring Uru's back! *Q* ♥_♥! Nyahahaha!! Eh Kai!~ I love your frowns XDD ♥

omg..sorry people...
i can't help it..
i got bored of my url -_-V


eh! it's not that i'm calling myself princess okay! I'm not that perasan,...I just like those 2 words a lot XD. Especially shikabane (it means corpse) huhuhu :D I'm into an anime called Shikabane Hime. It means Corpse Princess. Although I haven't watch yet! My friend say got 2nd season *shrugs* so I'll leave later only buy tha DVDs. :D

T_T I tried putting shikabanehime or shikabane-hime LOL but CANOOOOOOOOOOOOOTT!! *CRY* dot dot dot... so that's why...
I'm sorry people! T_T *bows repeatedly* gomen gomen gomen!! D:

Anywae, I'm totally over Shikabane Hime's theme songs now. It's sang by Angela ! SHE RAWKSSS!! :D:D:D

Angela - Beautiful Fighter

Angela - My Story

I understand if you don't like her voice if you're listening to her songs for the first time 8D. *shrinks* I keep repeating those two songs XDXD!! *hums along and rocks my head*

^ Shikabane Hime

^ She looked so cool right? Wahahaha!~~~

I've decided! To change layout huhhu! Too free? Nah, I abandon my stalking job for a bit. ~_~

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