Monday, February 9, 2009

I went back stalking ! Lycaon! XD Mamoru Miyano!:D

Happy Birthday to Byo! :D:D:D

omg I seriously hate that banner... the words colouring sux... *bang wall* what to do? I still sux at this -.-V

Today's post is gonna be veri LONGGGGG~~~ ;)

Aoi, Reita, Ruki, Uruha, Kai
Awwh this is cute! *is planning to do that LOL* XDXDXD

eto.. where should I start? XD
I went stalking again! :D:D It's Lycaon! WOO! I think they must be quite new *nod nod* downloaded all of their songs, *2 thumbs up* :D Went to their OHP and tour around huhuh! :D *saves all officials to the links* Wana save space so I put almost all pics togethah *swt* XD

top picture is their latest look and mini album, Ambrozia, NOT BAD. ♥ And I like the colorr!! :D bottom pic I think it must be their previous single, Red Rum.. *shrugs* :D Woots the gun so cool! :D

Yuuki the vocalist. ♥ Gah I like his hair, his eyes :D, omg almost everything there LOL. Including the dagger XD. What to do? I love visual kei styles mar *_* So he's my fav in this band now? *shrugs repeatedly*

Left : Rito, Right : Satoshi
Eh? I don't know which is guitarist, bassist or drummer. LOL but can guess, normally guitarists after vocalist rite? So these two must be... O_O Ahh!! Another dude with lip ring *is obsessed*

Left : Mio, Right : Eve
So this two must be the bassist and drummer.. XDXD I like Mio's claw! RAWR! :D ♥ and his face mask thingy *forgot what is it called* ... EVE! So innocent 8D

Anyway, I also downloaded some english songs XD! EH~~ I also like la, don't think I ONLY listen to jap songs, it's MOSTLY. XD They are Rihanna, Beyonce, and Avril Lavigne. 3 of them are my favorite :D, esp Avril, she's my fav punk princess! *PEACE SIGNS* YEAA~~ Some jap singers like On/Off, Hitomi Takahashi, Tanaka Roma, and Tata Young. All from sugarpain_music . I can't find Ali Project's!! ;_______; I love her songs... Yuanny must really send to me alrdy...

I'm back to my former lover! LOLOL kidding kidding~! :D He's one of my top fave seiyuu(anime cast), it's Mamoru Miyano 宮野 真守! *dances* Eh who? He's the seiyuu for Zero from Vampire Knight, Setsuna F.Seiei from Gundam 00, Tamaki Suou from Ouran High school, Yagami Light from Death Note. etc. NANI?! Never heard of those anime?! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOB!! XDDD VK is soooo damn popular lei! *shakes my head*

Went to his blog, he always update de lorh haha! I tour around the first page oni, abit lazy XD. And I did save a lot of his blog pics last time.. gonna dig out some now huhuhuhu ♥ He's cute naaah.... ♥_♥ and I love his voice... he can sing XD More of his info here, and OMG! HE'S MARRIED!! *heartbreaks* ;_;

On December 1st, 2008, Miyano publicly announced that he recently married and is expecting his firstborn.

His blog's default picture. KYAA!! Kakkoi! ♥

His single? Kuon. The ending theme for this anime called Koutetsu Sangokushi. Not say very popular la, but sad T_T... Quite few years back already.. should try listening to the song... esp the lyrics.. so sad ;_; *sniffs* ... *goes and listen and sings along* okay I'm being sentimental.. ;_____;

Look at his poster behind!! *melts* XD OMG FIRST ALBUM?! Mamo-kun can move abit? SHOO SHOO~~ LOL! Cant see zzz. Release when? XD *lazy check* whatevah I'm gonna get it. ♥

OMG It's SETSUNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! From Gundam 00. Damn I wanna watch the 2nd season, faster finish la I wanna get the DVD! XD ♥♥♥

Shit. This pic of him looks like someone in my class *rolling eyes* -.-V

^ Koutetsu Sangokushi COSPLAY! WOOO~~~ :D:D:D
I'm seriously addicted to Beautiful Fighter and My Story, by Angela XD. Go here and listen whatever XD. I watch one of her pv today, Shangri-La. LOL when I look at her, I thought of my aunt in Terengganu! XDXD But she quite pretty. Hmmm.... :D I used to everyday sing her fun to sing heeee. *sings along*

Angela - Shangri-La [PV]

- sooo epic! :D
- aah i miss this song~~~ and the anime~ Dead Agressor / Soukyuu no Fafner.

I saved the last for the BEST!! :D It will take up lots of space cuz.. I LOVE THEM!! And yesterday I lost more than 10 litres of bloood... xD Stupit blogger again.. ~_~ And of course it's not the original size ;D I LOVE THE GAZETTE ♥ *random*

*MELTS* ... They never fail to amaze me... ♥_♥

KYAAAAAAA!! All SOO SMEXY~~! ♥ I love the background, and the effects of the light. GOODNESSSS... ♥_♥! URU'S PANTS! :D I like Ruki's red outfit! *red addict* ♥ And Aoi's... *faints*

*sighs in pleasure* .... they're getting hotter and hotter.... ♥

Ruki-sama!! :D ♥ Your Pose YOUR POSE!! *copycat*

oohh itoshii Kouyou-san! *shiverrr* LOL XD ♥♥♥ *stare stare stare!!!*

SHIT. *half fainting* Aoi!! :D You like revealing your.... eh? :D:D:D *STARE!!* WAkakakaa~ ♥

huhuhu! Reita-san! ♥_♥ Zebra clothing. LOL... I LIKE~~~ *examine the material*

AGH. Damn! Your hand position is making me thinking the wrong way! XD But I LIKE!~ Your clothes~ It's sooo you~ Kai-kunnnnnnn!~ ♥

YEAH lick that lick that! :D:D:D:D ♥_♥

*SHOUTS HIS NAME* Kouyouuuuuuu!!! :D ♥_____________________♥ I like your tie tie~ *play play* OMG that thing is sooooo obvious!! :D:D:D *slaps myself* the designer of his pants must have something planned in the first place.......

GOODNESS AOI!! *point point* he's revealing more! XD HOT HOT HOT!! ♥_♥ *DROOL*

Damn. Reita! Can I borrow that pants? Don't forget the belt. XD He's always wearing the coolest pants *_* ♥____♥

Okay his putting his hand there again HEE HEE. WOO he's revealing it too! Or is it a cloth *blink blink my eye* Kai kai kai kai!~ ♥

I really like his hair now.... ♥♥!!!

The way he bends his body like this is just my typeee~~~~~~~!!! *fan girl fan girl*!! ♥_______________________♥!!!!!!!!!!!! Is he revealing it too? Cuz my mind's playing me :D *bleeeeeds* OMG WRONG FOCUS! XDXD *perv perv perv* That's kinda big... =X!!!!!!

Aoi copycat Kai! heheheh! eeesh! it's not so obvious now... but still ♥o♥

O.O! I now only notice his glove thingy O.O! SO BLUEEEEEEEE~~~~ :D :D Or is it just the light. etoooo -_- :D ♥.♥

Open all open all!! xDXDXD ♥_______♥!

Black is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO them! ♥

Now I'm really desperate to get my hands on Distress and Coma single!!! *scream scream* I WANT THAT MAGAZINE! (those pics i posted is from the magazine scan) I WANT I WANT. I can bleed overnight everynight...... I'm so looking forward to the pv... it's gonna be soo .... *sighs*

I'm wondering how they'll look like when they're going for swimming? *is a perv* =X!!!

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