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The laptop is hidden!

OMFG!!! The laptop is hidden!! I think dad hidden it *cries* ... and mom took away the lappy's wires back, into their room. I was being a good girl returning the lappy last night and I thought they won't take it seriously to really ban me from using the lappy, but it turns out to be REAL!!! *wailing cry* So sad la!! ALL my LIFE is in that lappy!! I just wanna use for a while.. check my mails.. update blog a bit.. and check up some news about the GazettE etc. Okay if it's for checking mails and those I stated before, all right, no harm, the internet is not 'blocked', and so I can use the computer instead. Okay fine! At least I can use it to check a bit. BUT!!! *SHOUTS* ALL my treasures are in it!!! My music videos, songs, pictures of the GazettE and other bands and artists, my graphics, my photoshop, and my halfway written fan fiction is in THAT DAMN LAPTOP!!! *cries louder*

I can't do anything fun in this com besides onlining and surf around!! It's not complete! ...

WHY?! *sounding sobbish* It's first day of school, yet no books, nor homework, .... *SIGH* Okay, I know I sound like some mad desperate lady. As long as I still get to use the lappy in the WEEKEND, AT LEAST on weekends! DO YOU HEAR ME?! I'm fine with it. Cool. Better than the whole year right? I'd die by then. I know I still have the computer but it's already my bro's possession!! ALL his stuff is in here, and it's out of space! NO MORE SPACE FOR MY DAMN TREASURED POSSESSIONS IN THAT LAPPY, so I've got no choice but to squeeze all in!

To Mom and Dad!! (As if they'll read it? I don't know)
I repeat,
*pleading* at least let me 'eat' that laptop during weekends and holidays! And I'll still and surely return it before dinner or late at night. And keep the internet unblock during weekdays too yeah? I don't mind not using during wednesdays or thursdays, because brother's not working and he's at home so he will be parking the com all by himself by the time I come back from school. And maybe almost every weekdays when the school curriculum starts. *sad* Yeah, I still have weekends, and holidays. If not I'll definitely die. If it's exam season and you ban me from internet and the lappy, cool. That's fine.

Enough of that, I'm gonna start becoming really emo already! X_X Maybe I'm just over reacting. Sigh~

I'm being thankful that bro never block the internet. So I checked my livejournal, surf around some LJ blogs, replied comments and news about last Saturday's PSCompany's 10th Anniversary's performance. I'm SO glad I know that news!!!! It's at Music Japan + website, I'm gonna grab the pictures and some part of the news, okay maybe almost all . Come read it all HERE ! It's exciting! I'm so proud of the PSC artists, especially GazettE! *tears of joy*

Before that, I found this AWESOME banner of Ruki X Uruha, although I've seen the original pic before, I LOVE IT!!! Credits to yamisama from LJ.

There are some pictures of fans buying merchandise, waiting for the performance etc, but I don't post it here~ avoid spamming(as if i don't do that all the time) ^_^


Thirteen thousand fans gathered outside the famous Nippon Budoukan today, most of whom arrived at least three hours early to stand in a phenomenally long line waiting to buy merchandise from each of the seven artists that would later perform inside.

MIYAVI, posing for photos sitting on the edge of the balcony right over the main entrance where thousands of people stood waiting, twisted and turned for the cameraman shooting him, occasionally turning to throw playful looks over his shoulder to the fans below, who screamed when they noticed him.

Opening act SuG took the stage first, and performed two songs to a packed audience in which every single person, no matter how good their ticket, clapped, cheered and danced around. When they finished their two songs, SuG left the stage, and overhead the music video of their latest release “Umbilical” played on the video screens while the stage was prepared for the next artist.

^ SuG ^

SCREW came next, eliciting massive screams and deep growls from all over Nippon Budoukan, throwing the entire venue into bright purple light as soon as they set foot on the stage. SCREW also played two songs then waved in appreciation of the deafening screams and cheers their performance earned before vacating the stage. Their music video “Gather Roses” played while the stage was prepared for what was next to come.

^ ScReW ^

Though the audience expected Kagrra, to appear next, it was MIYAVI and Keiyuu (of Kra) who came to the stage in traditional hakama, acting as the evening’s MCs to wish everyone a happy new year and direct the concert’s program.

^ Kagrra ^

Kra took the stage next.

^ Kra ^

Screams rang out across Budoukan simply when alicenine.’s logo flashed across the overhead screens, and fans jumped to their feet to scream and shout with happiness as the band took the stage to play the five songs that made up their set. (They played The Beautiful Name pv too! :D)

^ Alice Nine ^

(And for the BEST and loudest of all!! GAZETTE! YAY!! *SCREAMS*)

The air was filled with howls, screams, shrieks and growls when theGazettE’s logo lit up on the screens overhead, and soon all five members strode onto the stage dressed in traditional blue hakama. They played five songs that elicited a lot of violent head banging, yelling and wild thrashing, all performed in perfect unison by 99% of the audience, and their set ended with Reita tossing his bass up into the air as Ruki shouted out, “Thank you Budoukan!!”.

(OMG!! They're wearing blue kimonos!! OMFG!!! I WANT TO WATCH THE VIDDD!!! *shouts desperately*)

^ the GazettE ^

MIYAVI’s performance began with a video that ran overhead, showing footage from his world tour that included messages promoting peace, love, happiness and music.

^ Miyavi and others ^

MIYAVI accidentally revealed (ahead of the official announcement) that a DVD of the performance was going to be made; he then revealed a large drum of Japanese sake around which a member of each band gathered with a mallet to pound the top in unison and officially usher in the year 2009.

all thirty men on stage stood and joined hands and instructed the audience to do so as well regardless of whether the next person was a friend or stranger. With everyone holding hands, MIYAVI counted off and everyone jumped up into the air together, bringing the show to a definite close on a high, happy note.



OMG! DVD OF THE PERFORMANCE!! I WANT!!! AGH... omggg... if only I have my own credit card T_T *burst into tears*.... looking forward for the full length live report of this amazing performance!!! :D:D:D *jump jump*

Okay. I'm done. I got my four anime DVDs, Monochrome Factor, Natsume Yuujinchou, Nabari no Ou and SA Special from Sher Yee today. Tomorrow got to pay her. So I'll start off with Monochrome Factor while 'enjoying' being banned from the laptop. -SIGHS-

Before I go :D

The field at our school, what happened?! The grass is like being eaten by some kambing or donkeys! I think Datin ate it.. because she's the donkey XD!! And the field being banned from going further because there are bee hives and they're having hard time to remove it. HAHA DAI SEIIIIIIII!!!!

I'm officially 5 Meranti's Ketua Keceriaan! You know, the one who decorates the class board. And of course I have my anak anak underneath me XD, they are Sher Yee and Wei Kent LOL as if he's gonna do anything!! :D NVM Sher Yee will obey me XD.

Kimberley's so happy she's not the treasurer anymore, instead she's being lantik as the assistant of the class. Whereas Ee Ling remain as head of the class. So unfortunate for Ronald he being 'kicked' off as being assistant and became the treasurer instead! XDD Other classmates, which I'm not close with at all, got other positions. HOORAYY!! We've got one of the nicest teacher to being our class teacher, PN. Rafiza!! YAY!! *clap clap*

I needa collect money to buy school exercise books tomorrow. DAMN the stupid green book so ex!!

What else I've missed? OH quite a lot. Update another day. CIAOS!!

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