Tuesday, January 6, 2009

2nd day!

Second day! Total lonesome. Lol XD. In class was kinda fun, cuz Sherie's around I can goof with her. And have our anime chats HAHA! I don't like it that she's always dazing and wanna sleep. Feels like I'm alone again. -sighs- Got homeworks again, sad thing I haven't had any new exercise books to write on, now I've bought it after school and have to rewrite it in. =.=V I've spent RM39.90 on 8 green note books, 10 single line books, and 5 brown coloured notebook. Damn ex!!

My legs feel so.. it feels like after I ran 7 rounds at the field. O_O I think it's because I've been staying too long at home during hols, and the walkings in school is like a wake up call to my legs XD. Oh damn I needa really tell En. Abdul Rahman about me wanting to take up Art subject, because Pey Zhu told him about hers and forgot to help me tell! NUUUUUUU~~~ I saw him this morning and I forgot to tell! AGH~ -_-V I'm so so forgetful.....

Zzzz. Using the com's keyboard so hard! It's thicker than the lap's! I can feel my fingers sink in when I type. ~_~ Better than nth rite? XD It's so hard to accept... There's so many updates in LJ about GazettE and I've no time to check it out!!! I feel so outdated! Someone feed me? I want news and more stuff about them!! Especially their news on PSC 10th Anniversary carnival, including their future newsss!! *near sobbing*

I can't even post any of their pictures in my blogs!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE HOW DEPRESSED I AM? -_- I bet no one does.

Last night was so fun, thanks to the anime I'm currently watching, Monochrome Factor. GOSH Akira is SO SO HOT!!! *drools* Can't get my eyes off! XD And it's freaking funny + cute OMFG~~ Until I ate up 8 episodes last nite. Later gonna continue ;D

My DVDs!! Can't rotate it.. the photo editor in this com sux -_- I miss my photoshop = =

^ Monochrome Factor ^

^ Natsume Yuujinchou ^
The guy in the cover looks like Alphonse Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist huh? :D

^ S.A Special ^
Probably about life in high school. Sherie say it's nice so... ;D

^ Nabari no Ou ^
This will be next! :D HOT guys XD

My belated Xmas card from Shu yi. OMFG I loved it! iLyShoes!! :D
I opened it at class ytd, me and Sherie was wondering how it looks like inside, when I opened it, both of us were like "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW" loudly in class XD HAHAHAHA!! CUTE RIGHT~~~ XD

GazettE daily updated!! BUT I can't grabbed it all yet.. not with this com... Just... 2... *crieees loudly* SO DAMN SADDD!! And the updates are related to the 10th Anniversary carnival!! *sobs*

^ scanned by rawkstarr27 @ LJ ^

Baby.. I miss you so much!! I miss our chats.. our fangirl ness for GazettE and others... *SIGH*...
I'll definitely dig your blog out! As much as I've missed! :D During the weekend!! Update me baby~ XD

And also looking forward to your letter XD~ OMG I didn't know you draw so well! (better than me a lot) XD

Oh darlings... I miss you so much... I can just die anytime... seriously... ._.

That's all? T_T Feel so so keberatan.....
Time for late lunch... and Monochrome Factor....

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