Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Got the damn textbooks

YES! Finally today got the textbooks. If not later will feel bad during class with the table empty =.=V 13 texbooks! *gasping for air* XD Minus accounts' because I'm dropping it, plus that book is out of stock already hahaha!! Lucky today don't have to stay back until 1.40pm, if not die la! Aunty will leave me there, and I've got to get those damn textbooks! D: XD Thank you Pn. Tan for persuading Pn Sally! :D

After the bell rings, me and Sherie faster run off to the Biology lab to get the books. Agh her legs longer so she's faster O_O. But 5 Angsana's still in the lab! Teacher still teaching. OMGGGGG Takkan until 1.40 sial!! HAHA Thankful that they left early XD. And we waited for like half an hour. The first class is 5 Jati, after that YAY!! IT's my class' turn WOO!~ Me, Sherie and Kimberley RUSH INN!!! *flies*
I just grab the set of books, WTH? Additional Mathematics? My class package no add maths la~! Who's dreaming while sorting the books? -_- Plus don't have moral textbook! O_O HAHA!~ So one of the student in charge, Yik Lin (is that how he spelled his name XD), we've got it now. We're like so lost XD. Accounts book also don't have, no stock, but I don't care since I'm already dropping it :D 13 textbooks, 3 in my bag(small ones), 10 in my hands, my paper bag!! And it was 1.43pm. OMG!! I faster run out(lucky didnt fall XD), and I heard my transport's horn, I summon haste(playing maple issit? XD) and speed up YAY!! Lucky she didn't go yet.

Okay I'm crappy.

Don't misunderstood, I'm still feeling depressed about not having the laptop in my hands for SO LONG!!! (5 days is long for me) GRRHH!! *sobs* Trying to be high at least a bit canot?! XD

And yay! Got pics to post.. but not the best... -sighs-
Baby fed me this PRETTY BOY~~!!! Nyaa~ I wanna stalk XD

From Deluhi ? OMFGGG!! *putting it in my stalking list* XD Leng zai leh?~ Lalala~
I know I have good taste XD

Yesterday finished the first disc(out of 2) of Monochrome Factor ;D OMFG I totally enjoyed it, laugh laugh laugh, I can't help but admiring Akira(the main guy)'s actions and looks!! OMG~~~ *drooools* Definitely one of the best name too!!! He's totally gonna be in the top of "my fav anime guy character" list XD HAHAHAH!!! The first is... still Lelouch from Code Geass! YEAY! ;D See? I'm loyal :D To Uruha I'm loyal too! Nyahahaha! *swings my hair* XD (yes yes FYI I can't forget him and them, never will) ;D

Left : Shirogane, Right : Nikaidou Akira !!! *drools again*

1024x768 wallpaper. I can't use it!! T_T
Top : Akira and Shirogane
Bottome : Kengo and Haruka

The most common pic XD.
Shirogane and Akira!!! I LOVE ♥ THIS PAIR!! XDD~ Nyaaaaaaaaaa~

douka kanaimasu you ni... futatsu no tamashi ga...
yobu koe ga.. kikoeteru.. mune no oku soko de~
sashi dashita te o tsukande ikou~ ima wa
tachidomaru hima wa nai
monokuro na sekai no naka~~~!!

Nth nth.. just the front chorus part for the opening XD YAY I typed without looking at the original lyrics :D~ I like the meaning of it! So... sweet? LOL~ HAHAH~~~ I'm starting to love that song again! :D

OH NO!! Got homework again!!
T.T Wuu... and tuition homework also havent do yet.. saturday's the day... sigh...

Today ate nasi lemak at school! So long never eat.. hao gan dong.. wuu... but but.. the egg's retard! Not SEXY at all! -_- usually not full cook de ma~ and the sambal a lil diff. but still yummy XD!! -random-

And, why everytime I go canteen during recess, despite I'm late for like 5-10 minutes, and nobody there? LUCKY I'M FATED WITH YUANNNY!! Cuz I always met her HAHAHA! YAY~~

OH YA!! Last night I had a really nice dream!! YAY!!! That made me excited~ :D Although kinda sad behind. XD I met GazettE boys!! :O FACE TO FACE :O :O *breathes* The plot kinda confusing, and the place... looks like we're in some kinda spaceship O_O.... -_- Then dunno ..

I won't say all, but. I saw them, I just waved happily and said "hi", they smiled (Uruha smiled and waved too!!! XDDD). I wanted to continue talk to them but I can't spit out anything!! I'm trying to find words (japanese) but couldn't form any HAHA!! Maybe I'm afraid I'll say the wrong thing? XD So sad right? They were watching TV, doing nothing else. I saw there's an empty seat beside Uruha, I went to sit there XD. OMG He's soo near me! :D::DD:D *crazy* I stared at him(of course not to be obvious) for some while *shy*... he's so gorgeous XD.. and they're in Guren outfits!! *drools*

The God of Dream knows I missed them so much! Esp him! :D And that I loved Uru in Guren shirt!! :D:D OMFG~~ Thank youuu ! Laalalla~ *already nuts*

I duwanna say about the end... Wuu......

When I listen to their songs... I feel so... .... *fell silent*

What should I eat for lunch hmmm...
Meatballs! :D:D LOL.. balls... *wrong thinking* XD
YAY continueeee watching!! LOL
Damn I'm starting to get depressed again...

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