Sunday, January 4, 2009

i'M SO HAPPY!!!!

^ Distress and Coma ^
omg.. is the pic too big XD Hopefully not XD...

Not because tomorrow going back school! XDD I'm gonna explain this again and again XDD *jumps around*

Gomen to those already saw my LJ posts for today... esp baby!! :D I bet you had enough of me now .... Wuuu....

OKAY! Get prepared to face my awesome fan girlness *Wink* XD~
Today when I woke up, around 10am+, wanna wake up and 9+ but it seems that I have the habit of overslept-ing.. Since tomorrow going back to school, was feeling kinda down.. and emo ._.

Then then... I thought of yesterday, when/where my darlings (GazettE, Alice Nine, SuG, ScReW, Miyavi, Kra and Kagrra) having performances @ Budokan.. SADDD I couldn't go... *loud wailing cry* Okay so I wonder if anyone posted yesterday's performance vid, so I browse youtube.. I didn't find any *is disappointed*.. I know laa! Where got so fast right? XD Then instead I found this video :

Then I saw the vid description :
New single: DISTRESS AND COMA / Release date: 2009.03.25
OMG!!! :D:D:DD:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D x 100000000

It's their Official Homepage opening video + song... OMG my WHOLE BODY Shiver in excitement when they song still plays and their latest pic suddenly appear... WOOO!!! CHO KAKKOI SIAA!! XDDD ~~~~~~ This song hear before but dunnoe it's their new single XD... te.. I'm talking about GazettE la! Don't dream XD~ HAHAHA ok eto.. Ya.. I supah love that song now... got few reasons XD... one is because the song memang nice.. accoustic.. slow.. and creepy XD Just like the title : Distress and Coma!! :D I took screenshots of some part...

^ Pay attention to the DATE! *wink* ^

^ It's GazettE 7th anniversary this year!! ^

^ YEAH!! 7th Birthday!! 090310 ^

^ random.. I like it XD ^

Then to make sure the release date, I go wikipedia and check.. XD and YES I'm RIGHT!! *jump jump*
*is extremely high now*

Still don't get what I'm saying? I bet you don't know me much then *sobs*




Okay back. I'm seriously damn happy until I wanna cry T_T.. can't stop smiling.. can't stop saying OMG!!

I'll tell you why I'm so excited now...

See the date already right?


March 25th


MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Some of you already know my birthdate!! (it's all written nakedly in my profile -.- am gonna remove it? XD)

OMG!!!!!!!!! *SCREAMSS until all glass break* OMFG OMFG ZOMFG!!! It's MARCH 25th PEEEEPS!!!!

Eh!! Why until so crazy!! It's just a single...
-- If you say that to me I'm gona cut you into pieces *death glare*

GazettE means EVERYTHING to mee!! Of course I'm crazy!! GRRRHH *snarls* Ok la maybe not everything.. 99% of everything can? XD... I'm so in love with their new looks!!!! Nyaaaaa~~!

Photobucket -- Original Size!! :D

^ GazettE's New Look ^
All MEI MEI leh!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! *went berserk*

- Uruha-san!!! OMFGG! MEI MEI!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ *river flow nose bleeds + spills my drool all over* And I LOVE his hair!!! Can I touch it? *puppy eyes* XD And and!! *stares at his beautiful face & chest, don't care bare or clothed*

- Ruki-chan!! Your pose is as COOL as always~~ *eye sparkles* Your hair ! And your so called glove.. OMFG so pretty!! :D I wanna try it on XD *manja*

- Kai-kun!~! YES YES that kinda pose! SEXY~! And your expression shows distress! YES YES!! *nod nod* XDDD~~

- Aoi-sama! :D:D OhNO... your bare chest... *Q* drools*.... Your hair also mei mei! XDD It looks so fluffy nyaa~

- Reita-san!! Your hair seems shorter O.O~ XDDD COOOOOOL~~ *plays with your jacket*

I make a lot lot of graphics using just one pikku! XDDDD Go here seeee!! HAHAHHAA!!!
And and.. that saturday morning after 12am... I was doing tuition homework.. so bored halfway so I drew CHIBI URUHAA!!! And edited in photoshop... xD original and others here XD~~~~~~~~ CUTE RIGHT?! HAHAHAHA LOL *self praising*


They're gonna be 7 years old and I'm only 10 years aheadd!!!! WOOOOOOO!
Each year got same number of age!! YAY!!! Hao gan dong... wuuu.... XD
Their birthdate is March 10th ... mine 25th.. fifteen days difference! XDDD

This year's March will be the BEST MONTH EVAA!!! YAYYYYYY!!! *tears of joy*

Hope I didnt miss out anything...
PS : My LiveJournal now is also one of my blog! HAHA!!
Must check everytime kay! I'll give cookies XD~

Drew this using paint that day XDDD cute leh!! Uruha sleeping with his ladybug shirt!! Well... it turns out that way... posted it here at first... XD... It turns out to be kacang already.... LOLOLOL!!!

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