Friday, January 2, 2009

Another Layout!

The Kiddie ^
OH SHYT where did I get this pretty banner from ._.
Yusa in the middle cute right?! *Q* ♥
Sorao(2nd) also not bad! ♥

HAHAHAHAHA!! Changed layout again awww. XD I lurve this layout alot!! URUHAAA!!! ♥ I dont wanna do brush spams, I like it this way, clean, and simple ♥ . Can see him clearly too XD *shy* ~ = = And yeah, I shut up-ed my blog, so now the music section is 'kept' quietly and waiting to be 'grabbed' anytime in the music page XD. Will change depends on my moood nyahahahhaa!!! Nana Mizuki SAIKOU!!! I watched a live and I'm totally mesmerised by it!! XDDDDD

The layout ctually wanna put all gazeboys inside.. but my love for Uru too strong XDDD~~ Gomen gomen Ruki-chan, Reita-san, Aoi-sama, Kai-kun!! 8D And and, Teru-kun!! Hontouni gomenasai!! =( ~ That reminds me, the pic i used is from RCE (Repeated Countless Error) limited edition photobook ~ I HAVEN'T WATCH THE VIDEO YET!!! *stabs myself and dies* .. So important how can I not watch yet?! *stabs my body again and drag down* T_T wuuu... all blame my slacker self ='( .. WADEVA~~ Must watch ASAP -_-V

SAD siaa!! Thinking how busy I'll be after school reopens (as if), *is repeating myself* thinking how long how far I'll be from my darlings!! Wuuu.... CUT CUT okay okay I'll scare my readers away! XDDDD

WOOOT!! Tomorrow is PS Company's 10th Anniversary!! 8D Issit? Hmmm.. I always see wrong thing *bang wall* ----- SEE MY OWL!!! --- ~(O.O)~ ----- XDD CUTE RIGHT?! XD -random-

That day read some GazettE heresy blog translation @ kisekii ... since can' see the original blog T____________________________T *cries loudly* ... But at least got the pics too! 8D Posting some ._.

These pic taken by him like.. almost a month ago =.=V It's not all at once..But I LOVE IT *laughs bitterly*
Gazeboys have been recording songs lately, omfg LOOKING FORWARD TO IT!! :D Err.. I forgot what else I wanna say........ 8D

[pics taken away cuz it's not allowed XD]

^ Kaya during Chocolat single... ;D *goes and listen to it*

BoA.. OMFG She so DAMN TALL la!!! (don't xiang wai.. i got this pic from my bro's folders ~_~)

8D.... Ruki X Uruha!! ♥

AGH! Go closer ma!! XDD ♥

Ruki-chan kakkoi!~~~~~~~ ♥


Ate dinner for pizza again.. New York crust.. so lembik XD! But yummy~ Eat 3 slices FULL ALREADY~~ And there's 2 LARGE pizzas + free dessert(another small size kaya+banana pizza)... =.=V Keep for tomorrow lunchie XD~~

Anyway, since the korean show @ 7pm, Wanted : Son-In-Law finished yesterday. So today back to old show =.=.... olden days cantonese showw!! And WTF~ I saw one part, a bunch of ... workers? Following the head into some money chamber (money XD~) they steal the money. Know how last time de money look like or not? Thick thick, long long, and some look like hat wan right?~ XD The workers steal the money by putting in the long long silver gold inside their asshole LOL WTF!!!!

In their assholes leh! OMG their faces, "hou tong ah!!" =.= .... They just squeezed it in?! zzzzzzz... you know what.. that kinda turned me on a bit.. I thought of Yaoi boys making out.. *drools* XDDD!!


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