Thursday, January 1, 2009

Juliette boys are cute

^ My VERY OWN GazettE Calendar!!! ^
I wrote wrong!! Supposed to be 'Leather Suits' instead!! AGH! Nvm XD~
(yea right -_- how i wish it's true)


LOL. I've no new year spirit XD I HATE 2009 ALREADY!! D: Thinking about the fact that have to wear seat belt in the back seats of the car or other transport, SPM year, need to work EVEN harder, need to be MORE active in school activities, thinking about how 'far' I'm gonna be away from my darlings and especially GazettE boys when school reopens ;__________; Think about it also sam tong ahh!! WUUUuuu....... Heart break into millions of pieces alreadyyyy ;'(

I was surfing around bara_trans LJ! :D It's a blog translation for Teru, Hizaki, & Jasmine You! I read Teru's and he said he's forever a guitar fann AWWWWWWWWWWW~~~ I wanna learn guitar even more now!! DESPERATEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE *SCREAMSS*!!!!!!!!!

And and.. I found some really cute icons @ xloliconsx community :D. OMFG Now I wanna stalk Juliette & Kisnate already!! XDD I'll show you who are they! HAHAHA!!

Juliette boys are cute!! ^_^

^ Ukiru the vocalist!
Cute leh!! :D ♥

^ Takumi the bassist!
OMFG I ♥ him now!! :D:D He mei mei leh!!! I'd go yaoi on him if I were a guy :P He would make a GOOD UKE!! HAHAHAH!! *rolls around*

^ Shouya the guitarist!

^ Yumeru the guitarist!
Ok ok jer XD! I ♥ the hair color! XDD~~

^ Izumi the drummer!
So innocent look! :D:D But not my type BLEK~~ :P

Kisnate boys are cute too!! =)

Sakae, vocalist~! ^
OMFG MEI MEI!! ♥ + his hair and hair colour! XDDD The apple so cute ;D

Kiki, guitarist~! ^
Kinda cute! :D ♥

Daichi, guitarist~! ^
Matured look O_O not bad la~! :D:D

Kayuu, the bassist! ^
Reminds me of Ryosuke from Lolita23q :D Dunno why maybe the hair colour XD~ ♥ Hmmm warukunai warukunai :D:D:D

Eh? Don't have drummer? Really leh :D I check liaw.
I want to download Juliette & Kisnate songs but but.. stupit connection so SLOWW!! T.T AGH the slowness is eating my time that is left!! :'( DAMN YOU DAMN YOU DAMN YOU CONNECTION ~_~

OMFG FARA-CHANN!! Don't tell me today's your last day online leh! *sobs* At least until school reopens la.. :D so we can have more HOT CHAT. XD Two days straight doing AHERRRMM things with my 2 ukes.. I'm becoming more of a whore now :PPPP~~~ I'll miss youuuuuuuuuu!! D= Good thing we can still SMS chat! WEEEEEE~~~

Haiyo, I always never update myself ler ;D. !@#!#$@#%!#!@# myself for being so lazy =.=V Aih, what's wrong with my pet kor? It's an obvious reason thing that I duwanna show my thingy right?! I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU. I guess I judge wrong. *sighsss*

I UPDATED my WHOLE livejournal layout + profile layout today and I'm EXTREMELY satisfied with it! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *jump jump* ♥ Come have a look leee!! :D:D CLICK CLICK CLICK and CLICK CLICK CLICK !!! XD I LOVE MY HEADER!! Uru~ Uruha~~~~~~~~~ XDDD

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