Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Aoi x Uruha ^________________________^V

FUCK FUCK FUCK. Brother is being selfish again today. He dc-ed me again. And I online only 2 hour plus!! Now I finally on is because, no idea he or dad is downstairs using the com. Can't be dad, cause he usually use after 10.45pm. I baru heard bro HAACHOOOOOOO from downstairs so I guess it's him ^_^V. So far I listened to 3 CDs, GazettE, Versailles & Stephanie. Now is Stephanie! :D SHE RAWKZ!~~ I want her voice =3 *sings along loudly* AS LIFE GOES ONNN~~~~~~~!! (2nd ending song for Gundam 00) HAHAHAH -random------

Tomorrow is NEW YEAR 2009!!! OMFG NO PLEASE I DON'T WANT 2009!! But have to.. I wanna look forward to PS Company Peace & Smile 10th Anniversary carnival.... HEART BREAK CUZ CAN'T GO TwT!!!

One more thing oh.. starting 2009, the stupit government DEMAND EACH AND EVERYONE, kanak-kanak tidak dikecualikan, to WEAR SEAT BELTS in car, including BACK AND FRONT. WTF?!?!?! = =!!! Now I can't relax at the back seat when going back hometown during chinese new year!! I know it's for our own safety! but but... I'm still schooling and I sit van go home.. a transporter... got alot of students leh... OMFG How you expect us to SQUEEEZE?! Seat belts got how many only?! = =V!!! I wanna get my driving license now ~.~ and drive myself home huhuhuhuhuhuhu xDDDDD

CURSE YOU MY GOVERNMENT. *pout & blows away my hair thats blocking my face + an angry look* xD

To my two Uke!! Gomenasai T-T!! Both of you wait so long for me to online :( xD *squeeeeeze both of you* And and.. I'm being called a pyscho seme T.T....wuuu... and and... So shy la~... I'm being called cute again *blush* LOLOLOL!! XD *smacks myself*

Lastly, Happy New Year people!! To all coming Form 5 students!! GOOD LUCK for SPM~~~~~~~ ;D

Now did I miss anything? =.=V

GazettE in suits!!
Can't find the one with leather suits *big pout*

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