Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i've just stalked Cellt!

I just went to Byouto and I saw this, Gackt's single, Ghost.
So this is the cover? HAHAHAH!!! OMGGG LOLOL So funneh!! *rolls on the floor*
okay so this is the 2nd post for today aha!!


^ Cellt ^

Okay, I'm out of control again. I saw that pic I straight away download their songs etc. LOL What to do? They look so cute XD. 8D Hunted for their pics at their OHP. WOOHOO. Found their blogs *goes and stalk stalk* Ngehehehe.

Kiyoto the vocalist. 8D I thought of Ruki when I first saw this pic. *shrugs* I LIKE TEH HAIR & POSE & THE GLASSES. ♥

Kasumi the guitarist. 8D waw! His hair x3 Mei mei!~~~~~ XD

Kokoro ~ guitarist. O.O Kokoro O.O So dolly-ish O.O

Sasa the bassist~! O.O He looks fimiliar hmm.... dunno why I thought of Sam from lord of the rings HAHAHA!!!~~ HAHAA that mini hat so cute! XDD *plays with it*

Mero the drummer! Σ(♥o♥)~ WOO I like! ♥ My fave! HAHA!! LOL Mero mero mero ~ I like that look ♥_♥ ~ *stares*

Watched some vid and pv O.O

- All so cute ♥_♥
- Left to Right : Kokoro, Sasa, Kiyoto, Mero, Kasumi
- LOL Kiyoto so high! YAY
- Mero-kun ♥
- Kasumi O.O He looked squeeeeeeeeeeeeezed AWwww!~ ♥
- Kokoro .. random 8D
- HAHA!! Sasa kawaii! HUHUHU!!~ ♥

Cellt - Night Doll pv

- WAW! FANTASTIC! Epicness wakakaaa Love it
- the way kiyoto sings reminds me of Byo alot O.O!
- i NEED a better view of Mero ;_; vocalists always win over the cam ~_~
- i wanna download this pv!!! =.=
- im lovin' this song XD

Cellt - Lydia PV

- I feel like a fly watching this O.O
- ♥ the music XDD!!

Sasa's Blog -----

The poor cat! HAHAAAA CUTEE! XD

LOLOLOLOL!! So guai eh?! The black cat look so awwwwwwww..... eeeeeeeeeee~~~!

ROARR!! So soft... can i hug? *squeeze squeeze*

SO CUTE!! *mouth open wide*

Mero's Blog -----

Now you know why he's my fave? HAHA!!! ♥_____________♥ He looks abit like Juka here 8D

^ Juka-sama ♥

Kiyoto's Blog -----

chubby bubbly puffly =X cute le~

Bun face O.O


OMGGG. KoonIe juz gave me this link. I died again! HAHA!! A9 HOTNESS!! WOOOOOOOO~~~~!! *steals all* I take SS first hahaa!!!

I Like the mirror scene thingy !! DAMN NICE~~ *jaws dropped* AGH!! Saga... SHOU~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *drowns*
I'm always being fed by other people thats why I'm SLOW. *sigh*

please... at least this time..

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