Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Heart broken

^ Kamijo-sama!
I wish that pillow was me. =X
eh! I'm way fluffier okay! XD

I'm so fucking willing to give in.
Looks like it has no use now.
*heartbroken into million pieces*

I'm soo depressed ;__________;
It was too good to be true, I knew it would end up that way. *tearsfall*
Daddy doesn't trust them, he said all kinds of craps like his credit card will end up being bankrupt cause sometimes it will ask you to keep paying stuff. What?! I don't get it! If it is, why is that website still there?! *sobb*

I need mom's help! PLEASE! She is his wife right? And mom's good at debating stuff, so I'll.. *cry* But mom isn't here now! She drove brother to the hospital, bro's having some health probs lately, his gastric problems? Dunnoe what you call that. He's been like, non-stop burping lately. And that started since a year ago. After he ate that kampung chicken egg. LOL *is not laughing at all*

*mumbling curses*
So how? Am I suppose to stay emo for the whole holiday? =.=V
Anyone can help me buy? ;___________; *as if*
DVD + Booklet.. gosh... I seriously in need of that drug.. *sob*
10 years once le!! OMG I already read the full report , it's tempting me like hell!!!! *SHOUTS*
I never had anything ORIGINAL of them, I'm only asking for this! ;_________;
Cuz malaysia didn't sell, and !@#!#$@#$@#%!#@#!@@!#@!# FUCCCCKKK.
What? That's the only way right?
Can use cheque anot? =.= If check most probably can.

Went to their MySpace and then.. I went to heaven... 8D

^ Ruki-chan!! ♥
I just love the way he pose.... he's so photogenic! 8D O3O and yes yes his glove ! OMG~~ Sawatte ii? *touch touch* And and.. I saw... *shy*

^ Uruha-san!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥_♥
*stares at every inch of him* OMFG~~ *whistle* mei mei!! and his outfit WOOOOO!! The tie! ♥ The hair! ♥ Teh lips ♥ and and... *blush* WhoTH's the designer im gonna kiss him/her! Bahahah!~ ♥ *RUNS to him and hugg*

^ Aoi-sama!! ♥
WOOHOO~ Temptation~ XD Where you touching eh? Bahaha!! I know your chest smexy la.. *stares and drools*

^ Reita-san!! ♥
FUUUHH. I LOVE your outfit too mann!! ♥_♥ *sneaks around him in circles exploring the material* WOO. The coat *Q*, the baggy pants ♥! The pose! *_* ohhwooow.

^ Kai-kun!!!~ ♥
This is probably one of the best looks you've got! Mesmerising ♥_♥ *explores your outfit* wooow. 8D tehh darkness covering ur eyes I like it. XD!

ohgosh.. i'm evaporating now... someone condense me please! LOL xD

My problem was halfway solved now. I have 2 ways. O_O
Yuanny say maybe she can help me buy. But must transfer bank the money to her acc. Should be no prob. Just needa ask mom or dad help transfer, cuz I mana tau macam mana nak guna banky thingys? LOL
But maybe only le, nvm I trust she can! WOO. She need 1 day to think. OKAY!

2nd, LOL, babe kinda gave me this idea, but I haven't ask the other person yet.
Ask Fara-chan help me buy! Since she always buy de *jealous* Then mail back the cheque to her LOL. Then she post the goodies to me. What to do? She live in Terengganu leh. Hmmmmm. It's fine with me, just that the cheque, will it be safe? LOL
I ordered before goodies through catalogue before, with cheque, and it's no prob. Did that a few times already still okay. *shrugs*

SIGHH. Just either one come true please? *sparkling eyes* Or either mom berjaya convince my dad also okay!

Just need to get this ordering thingy done before it's out of stock. LOL 8D

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