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i love vandalize

*SCREAMS* I just LOVE this wallpaper too much!! *is using it* Teh smexy-ness Shou-kun~! Awwh I wish I could edit like this too XD *is a noob*

Happy "earliearted" Chinese New Year to all chinese! LOL! Tomorrow going back hometown le!! I will miss everyone for like... 2-3 days?! XD HEY it's consider long to me okay *-* Nyahaha! I'll be off to Kemaman, Terengganu at 9am! *GASP* SO EARLY?! I asked my whyyy she said because, wanna beat the traffics. OooOoOOOoo souka souka *nod nod* no choice lo. *LOUD SIGH* I thought I wanna do something first before I go ~_~ Seems like I come back only can do. Ngehehe! So it's either I wake up early tomorrow or sleep late tonite, seems like bro is gonna on the com + internet overnight.... *evil laugh* eh! I'm sure my cousins, especially Cindy *rolling eyes* will be so so EX-TU-RIM-LEEEEEEEEEEE (extremely) happy to see me, me? Dunno. Like that only la. HAHA! I'm so cold-hearted XD. I asked her quite a few times through letters why she like to cling to me LOL, I mean, she's always stating that she's been missing me throughout the year (cuz 1 year only go back once or twice), and that she's really desperate. She didn't say anything!! SAJA TUKAR TOPIK O.O *kicks the wall* Eh come on la, people damn curious leh *pouts upward and blows my annoying fringe away* XD Or issit... USO BAKKARI?! Maybe not, *looks away*

I haven't pack what I wanted to bring yet! Bahahaha! Yeyeh. YAY! Mom lemme bring the lappy back. I thought she won't let cuz... *shrugs* But I don't think there can use internet lo, dun hav WiFi. Haha! Nevermind la, I can play around with my photoshop XD, drooling over music videos, bleed over pictures, watch anime (cuz I'm bringing some anime back), some blank papers to conteng, *scans around my room and see what else I wanna bring* eto and both of my CD holders to listen to songs (dun have ipod T.T), those printed Yaoi fictions *LOLOLOL*, and maybe some books to study?! *MESSES MY HAIRRRR* Whatever la. I enjoy being in the car for like 5 hours, but I duwanna put seat belt!! DUMB LAW!!!!!!!! WTF~ *sinks* AND YAY!! Bro going back to kemaman too! No choice la, later no food how?! LOL.

Yahor, today I updated my MySpace for abit, ngehehe. I friended all jrock vk bands' MySpace lalala~ LOL. Come back from hometown gonna update EVERYTHING. OOOHH, friday potluck! At Aunt Ee Say (dunno how the hell to spell this hokkien name) house, alamak! Why not mama's house?! That house so asing to me ;__________; or my house also can mah! Like last last year, so no need to get ready early and drive there *is a lazy bum* And I'm much more fimiliar and homey to my own home.

OMGGGG!! I'm like typing essay! Gomen XD

And yeah, these few days, or maybe more than a week or two I've been listening to Alice Nine's new album Vandalize released on the 14th of Jan & I want to report about it *chiak pa siao eng* Lalala~! But lazy to find informations huhuhuhu 8D

Alice Nine - Vandalize

Released Date : 14.01.2009

01. The Beautiful Name
02. Hyakkaryouran
03. Rainbows
04. Kiss Twice, Kiss Me Deadly
05. Cross Game
06. Subaru
07. www.
08. Drella
09. Mirror Ball (Vandalize Edition)
10. Innocence
11. Waterfall

Shalalala~ (zzz reminds me of pn shahlawati XD)
Anyway! XD Because weekdays (schooling days) I can't use the laptop, and I'm much lazy to just burn in out in a blank disc, on that day this album was released (or issit the next day *forgetful*), I roam around alice_nine community a while I found this download link for this album so I dl-ed it! YAY!

So I slowly listen, I transfer the songs into my pen drive, listened it through my radio at nite. Cuz my radio got USB port, pro eh? *twitching eyebrows* LOL. But the songs are arranged alphabetically. So the first song was Drella. WOOOOOOO!!! LOVE it after listening to it like, first few seconds?! Did I hear the word Cinderella? LOL Whatever! I enjoyed it so so much. *turns on the radio and listens to it* Not only that song, I heart Kiss Twice, Kiss Me Deadly and www. too~! *dances*

Love at first sight for all these 3 songs. XD Ohh Shou's voice



Kiss Twice, Kiss Me Deadly

- soo bouncy!! LOVE IT!~~
- now i know why ALOT of ppl love this song!! *bounces*
- I heard the word "coffee cup" so cute! XD


- Kakkoi song! Lalalala~ Shou's voice

The Beautiful Name, Rainbows, Cross Game listened to it long ago. So it's yaya. Also Mirror Ball, but this is vandalize version, I didn't think it'd be a slow song LOL! Motto kakkoi to omotta! Yaya, I like fast rockish songs. Dame? ^_^V

Mirror Ball (Vandalize Version)

- lambatnya lagu ni.. but not bad la.. hahaa!! I prefer original version hehe!!

Other songs also nice le, but not for first impression, for me that is HAHA!! Innocence and Waterfall comes 2nd. Huhuhu. Another really slow and calming song is Subaru. I forgot what that means. *SHOUTS* I'm looking forward to MORE ROCKISH songs from Alice Nine!!!! Cuz it ROCKS!!! lol -.-V

I know the graphics sux, I just love how the story goes, and the magic definitely!! XD And the characters really look like the real person, though it's not the same voice *is disappointed*

Last night finally can play the Harry Potter game I bought hahaha!! So addicted now LOL. I know why last time play Left4Dead auto off liao. Cuz bro say the graphic card sux! *CRY* he last night took hours to solve the prob. Harry Potter game okay already, cuz downloaded some stuff. *i know i'm a noob* Left4Dead, if play and change settings lowest also still will lag. T__________T SO FUN LEH!! I saw bro play abit, omg... I'm so gonna play it in the com!! Thank god got a week holiday!! 8D

AND Left4Dead is made by the creators of COUNTER STRIKE!!
Nowonder the graphic super nice~! Bahahaha! And CHO violent! I LIKE!
Fuhhyoh! Once the zombie spotted you it will speed up and run to you like a fly! 8D
Use shotgun shoot the zombie's head and BOOM! Exploded! WAKAKAKA~!!
All the blood splattered around. COOOOOLIO~ *2 thumbs & 2 big toes up*
*is a big fan of counter strike*
And chey.. It's not as scary as I think it'd be, maybe haven't reach the scariest part yet? :O

Yes, I'm a gamer. Just that I was in hiatus for the past few months. Haha!!
No la.. I'm just super duper glued by this jrock stuff. And GazettE, awww~
EIH!! *smacks myself* This year SPM la siao zha bor!! Must control! *fists in the air, berazam sungguh2*

^ New band, Velgreed. Cute eh? XD OMG~ I love their outfits.

I just realized I haven't read the full report for
PS Company 10th Anniversary Carnival!!
So forgetful!!! AGH~ *stabs my chest and drag down*
soobb.. *nothing left to say*

^ Just only made this, so simple! AGH! But nosebleeding. HEHEHE!! *stares at uru*
Aoi, Reita, Ruki, Kai, Uruha

fuck the phone USB.

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