Friday, January 23, 2009

FINALLY!! My junjou romantica season 2 DVD~ WOOO

Misaki kena molest! *point point to the icon at the left* XDD Aiseh.. soo arousing nyahahaha!

I'm in junjou mood today! YAY!! I bought the 2nd season DVD already! WOOOOOOOO *JUMP JUMP*!~~ Like FINALLY! 8D Saw the DVD at Atria today before taekwondo lesson, then TERUS BELI! OHOHOHOHOHO!~ *action* It's not Lambaian Filem.. so kinda sad.. but NVM, at least I got it right?! XD Gonna watch it like.. tonite?! YAY~~~~~!! Alaah! But haven't finish Nabari no Ou yet le! 8D

^ front!

^ Back~!

^ The disc~ XD


^ The receipt! Ngehehehe XD

"Usagi-san no fua fua omoletto special deluxe"

HAHAHAHHA!! I still remember what Usagi-san said!! XD Abeden... I watch season 1 like 8 times already... huhuhhu! XDDD

So sleeepy and tired *-*
Went to atria.. eat @ Nyonya foodhouse again HAHA! Wat? There cheaper ma.. XD But can't eat all le.. so full =.= ... Too much XD Shouldn't order tha otak2 hahaha! Ate fried rice... so spicy! Plus Teh tarik.. *slurp* Sherie duno order what mee.. (is a noob at recognizing meee)

Then wanna go big book shop again.. (i love shopping in bookshops =.=)... OMG! IT'S CLOSED?! *CRY*

LOL Today taekwondo so funny, all because of Sherie!! HAHAHHAHAHA!!! *is lazy to type more*

I bought another game.... not barbie FYI!! 8D Harry Potter! nyahahaha! LOL Goblet of Fire... WO! Can't wait to play... download finish liao... I love harry potter & magic canot? *wink* Needa have more games in the lappy cuz later go back hometown boring how?! -.-

^ FRONT~~~~

^ Back XDDD

^ Disc!~ WOOO NICE~~~ I like Harry with that hairstyle =3 Got two discs... it must be very long to finish! WOO!

Goodbye green belt...

^ HELLO blue belt! **WAVES*

I know I still noob la... what to do? XDDD

Okay I really wanna post these pics (although still got more).. please don't kill me! I can't control anymore XD.... ♥

Oh my... I'm feeling horny now... WAKAKAKAKA!!

Tonite need continue my tuition work =.=
Tomorrow one more day to play for the day before going back hometown on sunday..
Happy Holidays ! And Happy CNY!~ Lalalala~

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