Thursday, January 22, 2009

Finally got my vampire night guilty!! YAY

^ I Love This!
(oh noo I'm lovin' my own masterpiece =.=)
Oh yeaaah Aoi's caressing Uru's arse =X!

YAY!! Got the laptop to myself today.. but in limited time 8D Better than nothing! XD And it's because I needa do my ICT assignment.. *rolling eyes*

I've been loving Aoi x Uruha a LOT lately.. probably because of those fics I always read, and most of them are this couple! *jump jump* And HEY! I still LOVE Uruki y'know! Needa find a person who actually, and always write Uruki yaoi fics. Anyone knows? *twitching eyebrows* Oh YA!~ I forgot to report about this ._. That day, should be around end of last december, I requested a RukixUruhaxAoi fic at Amanda's fic journal, prelude_of_ruin , XD She finished it on 13th of January, title is Ecstasy! WOO! I LIKE that title! *smile widens showing my teeth*

I sent this comment to her request post,
i've just watch a vid and something popped out in my mind :D! WARNING : I might sound LAME ~.~ erm erm, i want a REALLY HOT fic , hmmm~ pairings could be aoixuru or uruxruki or 3 of them would be nice too <3> i dont know about the plot! :O but i know something/some part that they used champagne or smth while they're doing 'it'? XD!! Smearing all over the legs or thighs or over the body HAHA! then play with it, yep yep, sounds hot to me LAWL okay enough craps XD lets hope you can come out with something creative with that wonderful skill of yours *wink*

XD! Paiseh paiseh! LOL~ You can read the finished fic here . Oh MY that fic is SUPER HOT!! yeah yeah my imagination
CHO geng!~ *swings hair* Oopssss!~ I'm gonna get turned on now lalalla~ and after I read that fic hor, nowadays I'm addicted to the quote "Baby you're my ecstasy" -_- XD!!

^ And I drew something out of it.. well it's just... graphic? LOL Yes I know it's messy and.... !@#!$#!$!#!@#
*bang wall* I shouldn't add the word "ai" (in chinese) there OMGGG It's SOO ANNOYING~~!! *bangs harder this time* and YESSS I finished it!! (maybe) XD Black marker pen WINSSS~!

EH!!! I keep forgetting what I wanna say!!
*half fainting* This is what happens if I don't update daily or almost daily ~_~ 8D

About my AoiXUru fic... LOL! I'm still thinking whether to post it anot! It's not completed yet XD. It's my first fic and.... don't expect something so... good? XDD I keep writing new fics and new paragraphs in the end I just abandon it! *kicks the table* Hehehehheh lol -_-

*just came back from KoonIe's blog , panting* OMGGG!! PS Company 10th anniversary Carnival FULL REPORT is OUT!!!!!! *runs around and SCREAMS* I'm SOO gonna read and steal ALL yummy pics from those pages this coming saturday *evil laugh* XDD!!

^ 1st page 8DDDDDDDDD

^ *shouts at KoonIe from far* Uru wanna eat me!!! =X!! *RUNNNS to him and let him glomp me 8D*

^ Now I'm watching Nabari no Ou!! I like this two! Miharu & Yoite *Q* Can go Yaoi neh!! (feel like wanna write yaoi fic with these two buahahahha!!)

OH OH!! I've just got my Vampire Knight Guilty DVD today from Yuanny!!! YAY!! *hugsss her* WOOO! Lucky no spot check today, cuz I ask her bring to school, wrap it nyahaha! It's RM16.90, original price RM19.90. And it's Lambaian Filem le! Go Atria buy hor, lousy package, RM19.90. This one onsider cheap edi le~! Although if buy in Petaling Street will be cheaper another 4-5 bucks. But but, never go there ma! Summore Sherie dunno when going there again *shrugs and sighs* XD Whatever, I've got it in my handssssss!! *runs around like a monkey*

^ Front!! *DROOLSS* And OMG the whole thing's in red too!!! XDD YAYYYYYYYYYYYY~~~ *jump jump*

^ Back! OMFG !@#!$!$!@$!@# I hate that pic of Kaname and Yuki kissing! GRRRRROARR!! Why isn't it Zero?! ;_______; In the manga(fren told me), in the end Zero with Yuki, but in the anime, Yuki with Kaname. WHY?! *wailing cry!* Kaname's like.. so old! He's Yuki's great great great great *duno how many great* grandfather le(although he don't look like one but yeah)! *POUTS angrily and hisses*

^ Take it out. WOOOOOOOO!!! *sayang sayang*

^ The disc! WOOOHOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *is very excited*

I already have VK Guilty, but I'm still desperate for Junjou Romantica season 2 DVD!!!!!!! *SHOUUUTSSS* OMGGG!! Where got sell? I WANNNNNNNNN!!! I didn't see it at Atria... *CRY*

After Junjou, I want Zero no Tsukaima : Princesses no Rondo !!!!!~~~~ ok random xD

I think I'm gonna watch VK Guilty after Nabari no Ou. *can't wait* 8D And oh no.. Chinese New Year coming ! And oh yeah!! Can get Ang pao!!!!!!! *JUMP*

^ Just received my cousin(from Terengganu) Cindy's CNY card, yesterday? *memory loss* XD....

^ What she wrote inside, I'm glad I can still read *giggle snort* ..

And I've just received Jue Lynn's (another cousin living in same area -laughs-) CNY card today, ALAMAK! I forgot take pic of it hahaa!! So ma fan.. everytime connect phone to the com sure got prob... so... ~_~ Aiseh, I haven't make/buy any card for ppl yet le! *feeling bad*

I just downloaded Safari web browser just now!! YAY !! My links section mei mei!! WOOO~!! Font also nice leh~! Anyone using it? Cuz I wanna know whether if it's really good(like how the description says) or not, like better than Firefox? 8D.. Cause you don't need to type the www and .com when you wanna browse a web... XD

Tomorrow taekwondo lesson again! 8D

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