Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Aoi-sama!!!!

OMGG! It's Aoi's birthday!! *SCREAMMMMMSSS and runs around spreading the big news*

(see I call you -sama 8D)
Still as hot as usual! *FAN GIRLING*
I totally love that pic on teh right 8D, oopS!
Stole it from babe's blog =X *RUNN!*
What to do? This com is so...empty... -_-
*stares at the pic and faints*

Ngehehehe! Wonder how they're celebrating his birthday.. *is being kepochi* ... strawberry cake? LOL No no.. Ruki will run away... XD Whatever le. I'm most curious about what he'll do tonite. 8D 'Play' with ducky? WOOOOOOOOT!! *pervertic mind*

Ne... I didn't prepare anything le... like make graphics or such .. or fan art.. LOL I tried drawing last nite but FAIL!! So I feel like writing some fluff =.= lalala~! But I haven't finish! My mind's blank XD. And... it... SUX!!! OMFG... I read it again.. and again.. Wanna faint *half fainting*!! EH? I'm not born a writer leh! It'd take me AGES to think of what to write... no no... it's my language, bullshit =.=!

Whatever!!!!! I'll post other day... *bows*

I came across this vid... babe fed me... LOL!! I saw this pic (edited by me) in it XDDDDDDDD


^ Yeah this pic HAHA!!!

okay gtg.. bro came back suddenly *CRIES*

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