Monday, January 19, 2009

baby you're my ecstasy

What's wrong with posting the same pics again? XD Kamijo is TOO HOT I can't control myself anymore...*drools* Since I'm not using the laptop I can't post any other yummy pictures!! So I got back these 2 pics from my livejournal =.=V.... SCREW WEEKDAYS! ;_______;

~ Ohh Kamijo-sama ~

Oh no, I think I'm not going to Berjaya house practice today! *is feeling bad for myself* But after chinese new year I'll definitely go!! *berazam* Oh god PLEASE, count total marks for only 2 koku activities cannn? Onegaii~~ *pouuuuuut*

So sad!! Yesterday wanna play Left 4 Dead and Sudden Attack online but can't!! GRR! So excited at first.. go in that Left 4 Dead game.. SOOO prepared to face the horror-ness... once go into game.. suddenly off itself... WTH!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! *CRIES* Tried so many time and still same!! ;________; ... Sudden attack le... duno what it says the firewall thingy blocking it.. *shrugs* Needa ask bro help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

See Left 4 Dead SO FUNNN!!!! I WANNA PLAYYY!!! *is very desperate* T___________T....

^ one of the scene for the starting of the game... telling what's happening...

^ OMG This scared me off XDD


And I visited it's website too!!! HERE

Last nite.. before my dad got angry at me.. cuz of my results....
I watched this Yaoi movie.. REAL ppl.. and I finally start watching REAL PEOPLE Yaoi movie!!!!! *jump jump* ... XD It's not bad lor.. very sweet! 8D I like the red shirt guy more... he's kinda HOT !! *nod nod* And when he take off his shirt.... *dies*.... But I didn't watch finish... got 8 parts in youtube, I fast forward it after watching 4-5 parts, then finally the 7th part got hotter scene, dont have ecchi part le!! Kiss kiss, touch touch only!~~~ AND AND I saw their tongues attacking at the last kyahahahha!! *whore mode on*
Can start watching it from here . Whoever wanna watch lalala~! Title is Ai no Kotodama. XD!

^ Finished this at school today... 8D I think I'm gonna add more stuff to it... can identify what it says? XD!!!!!!! My fave sentence!!!! (for now) ♥ It looks horrible... .... .... ...

^ HEHEHHEHE!!! This is incomplete!! Needa think what to add first..

Ala.. so many homeworks....

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