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GazettE Boys in Hakama!!! Moran is LOVE

OMG I died AGAIN after I saw this Kamijo scan .... seriously ♥ --- It's so FUCKING HOT~!! ♥ *SCREAMS and BLEEDS*
Got other HOTTER scans, I posted it at my other bloggie lalala~ *Q*

I told myself not to stalk anymore bands! But apparently, I did. =.= BUT I stalked one only today! ONE band that is new to me 8D! They are called Moran. Just downloaded 3 of their singles. Not bad eh their songs! Haw haw haw. xD

Yesterday I finished that Barbie game. LOL SO fast. Bro solved the problem for me, needa join the crack file into the original issit. Yala yala me noob la. But how disappointing, Barbie Secret Agent is much more fun. Now I wanna play back!! But where's the damn disc?! *sobs* I never touched it for like years already! This Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus hor, the guy never appear wan leh. Story is a lil diff too. Swt. And graphic obviously sux. What to do? It's actually for kids wan mar. XD

Lawl. I thought last night wanna start playing Left 4 Dead. In the end never, so takut la!! XD Later I'm gonna play. Nyahaha! Hopefully my heart won't burst. Or maybe play Sudden Attack. Hmmm. Gamer mode : ON ! 8D

Mizuki Nana SAIKOU!! Yesterday was recommending some nice sad songs to Amanda @ LJ, this vid, the song, Hime Murasaki live. FUIYOH~~! Damn cun la her voice. *is envious*

* I find it weird cuz, she keep smiling like a kid all the way. So excited? XD Whatever, just focus on the song and her vocal. ♥ And I'm lovin' her outfit *Q* She can sing so well even in live...
* Hime Murasaki is the ending theme for the anime Basilisk. Got the DVD but haven't watch yet *rolling eyes*

* Okay she's high. Oh my! She has nice THIGHS!
* Song is Crystal Energy~ One of the opening theme for Mai Otome. The music is awesome!
* Volume so low!!
* LOVE her outfit, and esp her BOOTS! *Q*
* Listen to this if u want it clearer

- with lyrics

Oh no. I keep forgetting what I wanna type. =.=

Moran boys! YAY~~!

^ Hitomi (vo) and Velo (gt) ! ♥

^ Zill (ba) & Soan (dr) ! Soan mei mei leh!! XD ♥

I did some stalking on The Kiddie boys too! Went to their blog and hunt all cute photos down. XD! SO CUTE la~! Takle tahan lagi~
PS : I don't really know who's who yet. But most probably I'm right 8D ♥

^ Cute neh~~~~~~~!! ♥

^ This two look so alike la~! XD

^ Sorao-kun! His hair so cool ♥

^ The dorks. I like ♥

^ .............. what's with him? = =V Looks kinda painful O.O

^ I wanna hugggggg!! ♥.♥ Yusa so cute nehh!! LAWL

^ EVEN CUTER!! OMFG~~~ *faints*

^ I know he's cute... so innocent *-* but but... atashi no taste janai XP!! *pinch pinch*

^ THIS IS CUTER!!! *SCREAMS* Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww....... so tiny....

SO HAPPY!! Teru camwhore-ed again! YAY ! *do peace sign* It might be old pic but just posted in his blog, whatever, it's new to me rite? XD *hugs him tight tight*

1st pic : WOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Why not take full body?? ;_______; Kawaii!! ♥
2nd pic : SO SMALL wan this pic!! *cries* ... GASP.. Teru in black?! HOTNESS! Awww I wanna see a bigger picture... ~_~

CHOU Kawaii!!!!
*super high fan girling*

When replying Milith's comment in my LJ, I saw her icon, and yes, I suffered blood loss again. 8D Yaya, that icon at the right is her icon... HOTTTTTTTTTTT!!!

I recognize that pic immediately because it's from GazettE's pv, Silly God Disco, and I've taken that screencap once! Posted it in here before! WOOO! I aso wanna try make icons out of it!

^ The screencap I taken. *drools*

^ Tried a few ways. Some seemed messy, some doesn't seem to satisfy me =.=V But the 3rd one attracted me! YAY

^ Finished product! I filled my love while doing it! Ngehehehehe Nice anot? XD

Finally I decided to post Gazeboys in Hakama!! YAY!! I died again! LOL I've died countless times already xD This was taken during the 10th Anniversary of PSCompany Carnival. FULL credits to rawkstarr23 @ GazettE Daily in livejournal. Gomen ne!! T.T But its like FINALLY... cuz... its like 15 days since the carnival....

^ Aoi-sama!!!!!!
1st pic - *chup chup* HAHHAA!! xD *catch all his flying kisses*
2nd pic - *clap clap clap!* That's a cute smile!~ *dances*

^ Kai, Uruha, Ruki, Reita, Aoi ~ ♥
HOTNESS! 8D They're in HAKAMA, HAKAMA people!!!! *runs around* YAY!! So MAN le... *super super fan girl ness*

^ Kai, Uruha, Ruki, Reita ♥
All listening ... so guai!! *pats all of them* XD *stares at uru*

^ Kai squeeeshing Keiyuu!~ So CUTE le!! Small small.. 8D... KIDDO~~~~~~~~~~ ♥

^ *CLAP CLAP CLAP!* XD Uruha look so happy, yeay!!! *jump jump*

^ KAI-KUN!!!!
OMG! HIS SMILE~~~~~~~~ YAY!!! Waratta!! Kai-kun waratta!! *runs around hands in the air* .. ♥ And OOooooOOOOOoOoOOOoooHHhHHH~ I saw Shou!! *peeek at him*

Trying to act fierce? ME not scared! BLEAH~~ :P Issit true he threw his bass guitar on air again? *shrugs* nowonder so happy bo crash on the ground! XD ♥

He look so matured le.. in that Hakama and that hairstyle! WOO! Can see your bare forehead *licks lip* XD... I heart the 2nd pic!! CUTENESS~ Suck suck suck~!

^ URUHA-SAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
BIG BIG hearts for you!! Got alot of your pics YAY!! *showing peace signs to everyone* So sweaty... ngehehehe!! x3

^ WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! HOTNESS~! He must be panting so hard~~ *wrong thinking* eto... YAYYYYY!!! Wonder what he's saying through the mic... ♥
Why not the big wind suddenly blow his Hakama and then..... *blush*

^ *CLAP CLAP with him* 8D ♥ His smile is just... *faints again*
LOLOLOL His face really WINNN!!! dork. i like. a lot.

^ Uruki!!*clap clap clap* I want Uru's black nails 8D... *flashback* but my black nail polish already stuck jor ah!!... *cries*

AIYOOO!! Tomorrow school again!! It's like one day rest only! I dunno wanna go to Berjaya house practice anot... my legs still pain le... *LOUD SIGH*... I think I'll most probably go...
I just love his face like this..
he looks so... lost...
Cuteness! ♥

Your wet mouth is twitching many times
I would prefer it
If you gulp it down
So I won't lose interest

Don't miss Kamijo's hotness! =3

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