Sunday, January 25, 2009

Alice Nine - making of cd data 14.1.09

アリス九號 Alice Nine.- CD data Making photoshoot video [14.1.2009]

- Loving Shou's dark hair
- Nao!! *PINCHH*
- Shou on teh rocking chair! HAHAHAA!! LOLOL x3 CUTENESS~!
- Tora & Saga's poses! ROFL.
- just watch it will you? 8D

I just came across this vid when I went to Mika's blog 8D. No no, like more than 2 hours ago. It's total cuteness I had to post it up. Plus screenshots I took. *fan girling* And its nearly 3am in the morning now. *YAWNS* I just finished watching junjou 3 episodes. XD

Shall we start with teh cute lil pooh-chan? *wink*

Nao : "Kyou wa michyakku desu!"
(ahem, i dunno hw to spell ._.)

He swings...


... he swings....

...and he swings...
Nao : "Finally reach to the door...!"
AWWW SO CUTE~!! *smacks his wiggling bum* Bahahaha!!

Oh my~ His smexy long legs ♥.

Shou : *checking out the rocking chair* "Mmm.. this is kinda fun.."

Shou : *PUSH*!!

Shou : *bounces forward* "WOOOHOO! that's fun!"

woaaoooo! *amazement*

Shou's pose! Double peace sign! I WANIWANT that! ♥ XD

*steals all photos and runs off*

Tora : *fighting pose*
Saga : *focusing on the camera*

Tora : *comes forward trying to attract Saga's attention* +-+
Saga : *change pose - still in focusing mode*

Tora : *letting out a low sound trying his best to lure Saga to do the same, keeping his cool*
Saga : O_O *realized what's happening and laughs*

Saga : *change pose to imitate Tora* ouuhh okay I'll do it~
Tora : *still keeping his cool and hides his satisfaction* o_o

Saga : *does teh fighting pose* Like that? O.O"
Tora : *controlling his urge to smile* *.*

WOOO! Pon's hitting on Shou! Ngehehehe XD
Nao : *is jealous*

Nao : *trying to push the wall to make a bigger space* Leave this to me! iiihh! iiish!! *push push bang bang*
Hiroto : ..........
Shou : *smile fades* ......

Nao : Sorrriii ... Looks like it won't listen to me... *feeling bad*
Hiroto : *almost whispers* nooob!
Shou : *laughs*

Shou : "Say cheese!"
Nao : O.O eh?

Shou : "He he he..."
Nao : OwO

Shou : *trying to smile naturally but fails* Hehe.. hehe.. hhe .. he....
Nao : *mumbles* Aren't he gonna take a pic of me instead?

Shou : "Otsukare-sama desu!"
OMG his smile is just... *melts all over the floor*

Nao : *WAVES* "Otsukare-sama desu!"

- Again -
Nao : *WAVES FASTER* "Otsukare-sama desu!"

- and Again -
Nao : *WAVE WAVE* "Otsukare-sama desu!"~

- mata ka yo?! XD -
Nao : *walks down the stairs and waves once more* "Otsukare-sama desu!"

AWWW Nao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BEHAVE!! ROARRR!! *RUNSSS after himm*

YAWN... I'm beat... good nite.... and happy CNY!

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