Thursday, December 11, 2008

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<< I made that~ Don't go steal it or I'll bite :)

My cousin and her family came to my home today ;D. Kinda surprise at first, I don't know ;)~ It's like, I'm in my room, as usual, onlining, was about to bath so I'm already half nak3d . Mom called me from outside and said we have customers, so I quickly get ready hah.

It's a long time since I saw them, especially her sis and her parents, so it's like, woh~ calm down~ ochitsuke jibun! Took a deep breath, and went down stairs firmly xD. I think something held my mouth tightly I couldn't let out a friendly greeting :O. I just said "Hi", just hi? Nante furui deshou?! xD Whatever, so after I wash my lunch plate. I just randomly sit beside Jue Lynn, on the undressed cushion =.= Since it's like the only space empty. And I don't like standing like some dork.

So yeah, I feel so awkward. Shouldn't have wore the ultra short pants =.=V. But I got used to it. Chat chat chat. *yawn* Adult chat. All so excited. I think I'm the only one feeling so.. tired? xD Mom seemed so excited talking about happenings at her work, complaint about me and my bro sometimes, politic stuff etc. Before I came downstairs I heard mom said that when she ask me whether I want to go JL's house during the holidays, she said I don't want. What? Since when I said that? It's not I don't want ;X Actually I'm not sure myself, nowadays people prefer going out with friends isn't it? Especially with fun people ;D. Most of the times I'm lazy, sometimes I only go somewhere if that particular person invite me. So, hahahah!

Et cetera, et cetera. We chat, we laugh, we asked questions. I forgot what we talked about =.= . Mostly about the past. I was bored moving my arse around the cushion, so I got this good idea to past our time ;D. I took out a few photo albums, some are new and some are old, so we just surf through it, xD. We share share to look at the photos, looking at the photos~ Some brought back really funny memories, laugh laugh laugh. Went through pictures of my mom and dad in the past, dating ;D. Family pictures, friends, school, work.

Now I got a deeper understanding towards mom and dad's love life ;D. She tells her parents about how she got to my dad last time. When she's in Form 4 or Form 5, her class is next to my dad. So, almost every hour or lessons my dad would go to the toilet (because he had to pass by mom's class to get to the guys toilet), peek at my mom, sometimes he would give signs, wanting my mom to notice him, or maybe winked at her ;D. Mom said that she was all annoyed, could not concentrate on her lessons, and because of dad, she could not go out with other guys, in the end she still picked him ;D. Cute right?! XD How funny and adorable my dad was ;D, atashi shiranakatta. :( Congrats dad in winning her heart ;D HAHAHAHAH!

We also looked through my baby pictures *evil grin*, how cute I was! *self praising* Aww..
I wish I have a scanner I would scan all of it and let everyone see! WAKAKAKA~ Yeayea I like to show off :P. Whatever, it's true that it's cute right? *smirk* I have big big, round round eyes, big big arse and cheeks. =.= I'd like to cut off the last two -_-V.

It's about three hours gathering, ouuuhh I sit so long my arse ache. So they went back around 7pm. It was drizzling~ and sometimes thundering, my bro so stubborn he duwanna off modem, lucky never tio strike hahahhah! He sit in front of the com play play until so long(as long as their here), until kena say say so many times hahahaha! He didn't even bother, of course la~! I know what he's thinking xD. Okay so I waved at them bye bye! Maybe I'll be going their house soon, I miss the atmosphere ;D. I can also walk there buahahahhaha. Too bad we're not going out for dinner together, oh well ;).

Bro dare to dc me when I'm about to update blog after that, so just now I curi curi on modem a while so that I could type craps here. And that's why no darlings today *sobbish* I only online for 4-5 hours today leh! SO SO SAD :( TwT

Another day subtracted, another day I lost my chance to stalk my darlings D'; IT'S BEEN WHOLE LOT OF DAYS ALREADY! :'(

Baby, I missed you. I missed our orgasmic addicts! ;D LOVE you for feeding me more 'knowledge' today! I TOTALLY ENJOYED IT. I want more, I'm craving for more of these 'drugs'. It's SIMPLY HOT. And incredibly sweet.

YAOI ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

Hope you can win back your treasure soon. Be aware I'll leave even more marks when you come back ^_^V

Time to continue watching Sousei no Aquarion.

Peace to mattha fakkah.

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