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Versailles and Alice Nine New Single Release


Prince and Princess

Versailles' FIRST Single
Kyou wa kita n da!!!!
YATTAAAA!!! (* ´∀` *)
Omedetou Versailles-tachi! ;D ♥ ♥ ♥

Tracklist :
01. Prince
02. Princess

03.Silent Knight (instrumental)

Prince is SUPERB! ♥ I listened that song ages ago, it was kind of "together" with the tracks from Art of Propaganda. I'm not sure. Just the starting a little different. Before Kamijo even start to sing that song, I LOVED IT immediately. The music fascinated me xD. As for Princess, it's really melodious. ♥ Feel so peaceful ♥(´∀`)♥ I not very stick to this song yet, but I will, definitely, ONE DAY. The last track, although it is instrumental, entitled Silent Knight, at first I thought it's a slow and calm song, it turned out to be.. well.. BETTER than I thought ♥! Feels like a Noble Knight or Prince saving his Princess hahahah! REALLY! :D First first the song is like in action, then become slower and more melodic~ It's like telling a tragic story~ WOOOT! xD ♥ Awww, I could hear Teru guitaring~ xD

There's limited edition singles featuring each of them :O. I know I've posted these pictures before but, but but... it's their big day! :D ♥ I saw it selling @ I think CD Japan~ It offers this B2-size poster if you buy the regular edition plus any one of the limited edition! AGHH! I WANNNNNNNNNNNNN ♥ ):

This is the poster.

There are other posters too. OMFG ♥ SO HOT! Got these sample pics at their official site.
♥ They look gorgeous (♥_♥) * Simply awesome for their very first single after one album and one EP. ;D!!!~

So, is there PV for Prince and Princess? Please say yes T_T I WANT I WANT IT!!!!! D:


Hey hey peeps it's not just Versailles that released their new single today! :D
Alice Nine TOO!
Their 15th single
(am I right on this -_-)

Cross Game

Also, omedetou Arisukyuu! xD ♥

Tracklist :
01. Cross Game
02. Atmosphere

Cross Game ♥ ! I'm in love with it long time ago! Straight away watch the PV then wahahahahha! I ♥ the chorus part ;D and how Shou raise his voice in it ♥3♥ ~ Atmosphere was not bad ;D Can feel the atmospheric pressure ~.~ swt... I'm crapping hahaha~ AAahh.. nothing much to comment~ XD I ♥ Shou's actions in Cross Game PV! SO COOOOOOOL~~~~ Hit that! ~ SMACK THAT~ HAHAH! -_-V And herm, Tora's eyes, when I look at 1:53, OMG! Fuyoooooooh~

CUN RIGHT? xD THAT'S HOT~~ Nyahahahahaha!~

Cross Game PV

FYI, I can't stay focus on other members in this PV, cause of Shou. Ugh~! xDD *
Feel like stalking them back ;D, it's been a while! :3 GazettE taken so much of my time, and I never regretted AT ALL. HOHOHO!~ *swings my hair again* ~


SO HIGH!~ SO CRAZY~! SO TURNED ON~! Aghh.. Orgasm~ ♥ xD...
Read 2-3 Yaoi fan fic today~ Nyaaaaa~ baby you turned me on xD I thank you for that hahahahah! Nuuu i havent read the latest one u gave me yet... =.=V

The moaning... rubbing... caressing.... kissing... vibrating... hot breath... biting... hugging... gripping... thrusting... blind fold... shower... forcing... licking... sucking... wetness... 'entrance'... AGH I dunno what else! ... HOT!!!!!!!!!! xDDD
*yeah i'm abit aherm today hahahahah*

Conclusion :
I'm gonna read more and gain MORE 'knowledge' ;D
So that I could write something like this too, HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!! xD

YESH! Today Junjou Romantica Season 2 LATEST EPISODE の couple is junjou romantika!!!!! My FAVE COUPLE! WOOO! YEAAAY!!~ New epi always don't have subtitle so I watched it RAW, and I only understand not much ~.~ don't care watch only xD. Last week's couple was Junjou Terrorist xD. I never posted about any epi of JR before, this time I decided to... cause.. hee hee... SO SWEEEEEEET~~~

See how cute misaki is...

Usagi took his paper and Misaki snatched it back, "Don't simply take my things!" AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWw........ so cute~~~ ♥ ♥ ♥

After that, duno what Usagi said to him, he lifted up Misaki's chin and CHUUUUUU~~~~~~~~~~ *i repeated a few times buahahahahaha*

After that after that, Misaki quickly withdraw and start to avoid the topic :D~...

Usagi doesn't care~ He grabbed him from behind and harrass him! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! *(♥ v♥)* !!!!!!!!!~~~~~ *repeat repeat repeat*~ THAT TURNED ME ON! HAHAHAHAH!~

Usagi caress from his lower part to his chest! (but never show so clearly T_T)
I heard his moaning :D

Oh nuuuuuu~! Misaki went dating with Usagi @ the Aquarium, and met Usagi's brother again! HAHA~

Misaki wanted to escape from him, but Usagi's bro place his big hand on his shoulder so that he couldn't escape. LOOK AT HIS CUTE FACE ♥ xD Later on his brother mentioned about his family, which is also Usagi's bla bla bla, something like they couldn't get well bla bla I not sure~ Then he confessed to Misaki once more, and say he can give Misaki happiness more than Usagi do. Etc etc, alot of craps. But ;D Misaki rejected him, Awwwww.... the sweeet guy~ Later in the ferris wheel or smth, Misaki FINALLY said ILY to Usagi! :D "Usagi-san no koto suki da". WOOOOOOOO! YESH YESH!!

Near ending, after the "no worries" and confessions. :D They did the.. aherm aherm in the toilet... but of course never show all laa... so dissappointed T_T... aiyo what to do this Yaoi Anime 'HIGH' rating low low mar~ XD... But but.. so sweeet Awwwwww....

Misaki's glad that Usagi is back to himself ;D


Babyy thank you for the pressies! MUAHHHX~

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