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GazettE @ Music Japan Plus

A boss of Jrock world, the GazettE’s new legend and presence at Shibuya AX


Look at the captions peeps! ;D "A boss of Jrock World!" Buahahahahahaha. ;D I feel so proud *swings my hair* Anyway :D, I finally went to check @ gazette_daily just now. I saw the latest post about this article, got from here and here . Pictures taken by haimazn. The article will explain everything that happened that day ;D They've been featured in Music Japan+, so... HAHAHAH!~ WOOO~ The article sounds really exciting, I wanna go too TwT~ Nuuuuuu.... READ it, it's AMAZING ;D~ (yes yes i'm slow) I can't stop awww-ing, woooww-ing and smiling when I read it. Hao gan dong wuuuu.... Watashi mo iku! TwT AND... AND... a lot of his pics... xD... I bet the person who post that article love him too *naughty look* ~ SMEXYNESS~

This is right before the live starts, they're having a look at the newest merchandise while waiting. BRING ME THERE? Awww. :(

Join the GazettE at an Exclusive Fun Club Event and Experience their Legendary Presence at Shibuya AX!

The charisma of the GazettE, as well as their great sound and unique live performances, is nothing new. Their outdoor show “GAZEROCK FESTIVAL IN SUMMER 08 BURST INTO A BLAZE”, which was held in the Fujikyu Highland Coniferous Forest in August of 08 attracted 15,000 people despite rainy weather. The Gazette met their audience that day with tremendous energy.
It had been two months since that major event, and the GazettE, who were preparing for the release of a new single ‘LEECH’, came to Shibuya AX to hold an exclusive, fan club-only performance as part of their ‘HERESY PRESENTS STANDING LIVE TOUR 08 FROM THE DISTORTED CITY’.

Upon arrival at the venue, it was easy to see there were already lots of fans waiting for the show to start. The atmosphere was calm, perhaps because it was fan club-only, though they were eagerly anticipating the evening’s show. It was a contagious feeling that spread between fans and to press alike. The fans were also dressed up in various different styles, with each expression some kind of insight into what the show would be like.

When the lights suddenly went black, the fans cried out loudly and the opening music began to play. Red, blue and white lasers flashed across the fans, shooting out from the stage to criss-cross over their heads. Their energy was nearing its climax even as the show was just beginning.

When Ruki shouted the fans responded immediately, making the second floor shake with their excitement. He wore black and drove the fans wild, while Uruha played energetically in contrast with Aoi, who was calm. Reita played heavy, low tones in perfect rhythm with Kai’s strong beats. These are the five points that make up the world of the GazettE.

When ‘Filth in the beauty’ finished, there were simultaneous blasts and flashes of light that were so loud and bright that it was surprising the audience could still see and hear afterward. The eruption was followed by performances of their latest song ‘LEECH’ and ‘COCKROACH’.
Standing in his place at a platform set up in the center of the stage, Ruki shouted over and over, “Shibuyaaa! Shibuyaaa!! Make some noise!!”
As seen from the second floor, the audience’s hedoban was like a surface as vast as an ocean on an unknown world. The perfectly timed movements led to tezensu; this is how the GazettE’s fans move, and this is what a show is like.
When the band moved on to ‘MOB 136 BARS’ and ‘DISTORTED DAYTIME’, a spotlight held Aoi’s shape in its light, signaling the fans to shout happily as the other lights intermittently flashed. The audience didn’t seem to notice as they moved in perfect synch with the music as it sped up and slowed down, keeping up their hedoban and moving from left to right. All movement within the band and in the audience seemed to be in perfect unison.

Ruki then paused to talk to the fans. “Shibuya!! Are you having fun!? Have fun all the way to the end before you leave!! Let’s make this night a special one!!” After his passionate words, the band played “Nausea & Shuddr”, “HOLE” and “SWALLOWTAIL ON THE DEATH VALLEY”. When the venue grew suddenly dark and silent, they performed three ballad songs: “Kyomu no Owari Hakodume no Mokuji”, “Taion” and “Bath Room”, in rapid succession. The music changed the fans’ attitudes completely, and they stood and watched in silence.
After a while, Ruki said “I can’t hear you!!” and Kai responded with beats on his drums. The fans were completely under the GazettE’s control, and didn’t seem to be growing tired at all.

“Hey, Shibuya,” said Ruki when there was another pause between songs. ”This is our 4th time to play here; it’s been a while, AX. I remember when we played here for the first time. I was so nervous that I couldn’t see the audience, but I could see you today. Tonight, I want share a passion that is just as strong as it was that night. Get moving like animals!! Can you do it? Shibuya!!”

Ruki’s shouts dissolved into the intro of ‘CIRCLE OF SWINDLER’, and the fans’ hedoban got even harder. Reita moved to stand in front of Kai, and Ruki ran about the stage while Aoi and Uruha traded sides. The show was progressing to its final movement without warning.
After aggressive ‘THE $OCIAL RIOT MACHINE$’ came ‘Maggots’, and finally ‘DISCHARGE’ was played as the last song of the main set.
Violent flashes of light filled the venue as a screen behind the stage began to show spectacular footage of the band as they played. In reponse to the huge scream that welled up out of the audience, all five played the super fast song without words.
It was a truly ‘live’ atmosphere, where the band and fans were able to come together and enjoy a feeling of freedom. Shibuya AX had presented five undisputed kings of j-rock, the GazettE, and welcomed their fans to come and experience oneness with royalty.

The encore began with ‘Ride with the ROCKERS’, in which Reita and Kai showed perfect synchronicity.
Next, Reita talked to the fans. “This feels narrower than when we played here for the first time. Is it because we’re bigger or are you? (laugh)”
The fans answered with a loving “Ehhhhhhh!!”
“Ooops!!” Reita said, “Sorry (laugh). Now that you’re this strong you can rock the hall right down! Can you keep moving if the ceiling falls in?! Let’s go till the end!! Shibuya, break it down!! Can you do it??”
Kai’s turn to speak followed. “Shibuyaaa!! Are you having fun? You might bump into people as you’re enjoying our show; if you do, you can apologize after the show and exchange your phone numbers outside. Let’s all have fun!”
The audience laughed for a moment and Aoi and Uruha returned to the stage. The fans chanted “OI! OI! OI!” in response to the same from Reita.

When Ruki came back to the stage he wore leopard print from head to toe, storming in to launch the band immediately into ‘Maximum Impulse’ and ‘Ruder’.
“This is our first concert at AX in a long time,” he shouted out afterward. “I can tell you’re all really hot, but thanks for asking us to play an encore. They’re important, so please enjoy it! That’s not enough noise, make some more! So much that they can hear you outside! Follow us!! SHIBUYA!! SHIBUYA!! SHIBUYA!! SHIBUYA!!”
Answering his passionate words, the venue was filled with the hottest air of the whole night.

The lights immediately turned red as the intro to ‘Akai One-piece’ began to play. All five members played energetically, as hard as they could. The fans’ energy was never-ending, and filled the venue with heat.
All five men on stage joined together to play ‘Kanto Dogeza Kumiai”, tearing through it all the way to the end. As the last song, ‘LINDA ~candydive Pinky heaven~’, started, there was hedoban, oritatami, and korodai among the fans. The venue had been completely transformed into the world of the GazettE, as if it was a free place where no one could stop you from living your love for the band.

the GazettE only solidified their status as kings in the world of j-rock.
Nowadays j-rock is gaining worldwide popularity, and many artists attract fans from all over the world. A time when the GazettE will storm the world and become the one and only king of the genre may not be too far in the future…


Date: 7th of Oct.
Open:17:30 / start:18:30

Set List :

Filth in the beauty
Nausea & Shudder
虚無の終わり箱詰めの黙示 / Kyomu no Owari no Hakozume no Mokuji
体温 / Taion
Bath Room
EN1.Ride with the ROCKERS
EN2.Maximum Impulse
EN4.赤いワンピース / Akai Onepiece
EN5.関東土下座組合 / kantou Dogeza Kumiai
EN6.LINDA~candydive Pinky heaven~


The meaning! :D ~

*Hedoban: Head banging. There are many ways to move your head during a concert, for example horizontally, vertically, ∞, V and rolling (like fans)V.

*Tatenori: When fans jump enthusiastically in the air during a song as a group.

*Korodai: One of many ways to show enthusiasm for a concert, this refers to what Western fans know as “crowd surfing”. However, in Japan, there are several unwritten rules for those who want to do this—one must take off their shoes, jewelry and other accessories, and the weight of a person who wishes to do Korodai should weigh less than 50 kg, out of consideration for the other fans.

*Tezensu: Waving both hands in the air in time to the music. In the past, many Japanese fans would do this, but recently the number of fans who choose to do Tezensu is decreasing in favor of the more rock-like raising of fists in the air.

*Teban: To move one`s hands in a headbanging motion, rather than using the head.

*Oritatami: To hunch over one’s upper body.

YEA! I wanna join too! :( I WAN I WAN I WANNA I WANNA I WANNA I WANT TO GO. =.=V

Okay today is the no-internet-when-bro's-not-at-home-day, so I slept at 3am+ this morning and woke up at 12+ this afternoon. Geng leh~ ;D So sien, so I just tour tour my 'precious' files, watch some videos that I downloaded ages ago. Edit pics so that I could update my livejournal asap xD. Watched Lolita23q PVs today too. Awww, Sou and Ryosuke is so cute ;D. Bla bla bla. Then watch anime, Sousei no Aquarion about 3-4 episodes. Bla bla bla. Had strawberry ice cream + milk again after dinner, YUMMEH! :D Milk? I LOVE MILK. HAHAH!

Sorry for onlining so late darling~ :D Now as long as I on you can cling to me :P


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