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Juka is HOT @ HGP

<- This super delicious hot dude is Juka =D.. I'm currently in love with him now :P

Hah so today I kinda stalked a few bands, mostly just download their songs. They are exist†trace, Danger Gang, and Hizaki Grace Project. Obviously the best is Hizaki Grace Project, followed by exist†trace then Danger Gang . exist†trace and Danger Gang is one of the female Visual Kei band ;D. So COOL~ I'm so envious *pouts*. exist†trace are really nice, should try listen ;D.

Anyway, Hizaki Grace Project is currently still active, right? Mmhmm. Consists of 5 members, Juka (vocal), Hizaki (guitar), Teru (guitar), Yuu (bass), and Mikage (drums). Hizaki, Teru and Yuu(Jasmine You) are from Versailles -Philharmonic Quintet-. What? Doesn't mean an artist can't perform in more than one band right? xD Bla bla bla. I'll leave their bios and more craps on other day :P. I have something else in mind now xD. Apalah, I cannot stalk so many bands issit? My own will la. xD I wanna know more about these kind of artists, cause I love 'em. Don't ask, the best is still the GazettE ;), and my most respected, loved person is always Uruha. *evil grin* It will never change, since I'm the Loyal Laughing Gas -_-V

Speaking of Loyal Laughing Gas. *bangs wall* I already posted how it comes about in the last few posts, here . Hahaha! I laughed when I recalled back. Okay to make it short XD. That day Yuanny and I talked about our fave band a little, her fave was DBSK and mine is GazettE, so later we talked about which member we love most, hers is, ... who again? Aiyoh I forgot, Junsu ah? -_-V Wtv. And mine is Uruha, hahahah! Before that I say "I'm loyal to Uruha :D", and she replied "I'm loyal to Junsu!". HAHAHAH! So we just come out of a nickname for us both, the Loyal Sotong Hand(LSH - Yuanny) and Loyal Laughing Gas(LLG - me), why sotong hand? We used to goof a lot last year, since same class, took a lot of photos that pictured her hand swings like ... sotong? =.=" And for Laughing Gas~ I always laugh right? And it has all sorts of pattern, so, VIOLA.

So happy to chat with baby ;D! Don't care whether it's a while, secretly or wtv, as long as you're back, I'll always welcome euu *hugs you and swings around* XD~

And FUCK. You Tube seriously hates me. I go in, open a few videos in few tabs, okay, let it load before I watch. Watch finish liao. Then wanna refresh cause I post comment tak jadi, what happened? The damn external or page load error thingy happened again! WTF?! AGAIN? -_- Fukou desu! I was watching a really cute gazette vid T_T. Good thing it loads now, I posted below ;P.

Just now watched finish 7pm show, so there's some short news on 8TV featuring Fahrenheit, about some thing lah. I have no idea. This is not the first time I saw this, I swear, but I feel so urrgh so I wanna post it up :P.

It's their hair! OMFG! SO SHORT? Wahseh. Like nerdy sia, no offense lerh, yes yes they're still as cute as usual. Calvin's hair is okay, not so bad, abit too short, back to his spikey hair huh. Wu Chun, .... .... Feels like his back hair is shorter than his fringe XD. Aaron, he looks like a working daddy -_-. And my most favorite member of all, his hair creeps me the most T_T. Jiro!! Why so short ;( You're so so much cooler before. I mean, okay la you wanna change hairstyle, shorter shorter, it's his fringe.... =.= Look like some office dude now T_T. Hahahahhah! Wtv, I found the pics for the news thingy today. Except the first pic. It's their 3rd album cover? ;X

Black is always the best, yeah? ;D
At the highest : Calvin
Bottom three, left to right:
Wu Chun, Jiro, Aaron

Yep, this one. =.=

This also. =.=

This too. =.=
Wu Chun, Aaron, Jiro, Calvin
*falls off the chair*

Oh dunno why, I just found a vid @ Crunchy roll. Calvin and Aaron cutting each other's hair, not cutting, washing, blowing etc. And they talked about their hair and whatsoever. OMG! My chinese seriously SUX liao!! I don't really understand already! NUUUUUUUUUUU!! *Grabs my own face, mouth & eyes wide open* ...

Went to surf my old pics of Fahrenheit ;D.
Since last time I'm so incredibly obssessed with them,
I mean last year, yaya. And almost end of Form 2 I guess.

This is friggin' cute. *_*

Not the face. Look his shirt unbutton! HAHAHAH!
WOOOOO~! *Pewiitt* xD

How sweet is he?
Come on baby update your blog!~
Everytime I go, what I always see is this pic! XD

Wu Chun, Jiro, Calvin, Aaron
They look better here right?! D: Last year's. In what song again? =.=
Might as well become Taiwanese Rock VK band better!
Go make your hair red, purple or pink or yellow, spike it, curl it, whatsoever.
BETTER RIGHT?! XD Then I will get addicted to them again, *imagining*

Rolling Love. I miss that Kdrama. ;D Wah Jiro's pink lips @@

Of all their songs, so many slow jazzy songs lerh. I wanna sleep *yawn* HAHAH! It's not that the songs not nice la, I don't really fancy slow songs nia~ Hahahahah! The only two songs I love most is The Secret of Immortality - 不死之謎 and Superb - 出神入化 . Why? 8D The song genre is based on pop rock and rap! ROCK! It's ROCK PEEPS! I LOVE ROCK, JROCK. ROCK ROCK ROCK! xD That's why hahahahah! These kind of songs DAMN YENG.

Superb 出神入化

Chu Shen Ru Hua - Fahrenheit

NICE RIGHT? WOOO! Just listen only la, won't die de. xD Understand or not nevermind!!!~ LOVIN' the chorus and the rap part(cause it's Jiro who sing) xD. And the background music ~ And oh, now only I know this song is from the Kdrama 终极一家 hahahha! Damn feel like watching it =.=

Lyrics :


吴尊(Wu Chun):



我准备好 要世界看见

*这是我的时代 有我给你未来
你们这个时代 谁也不能逃开
看我出神入化 也是被我活埋

你说 为什麼爱情会分灭

你说 为什麼距离愈来愈远
你说 为什麼要我整个世界
我说 我已经不能停歇你说
你说 为什麼征服那世界
你说 为什麼不问下一切
我说 我已经不能停歇

我从浑盹醒来 (ohoh)
临时炸弹早已安排 在我脑海


这一生我捍卫所赖 停不下来

我的心拥有漫长夏天 (0h) 请思量我的体限
请发誓给我誓言 请还有什麼终极考验
我(我)准备好 要世界看见

Repeat Chorus x4


The GazettE - PSC Comment 11.12.2008

Yes this is new video, the original from PS Company web.

- As usual, Kai is the one talking. his laugh! Awwwwww x3
- Ruki coughed, kinda loud, I'm like O_O.. terkejut hahahah xD He looks like he's cold, aww lai lai I hug! hahahahah! XD
- Reita, he looks like kena tied up to the back wall. =.= No movements except blinking, nodding in the end -_-V XD Still loving his noseband and hair ❤3❤
- Uruha. *SCREAAAAMSSSSSSSS* OMFG OMFG SO SO HOT. Can't take my eyes off him. Nyahahahahaha! Smexyyy~ XD His arms ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ;D
- Aoi the dork. HAHAHHAAH! WTH is he doing xD. He's moving left and right few times, smiling, and controlling his laugh. When they're gonna finish with the comment, he nearly can't go back to his position in time. LOL!!!!!!!!! Agh Aoi you distract me from watching Uru. Nyahahahahahahah! XD

Ohhh Kazuki

Tomorrow tuition sia..
Haven't do my work! =x

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