Saturday, December 27, 2008

Stupit Connection

Baby here's ur belated pressies LOL. *waiting for your reaction* ._. !
Simple is also nice right?! Lawl.
(i'll get ur header done before school reopens ~.~)

Aoi in your notebook lawl! :D

His beautiful face XD.. and and... his BARE CHEST! :O!! *drools*

I like this pose =X SO KEWL~~~ XD

Today so tired haha! FUCK lah my dad being suspicious of me again... *kicks the table hard* ... sien...

Just came back from giant, and I trimmed my hair haha! It's RM15 for 10 minutes (but it's already more =.=).. I'm so stubborn I keep saying I duwanna cut in that shop, because of the exposure ~.~ ... I don't like people staring at me when I'm at service haha!! Don't ask why. LOL My hair doesn't look like it's been cut hahaaa!! Whatever! I wanna keep long... and spike it HOOHOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.~!!

The whole time in giant sooooooooooooooooooo SLEEEEEEEPY. I saw and recognize the wrong things sometimes.. =.= blurness! And before going my mom gave me RM200!! :D For? Cause I sweep the floor everyday at home for 2-3 months, one day once HAHA! Gaji tinggi? Dunno la... XD URESHIII~~~ Okachan, aishiteru yo! *kisss her* So shy la.. I didnt say anything but I just whispered 'thank you' in a childish tone =.=!! !@#!$#!$#!$@%!#!#@

I bought 2 files for the fanfics I printed haha!!!! XD YEAY. Now my papers won't fly anywhere by itself hahah XD!~ WOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~

HAHA! My icons!! LOLOLOL! Swt i know.. =.= I dunno if i'm really gonna post this @ LJ anot~ Feels so.... weird O_O

Still havent reach 200... need do more.. today so far only 10-20 icons =.=... I enjoy it tau?! XD

I like these icon haha!!! XD

Hiroto's face O_O! Can see abit of the 'lightning' effect. As if being electrocuted HAHAHAHAH!!~ *ROFLMAO*

HEE HEE HEE. :D Shou in my very own notebook LOL! XD

Alice Nine in my notebook too! LAWL! =.=V

Sou in facial mask. =.=!!!!

Babe aaah... you make me fall for Hiko liao =.=!! If I become lesbian you better get prepared leh! XDD Sekinin o totte hoshi D:< ...
Waka loves doing that pose ~.~!

Hiko-san!! *Q*

*stares at her, melting* !!!!!!

*glares at the hairstylist* I want this hairstyle can ma? Plus the colour of course :D

"Do you need something babe?"

*melts* D: !!!!!! I'm going CRAZIEEEEEEEEE!!!! *rips my hair*

GO GO GO!! HAHA~~~~~~~~~~

Naka naka ii kankei da ne? ;D

Waka the crazy girl ~.~ Jaga2 tu muka sikit !! XD

BIG BIG For Hiko-sama~

FYI... I know she's a girl.. but but!!! I can fall for girls like that leh~! So manly ;D So cool ;D *Q* .... Deep deep voice~ *Q* KAKKOII~~~ *SCREAAAAAAAAAAAAMSSS until my lung tears*

One day.. ONE DAY. I'm gonna be like her. HAHAHAH!!!! LOLOLOL! Yeah keep dreaming ~.~ " But I won't give up! MAKENAI!!~ XD
OHmYgAY!! I can't be a yuri now! NUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU~ *stares at uru innocently*

Uruha-san! You're still NO.1 so... XD

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