Monday, December 29, 2008

Mission Accomplished

Done another layout.
I didn't think it will end up being gold and yellowish =.=V ~
I like the brush spam HAHA!~
I know I'm sux at editing .. keep that in mind ~.~
Even the background doesn't seem to fit -_-!!
Actually I wanted to feature Hiko from Danger Gang XD
But I've got no idea what kind of layout I want for it,
or how to edit the picture ._.
But when I look at this Teru's pic :D
An idea popped out in my mind HAHA!!~~
So that's why...

I'm not satisfied :P
One thing is because of the background =.=
Most probably I'll change again XD!
Change to Hiko-sama! :D:D
Wanna update my links section toooo! lawl~!

^ Gomen gomen Hiko-sama :(

Some old gazette pics O_O! Was so shock when I saw some of them when browsing a person's LJ XD!! :D

OMFG!! This is Ruki?! :OOOOO! :D
At first I thought is Reita until I saw the caption @_@

REITA?! OMFG~~ XD Just woke up eh? HAHAHH!!!

Little Baby Kai~ AWWWWWWWWWWW~~~~
Looks just like him now XD~~ I recognize the lips *evil grin*

Compare to now.. SO MUCH DIFF :D:D... Uruhaa!! XD

Seen blonde Aoi before? HAHA! His body is like a girl's here... O_O

Uru & Aoi? WOOOT I'm lovin' that red hair XD
They've been that close? XD

Fuiyoohh Uru's hair!! *two thumbs up*
And OMFG his hands O_O!

KAI. O_O! *runs away*

Latest look. They're SO SO SO SO SO FUCKING PRETTY right now, right? RIGHT?! XDD *jumps around*

Even so MANLY in suits... *drowns in obssession*

My dad duwanna lemme use this lappy when school reopens T_T! NO PLEASE NO!! All my LIFE is in this lappy!!!!! T_T *kneeel down before him and bow down kissing the floor, (or his feet? >_<)*
TELL Me that it's just a warning? PLEASE? T.T

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