Friday, December 26, 2008


<<< That's Kai in garters!! HAHAH! For the rest of the members click ME ! So bored during X'mas yesterday so I made that for everyone to LOL in XD.

Sorry I didn't wish Merry Christmas! HAHA! To be honest leh~ I don't feel anything special during xmas wor. Feels like some normal day being Otaku at home nia XD.

I haven't been updating for DAYS! Y'know I'm not used to not everyday or alternate day without updating HAHA! Feeling kinda lazy, I wanna finish making at least 200 icons before 2009! WOOO! NEW YEAR COMING! But I'm gonna be soo fucked up, FORM 5 ALREADY!!!!!! SHIT SHIT SHIT. It's gonna be like 1000 Miles away from my darlings T-T!!!

Thank euuuu SO SO MUCH for the Uru pwessie babeee!!! iLy!!!!!!! I can't stop awe-ing and staring at it!!! *SCREAMS* It's JUST HOT. OMFG The waist ARGH!.... THE Arms!! SMEXYNESS!!!


*melts* ~~~~

Btw hope you enjoy your trip in JB! XDD~~~ I'll miss you :D


I want to change my layout before 2009!! Nono! Before school reopens! DAMNN YOU SCHHOOOOL!!! XD Hopefully I'll get it done VERY SOON~~~ AAhhh what else to say erm erm... alamak! I've lost track of what I've done the past few days ~_~ !!!!!! =.=!

Oh yeh, XD That day I've printed out... hmm.. about a few hundred pages of Yaoi Fan Fictions!! All written by Prelude_Of_Ruin ! HAHA I LOVE HER I LOVE HER FICS!!! Jia youuu I wanna read more of your NC-17 ones!! And please please continue your chapter fics especially Addicted To You T_T!! (as if she will see my message here XD) ~ But oh, I only print Oneshots wan first, chapter one later on. Later mixed up I will !@#%!$!#!@$@%!# leh~~~~ :D:D I taken the picture but I lazie transfer to com so.. other day.. AHAHA!

Ehh? A few hundred pages DAMN ALOT to you? For me ok ok only wor XD, you see, I got 2 anime lyric books, each 200 pages, mostly one page got 1-3 pages of printing leh~!! Not only the boooooooooooooookk got LOTS MORE HAHAHAHHA!!!!

Eto.. what else leh.. OMG! I missed Junjou Romantica season two 2 episodes leh!! OH NUUUUUUUUUUU~~~~

Still watching Blassreiter, 2 days didn't watch liao. Today must continue!!!!!! *crush my hair*

^ HEE. Wrong focusing XD ^
Kouyou-san!!! ♥
I missed youuuu SOSOSOSOSO MUCHIIEEEE!!! ♥

Still got so so so much more to stalk leh.. esp GazettE. TwT I hate myself for slacking all the time!!!! *bangs wall unti it cracks* Okay okay I'm so lazy today I just want to finish what I started, ICONNNSSS!! :)

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