Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Moet is Love

Aww that's simply SWEEET.... YAOI RULEZZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *jumps around like tigger*

Eh? I thought today is the 'no internet day'? HAHA! But it's GOOD NEWS. Seems like my bro wanna finish his downloads~ So he on the whole nite. YESH! So I ambik kesempatan to continue downloading gazette RCE !!! :D ~ SO LONG SIAA~~ xD .BAD NEWS is, today tuition, wasted = 2 hours. -_-!!! Sien la~! Do maths, do BM, esp maths, I HATE MATHS. WHO ON EARTH INVENTED the Form 5 first chapter?! There's no use for it AT ALLLLL~~~~~~!!! !@!#$#!#!$#@%!$!!$!#@ *points two middle finger at the book*...

Today dad half day so he bought lunch for meeeee~! But TOO MUCH la~~ Summore say me fatter liao... =.= jibun no kotoba janai no?! zzzzzz but I duwanna waste so... HAHA!

Yes, this. Got Lala(OMG long time no eat this! :D ♥) ~ Eggplant/Brinjal (what?! I don't eat this thing!! =.=) and some chicken(yummy)~ But I ate the brinjal anyway.. not bad la.. just a lil stickish XD... I eat while watching anime~ BLASSREITER

After that, I had some Chocolate Ice Cream + Dutch Lady Milk XD!!!! YUMMEHHH~~ ♥ (yes yes I noe it looks uhhh...)

My Desktop!!! XDDDDDDDDDD~ ♥

Last nite.. or this morning 12-1am+ ate this.. the KURUMU~~~ Nononoono .. it's called MURUKU~ (swt kena influence by bro cuz he call this as kurumu) =.=! NOT THE WHOLE PACK FYI =.=!!!!!

LOL babee! You also took the PSC Comment screencaps~ XD~ Hahahahah!!!~
Taken from http://www.pscompany.co.jp/10th/comment/index.html ;D .. So cute larh... ♥

Right at the start... *stares at uru*

Aoi is not behaving~ HEHEHE. *keep on staring*

ZZzzzz... I can't focus already!! XD HAHAHAHAH!!

*giggle snort* Distracting leh!! XDD... Apa?! Look at the smirk on his face =.= XD!~

Alice Nine commento!! ♥ LOL so comfortable? XD Taiko~!

ScReW darlings~!! ;D OMFG Byo's NAKED CHEST. *nosebleeds*

Miyavi~! YEYYYYYYYY~~ HAHAHAHAA! Cute larh!~ ♥

SuG~! No comment on this.. hahahah... but Masato looks like a mom here XD..

URU~~~~!!! I got this for you!~~~ XDDDD
(aiyoh.. i think post about this some other day larh.. gomen Kouyou-san ToT)

SO CUTE LARH!!~ Sou~~ ♥

He LOVES the camera and never leaves ~.~

XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD!!!! *squeeeeeze him*

D'espairs Ray - Kamikaze (Piano Ver. by Piccolloy)

- It's soo beautiful TwT...
- Wanna cry liao...

Phantasmagoria - Gensoukyouku ~ Eternal Silence ~ (Piano Ver. by Piccolloy)

- T_T... hao gan dong...

Phantasmagoria - Gensoukyouku ~ Eternal Silence ~ PV

i♥thisSONG. and THEM =)

D'espairs Ray Jumping

- =.=!!! Big guys liao still jump here and there? XDD But I like! HAHAHAHAH! SO FUUNNY~~~~
- Ouch~~~ Someone sux at jumping & 'bang-ed' his buddy :D

D'espairs Ray - Hizumi said "FCK..." XDD

HAHA! He said fuck so many times XDD SO CUTE~~~~~~~~~~~~♥

The Lion Sleeps Tonight

- from http://www.youtube.com/user/moymoypalaboy
- 2 phillipine boys--brothers lip synch-ing HAHAH~!
- Got lot more~ Go to their youtube channel and see, some is Girlfriend~ Wannabe~ etc~ LOLOLOL!!!!!!!!!!

Byo cut his hair?!?!?! OMG!!!

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