Thursday, December 18, 2008

Missed Them!

Meow? (◎o◎)
Aww I miss this cat, it was so brave to approach me and my friend last time when I went out with her ;D I played with it! How cutee.... awwww....

Instead of stalking my darlings everyday, don't know why nowadays I only feel like watching more & more anime! NUUUUUUUUUUUU!! Yadaa~! I duwanna go back the times when I only watch anime, when I'm only craving for anime!~! UKETOME MASEN!!! o(>_<)o SHER YEE! I WANT THE REST OF MY ANIME DVDS NAW!!!! *hands over the RM87.60 to her*

Chill chill! (^*^) Okay it's just yesterday I started watching this, after I finished Macross Frontier(aww wanna watch again ._.), it's called Darker than Black, in jap is Kuro no Keiyakusha 黒の契約者 :) Don't really understand that show yet, so far only 3/25 episodes haha! :D But not bad la!~ The main dude is kinda cute, but in the picture not so nice ¯\(º_o)/¯

Yesterday downloaded the songs, and woot! One of the song is Kakusei Heroism ~The Hero Without A Name~ by An Cafe HAHA!~ Swt =.=V Now I'm love with that song hehehehheh! (^_^)ε^ )

When I was searching for the pics, I saw this cosplay pic, OMFG!! HOTNESS!!! :D WOW I felt like it's better than in the anime~! HAHAH! Jkjk the anime one also kakkoi! :D And that black suit is bullet proof (o^.^o)

Okey todae touring around in Music Japan +~ Randomly click so I read some stuff. One of it is Miyavi~ Lalala~ I find this message hotness XD! MIYAVI YOU SOUNDED AWESOME WHEN YOU'RE SPEAKING ENGLISH!!! *melts* Lalala~~~~ I leveled up again~ lalala~ Miyavi good luck in spreading the Japanese Culture LOVE~ Nyaa~*

message from MIYAVI

Yes? No? (*^o^*)

*ouuuhh I'm melting...*

I'll just post the rest other day >_> *bows repeatedly* .

Yea yea I also read the Personal Q&A by Alice Nine, about their new single Cross Game ;D. Some part made me laughed like shit! NYAHAHAHAH!~ And also SuG's Umbilical.. ;D


Ze boys playing the game!~ Lalala~

Shh! I snagged some part of the interview HEE~ Shh shh not all kay! :D

Interview on ‘CROSS GAME’

-First of all, please introduce yourself one by one to readers outside Japan.

~Members look at each other~
~Everyone looks at Nao
Nao “(Breaking the silence) What? Me?”
Tora “Yes, that’s how it goes.”
Nao “What was the question?”
Tora “A self-introduction.”
Nao “…self-introduction. Where should I start? (laughs)”
Hiroto “From your birth (laugh)”
Tora “From your first sexual experience.”
Show “It’s long (laugh)”
Nao “Then, should I start?”
Show “You go.”
Nao “I’m Nao on drums! Good evening. (laughs)”
Saga “I’m Saga on bass.”
Show “He’s lonely.”
Saga “Lonely… I’m lonely. Yes. (laughs)”
Everyone “Hahahaha! (laughs)”

HAHA! That was cute!~ Naooo you were dreaming! Nyahahaha~ Saga's lonely! :O
- By the way, do any of the other members have anything special that you want the viewers to see in the PV, because you stay with a theme?

Nao “Yes! (raises his hand energetically) Umm, the headphones! Well, they spark. Actually, it was made by a tradesman called Nao. He put the sparks on one by one every night.”
Tora “What did I keep with? The white part of my eyes. I showed the whites of my eyes. (laugh) And I wore color contacts.”
Saga “I, well, I, most of all, I was very sleepy… because we were making our album at that time. … It was a fight against sleepiness…. And on the set, we got meals so often, so I often felt very heavy during shooting, because I was eating so often…things like Onigiri (rice ball)… Onigiri is a traditional Japanese food.”
All “(To his explanation) hahahaha!”
Tora “They have it even outside Japan. Onigiri.”
Saga “They offered us so many Onigiri and I ate them a lot. My body weight in the second half is different from the first half.”
Show “You can’t miss it. It’s before he got lonely (laughs)”

Now I wanna have some Onigiri ._.
About Peace & Smile Carnival

- Our next topic is the 10th anniversary event for PS COMPANY being held at the Budokan on January 3rd. Many artists will perform during this event, but what kind of performance do you want to have?

Nao “… destruction”

-Destruction (laughs)?

Nao “Just kidding (laughs)”
Saga “I want to have an orchestra behind us….”
Nao “Don’t spoil our performance! No! (laughs)”
Show “We are thinking about the particulars at the moment.”

- You mean, we’re going to see something special, or alicenine. playing tricks?

Tora “Yes. We’re horrible somehow (laughs). We’re going to play some tricks.”
Nao “I think everybody is thinking about doing that (laughs)!”
Saga “When I’m free, I think about the other bands’ setlists. (laughs) I’m happy that our dream came true.
Show “We’ve seen so many of our senpai’s (seniors’) concerts that I can imagine what they’ll do…so unless they do extremely unusual things or play new songs, we can guess what they’re going to perform.”

- Wow. Do you listen to the other bands’ songs or go to their concerts?

Show “Yeah. I listen to them and go to their concerts.”

- Whose concert did you go to recently?

Show “Nao went to see the GazettE recently…”
Nao “I did. The day after Kai’s birthday, to celebrate…without taking a present.

- Empty-handed?

Nao “Empty-handed!”
Tora “Did you emphasize that? (laughs)”

:O! Nao you didn't bring me along! TwT HEHEHHEH! Nao nao nao didn't bring pressie for Kai x_x~
- Are there unreleased songs in those 20 songs?

Hiroto “About half of them are unreleased. Please buy our album coming out on January 14th.”
Tora “haha”
Hiroto “Lots of the songs from this year are on this album. It will be sold abroad, too, won’t it? If not, you have to come to Japan to buy it…?”
Show “I hope you can buy the songs through iTunes. For your information, you can buy JEWELS or something.”
Nao “Please listen to our CD!! (laugh)”
Saga “Most importantly, don’t use a file-sharing service.”
All “Hahaha! He’s so serious!!”
Tora “We’ll have a campaign in January, so I want you to come to Japan to buy the album. To Japan. No matter how far it is.”
Show “There were fans from overseas who came to all of our tour concerts.”
Hiroto “And come back to Japan in March to see our tour.”

Sorry can't go T_T! But I'm looking forward to your new album! WEEEEEEEEEEE~~ (^ω^)V
・ On the contrary, 10 years from now. What do you want the world to be like?

Show:I want there to be a consumption tax lower than 10%
Tora:I want cars to fly.
Hiroto:I want it to be filled with music.
Nao:I want nothing to be changed.

・ What kind of people are the members of alicenine. Offstage?
Please describe each person in few words, like “He is like ○○!”

Everyone is goofy.




Tora: animal
Saga: lonely (laugh)

HAHA! Perverted for all xD.
・ Among all the members, who
1. do you think the most popular member among girls is?
2. do you want to have a date with?
3. is the most like a baby?
4. is the best at Janken (rock-paper-scissors)?
* The members did Janken-- Show and Hiroto answered their rank.

1. Ono-kun (one of the staff members)
2. Ono-kun
3. Ono-kun
4. Where did you rank?
2nd (as expected)

1. Hiroto-sama
2. Myself
3. Hiroto
4. Hiroto

1. Everyone seems popular among girls
2. No one special
3. Myself
4. Where did you rank?
Number 1!!

1. Hiroto-san
2. Myself
3. Hiroto
4. I’m just bad at it

1. Mr.Hiroto
2. “…..”
3. Mr.Hiroto
4. Nao. I always win!!

;D Hiroto-kun!~ I know your secret ~ Lalalala~ NAO!!!! *pinch his faceee* XD
PhotobucketWanna read all go here .~

I just got to know that Aoi had his very own radio programme starting @ 2009's very first Saturday! WOOOT! Omedetou Aoi-sama~! And erh, it is called HOLLY HOCK RADIO! HAHAHA! CAN'T WAIT FOR IT. :) AnGEeLiiIIIiiiNNNnnnAaAAAaaaaaaAaAAAA~!!!! To read about it , here .

That goes for today. I think for the rest of the day imma just continue watching Darker than Black~ Online~ Chat~ , and start my hibernation! WOOOO! ;D

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