Friday, December 19, 2008

Pic Spam #1 !!!! xD

Today is just PIC SPAMMMMM!! ALL Screenshots taken this afternoon! HEEE~ them soo sooo muchieee~!

PEACE!!! OMFG Teruuuuuuuu!!~ Kyaaaa!~ ♥♥♥

OMFG TERU you left me hanging!!! XDDDDDDDDDDDD *squeeeeze him~*

Teruuu!!! You're just tooo CUTEEEEE!! Nyaaaaaa!!! ♥♥♥♥♥ CHUUUUUUUUUUUUU~

Teru~ !! *chuuuuuuuuuu again~*

Mikage, Kazuno & Juka. *stares at Juka* Heeee~

Kazuno left speechless when Mikage left with the banana w/o a word~ HAHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!!

What's with the banana? Mikage-kun? =.=V

He sayang his banana xD~ He even use a cloth and wipe it! LOLLOLOLOL~!

Sexual Harrassment! :O HEE HEE~

Kaya so happy Kamijo hugged him! :D:D

Wah~ so excited? XD LOLOL Kamijo suddenly came up and hug him I aso dunno XDDDDD HAHAH!

He's about to attack Juka!!! WOOOT! =3

OMFG! JUKA'S SMEXY BELLY! *screamsssss* shy laaa~!!!!!!!!!

Juka is about to smoke when Kamijo called him to the camera. Kyaaaa!!! His actions are so cute!! XD ♥

Awwww!~! Shielding yourself Juka?~ xDDDD

Juka looks very awkward in this vid. Probably because Kamijo's 'attacking' him? xD! I LIKE IT. SO FUCKING CUTE. XDD!!!


TWO HOTNESS GUYS . Juka & Kamijo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *squeaaalsss* =^.^=

OhMyGAY! (oops i'm learning that from someone) xD. Kamijo's HAIR! HAHAHAHA!!! It's 'higher' than usual! XDDDDD LOLOLOLOLLOL~!

NO NO! Not focusing on Hizaki-sama! LOOK AT JUKA~! ♥ SEXY RIGHT?! HAHAHAH! *droolss*

♥.♥ ~ I'm melting~ JUKA-SAMA!~ Kochi ni oide~ XDDD Nyaa~!

YO! Teru-kun!! *huggss him*~ ♥♥♥

"Oh sorry about that," Juka. HAHAHAH!

Juka is about to "burn" Mikage's Banana using his lighter! HAHAHAH! AWWWWWWEEE~

Kaya-san!! Hug me don't hug that banana! XDD~

Now you can focus on Hizaki-sama!~ SEE HE SMILED!~ Okay to be honest this is the first time I see him smile! AHHAHAHAH!~ So cute right?! :D

Hizaki~ Kamijo~ And Kaya!!! They're all so close... I ♥ the way they get together!!! ^3^


Neee~ Watch it too? XD Don't like them arr? Fine lorrr. *pouts*
HAHA! Damn sad those 2 videos can't embed T_T... It was from a DVD~

Today watch alot of vid lor, but some havent finish cause abit lazy !! HAHA Tmr continue HEHEH!

Kamijo at Fanime!!

KAKKOI!!!!!!!!!! ♥ xD
- He looks kinda pissed, but I like it =X
- What's with the camera view suddenly unfocused? =.=V
- that shirt made him looked so so fat =.=V

Hizaki Grace Project - Hevens Territory (LIVE)

- TERU OMFG~! So kyute leh!!! XD
- Hizaki-sama & Jasmine-san~! Both so pwetty ♥.♥
- MARVELOUS~ Now I want this song HEEE!~

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