Wednesday, December 3, 2008

D'espairs Ray & SuG no NEW SINGLE RELEASE

D'espairs Ray

released their new single,



Omedetou! Nyaaahahaha!

Cover for the single, wah, so pink ._. xD

Tracklist :
01. Horizon
02. Bullet
03. Yami ni Furu Kiseki (Classical White Ver.)

2nd track is much more ROARRRRRR! xD
3rd song,... slow song xD, very calming XD~

DR picture + single cover + downloads ~ Byouto x3

Horizon PV ;

Beyond the horizon! HAHA!
The song's not bad! So does the PV~
That girl in black keep throwing black color paper made aeroplanes ._.V
After the middle part DAMN NICE :D~
So little make up lerr... but they're still cool! :D
Tsukasa~ and Hizumi~ Loves Loves =X



these cuties too!


also released their new single,

Tricolor Color


Omedetou omedetou HEE~

But leh, I can't find the download for it, and the PV in youtube also...
Oh well~ There are still other days to post it~ BELATED :O
Awww.. I wanna listen to Tricolor Color... ;(

But I saw the preview, OMG Takeru's hair at starting part... *falls off the chair*....
The song's NOT BAD! XDD

Umbilical Preview


Today was kinda bored~ xD But I watched Junjou Romantica Season 2 Episode 8! The latest one! WOOOOOOOOOOO! No subtitle but can understand 90% LOL! Aww too bad it's not my favorite couple xD....

I watched a GazettE fanvid today, OMG I love it XD! Especially the funny and cute part ROFLMAO~ NYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA~!! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Who are they? :D
Matenrou Opera!
This is from their song, Alkaloid Showcase,
Currently I'm addicted to that song! WEEEEEE~

Alkaloid Showcase PV

It's soo EPIC! xD

PS: Updated my Profile. xD
Why do I feel so behind..

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