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Woo woo Persona!

WEEEE~ Thank you KoonIe hun ~ for the calendar~ Uru~ hearrrt x3

JUST NOW & A DAY AGO : FUCK la. Some Ah Ma called my handphone SO SO SO many times, I said wrong number wrong number, at first she said sorry then put down. After that call again, I say wrong number la(in my mind i'm saying "you stupit old lady"), she say "No la this is not wrong number" bla bla bla, I say I'm not the person she looking for, she ask me who am I(WTF?), I say I'm just a normal person(speaking in chinese since I'm not that good so I just simply answered that), after that she ignored my answer and she asked me "Eh you are doing the pipes wan right?" bla bla. WTF!!! I keep saying I'm not she so fucking stubborn, so I just end the call. Few minutes later she called again, I didn't answer, she call again, I still never answer, in the end left with, about 4-6 missed calls. I'm SOO DAMN GLAD she stopped. TODAY, just only! She called again, first 2-3 calls, I didn't answer, I'm lovin' my ringtone because it's Guren by the GazettE hahahaa. The 3rd call or 4th call, I'm SOO DARN PISSED, so I answer, and see what she gonna say, I didn't say anything, I heard her saying "Lu kua la ee mai tia..", means "you see la she don't wanna answer", I'm EVEN MORE PISSED now so I end call. WTF WTF with this old lady?! Your own problem la! Don't disturb people! Go double check the phone number -_-". I seriously hope there won't be another call. But there is, a call using handphone instead of house number, I dunno who, but I suspect it's the old lady, so I answered, I said "Hello?" softly, I heard her saying me "Ma si ah lei", in cantonese. Then she end call. WHAT THE FUCK?! I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT CAME OUT FROM HER MOUTH! WHAT FUCKING ATITUDE IS THAT?! YOU'RE OLD AND YOU'RE CHILDISH! FUCKING OLD BITCH. YOUR OWN DAMN FAULT, YOU BLAME IN ON ME?! JUST BECAUSE I DON'T ANSWER CALLS, AND I SAID THAT I'M NOT DOING PIPES?!?!?!?!? I'm already KIND ENOUGH to speak to you politely when I say it's wrong number, you're just being ungrateful! (`з´) you la!!! The next time you call me I'm gonna SCREAM AT YOU. DAMN BUSU (old hag in jap or u can see it's the worse word to describe a girl)!

Actually I'm not planning to post about this, it just pisses me off I wanna let it out. Don't mind ya~! xD I know I'm bad mouth TwT. I usually don't go mad at people simply, I'm like that when I'm REALLY REALLY angry.. Sorry TwT.. And weeeee! GP kor knows this he support me and ask me go scream at her! WAHAHAHAHA~ Anyone else support ME? HEH. SWT. Khye Siang say the ah ma is cute. WTH ! = =" That's not cute that's super duper UNCUTE! x_X ~ Nyaaaaaaa~


Last few days, I think about 2-3 days only hahah, I finished watching Persona Trinity Soul. Anime la weeee~. Just finished this year, started since April, finished around end of September or starting of October. Should be around October because it has twenty-six episodes, one week one episode, you see. For MY I think. A friend of mine told me. ;) So it's still peel fresh! x] I bought the DVD right after they selling them @ Speedy in Atria. *laughs proudly* Its RM23.90, not bad la.

I explained more about the story for each of the pictures. ;)

Details (from ;
Genres: action, drama, mystery, psychological, supernatural

Plot Summary: The stage is Ayanagi City, a city near the Japan Sea. It is a futuristic city that was built to carry out the recovery from the calamity caused by the "Apathy Syndrome" ten years previous. High school student Shin Kanzato with his little brother Jun, meet with their elder brother Ryō, who is the chief of the Ayanagi City Police, again after ten years. At that time, a series of strange incidents happen in Ayanagi City such as the crew of a submarine that suddenly disappears while in their submarine, or a spiritless symptom which disturbs the world after ten years, or the case of the inside out corpse where a student took on a cruel appearance. Ryō tracks down the organization behind the string of incidents, and having become involved in the incidents, Shin awakens the "Persona".

The Opening and Ending Themes :
1st opening - Breakin' Through by Shuuhei Kita
1st ending - Suicides Love Story by Nana Kitade
2nd opening - Word of The Voice by Flow
2nd ending - Found Me by Kawamura Yumi

Left To Right :
Kanzato Ryou, Kanzato Shin, Kanzato Jun
They are brothers. The main one is of course the one in the middle, Shin!
Actually got one more sibling, a female, which is a twin to Jun, Yuki met her death because of some awful incident happened 10 years ago. The doctor said to Ryou(cause he's the eldest son & the parents also died in that incident so he must be in charge), and forced him to choose either one of them to continue living, the doctor suggested that, transfer some parts of the brain from Yuki to Jun's so that Jun can survive and Yuki had to be sacrificed. Ryou had no choice, in the end he follow the doctor's suggestions. He's been living in guilt all these years TwT. SO SAD!! BOO HOO HOO... I wanna cry but can't.. I'm immune to fake tears?! -_-"

I think this should be Episode 1 or 2. Wait, or maybe mix mix. HAHA. I don't remember, watch 1 time only ler. Shin and Jun went back to their homeland and stay with their elder brother, Ryou. But never know that their Persona would be awaken. Bla bla bla. They transferred to the school, and met new friends, Kayano Megumi, Takuro Sakakiba, & Kanaru Morimoto. All of their persona had long awaken, something like that, just that their not sure what is it. There's this "tradition" thingy in their school, called the Shadow Extraction. It's actually "playing" with other people's persona. And it's REALLY dangerous. I'm not sure about how to explain the dangerousness, but somehow they say it feels good when you're doing it. And most people got addicted to it, in the end some died, some disappeared.

The relationship between Shin and Jun is really good, cause they've been together all the time, but it's really "far away" between them and their elder brother, Ryou. Ryou asked them to leave this city, Ayanagi, in a really cold and straight way. Got one time Ryou said to Shin : "Ore no soba kara hanarero." It means "it's better to leave my side". They thought their brother think them as a nuisance, especially Shin, he thought his brother don't welcome them back, bla bla bla. But in the end he found out that it was their own good, because of the persona awakening thingy happening around in that city.

There's this group of, err, Marebito? Ah, I seriously dunno how to say this. I'll skip for this, later talk crap in the end all wrong jialat lorr~ xD. Anyway, most persona users are really young, should be under 20? or 18 I think. Because there's one episode saying that, people who use their persona @ their adult age, about 20 or above, they take drugs, as in some kind of pill, blue and white hahaha, to extend their persona uses. I'm like OH~ So that's the drug for. However! Taking that drug for long period will affect your, er... life? Yeh something like that hoho, cause when you're reaching your limit and you never take the drug, you'll go berserk and... ROAR! Etc etc. It's not completely serious and sad la, got some cute and funny parts too.

Oh yeah, one of his friend, Morimoto Kanaru, she's one of the Shadow Extraction addicts. She always go for this unhealthy activity with other people, her friends, Shin, Kayano and Takuro found out, stopped her obviously, many times. Being really stubborn, she couldn't help it, and she went off doing this over and over again. The last time she ever did it is, when they were in class, guarding her(so that she won't go doing this dangerous thingy again), in the end they fell asleep, she caught them sleeping so she went off. Shin woke up and realized her disappearance, he run off to chase her. Bla bla bla stuff happened. Shin found her, after she did it, held and slapped her, said something, AH SHIT I FORGOT what he said. But it made her realize her wrong, and she starting to feel for him, I think that happened quite long ago. She's a girl in purple, short hair btw. In this anime, Kanaru's supposed to be Shin's partner, as in lover, yeh future husband and wife hahahah. In the end, it revealed that actually Kanaru is one of them(I won't say it here), but she didn't know, and she's involved in the incident 10 years ago. Before she's gone, it is blessed that she "went" while Shin is at her side. TwT BOO HOO HOO sooo... sedih... aih...

There's this young lady, Nikaidou Eiko, a childhood friend of the brothers, especially to Ryou. She liked Ryou, Ryou liked her too, but their relationship level is just, friends, partners in job. Ryou was once a really nice, fun person, but this persona thingy changed him. Shin and Jun always call her Eiko nee-chan(sis), she's like a real sister to them. One fact is, Shin like her. A lot. He's always excited when she's coming to their house, and try to look good too hahah. She died in the end, trying to save Ryou.

The ending is okay, for me, it's kinda sad, their bro is not with them and never coming back anymore.

ONE thing I like most about Shin is, he's afraid of ghosts, HAHAH that's cute! :D

What else I missed? :D

Its first opening theme, Breakin' Through by Shuuhei Kita.
(duno who is that x_x")
I LOVE this song so much, ever since I listened to it @ Episode 1. HEHE. Lai bah! Listen to it! WOOO~ And I posted the opening theme video too. Quite an awesome one :D But not full song, the full song I posted underneath the video *wink~*

Breakin\ Through - Shuuhei Kita

2nd Opening - Word of The Voice by Flow

Word of the Voice - Flow

2nd Ending - Found Me by Kawamura Yumi

Found Me - Kawamura Yumi

I only post VERY nice songs. I heart every of Flow's songs, all damn nice, Word of the Voice is one of it. And for Found Me by Kawamura Yumi, LOVE the chorus part, it's really sad, and I feel so touched everytime I listened to it TmT. I always sing that song, whenever and wherever, damn fun to sing hahahaah. It's challenging that's why. The chorus said something like; After I wiped away my tears, I can find the new me, even if everything is gone, there are still things that I can discover, bla bla bla. I only know these part. PS: I'm still a jap noob anyway. Hahah.


A day after I finished Persona, I start watching Code Geass R2!!
Wakaka.. will post more craps about it after I finished xD.
That picture is Lelouch from Code Geass, it's damn hot so I took a shot of it HOHOOH.

-------------------NOW FOR JROCK VK CUTIES----------------

Hai hai, I know I damn slow, cause one day I surf abit abit. Today only I watch Butterfly Boy PV, by SuG. And also downloaded it, high quality WEEEE~ WOOOT! TAKERU~! Aikarawazu kawaii desu yo ne! Awww he's so cute, here's the pic, Takeru's the one in the middle. Punkitsch is their latest album? *scratches head* Anyway, Butterfly Boy is the first track. This song made me high, it. And the pv xDDD. There's the making of this PV but, not today. Hah, my mood went down. Because of that BUSU.
More info on SuG, here. And today chatted with KoonIe, I got to know how young Takeru is! WOOOT!! :D PS : I'm SO HAPPY I downloaded that Gather Roses PV, too high quality yeay! Muahhx~


My mood went up quite a lot. Thanks to my babes! :D the GazettE! WOOO. Saw some funny, REAL funny videos in YouTube. I laughed like SHIT, no, the hell out. It's like I haven't been laughing like that for ages xD. I post two first, leave some for next post hohoho. For the first video, ahahhaha, so damn cute, got one part Ruki wearing a Pikachu costume and camwhore @ 4:25. LOL. SO KYUTE! Aww, I love Ruki even more xD, but can never beat Uruha, Uru's the best xD. Why? AGH! He's just my type! Nyaaaaaaaaaaa~! Onegai~ watch it~ all of them so funny and cute XD~!

And some random Takeru vid, SO KYUTE!!

Curse that old hag.

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