Friday, November 28, 2008

Versailles is LOVE

Nyaaaaaaaaaaaaa~!!! Versailles got new look! AWESOME x3~ :DD WOOOT! Kamijo ~ SO HOT. White Prince. Woooo, Hizaki-sama pwetty pwetty pwincess xD. OhLord, Teru's sexy thigh :D HAHA. Yuki-kun! Kakkoi! Lovin' your cape! :D Jasmine-sama! LOVE your dress' color! :D Kamijo-sama & Teru-sama : I'm lovin' your boots! xD Okay this is actually about their new single coming this December 12th, Prince and Princess ! NYAAAAA Can't Wait!! XD Same as Alice Nine Cross Game single tooo. Heee~ I'm more tempted for this! Lovessss ~

Found this SUPER DUPER HOT Kamijo pic,
I actually made this simple wallie for myself yesterday. -_-V
The original pic is just the one on the left. :D
I first saw it is @ Kamijo's Blog xD *and then I screamed faintly* ~

Is this the single cover? NO IDEA. Whatever, it's still HOT HOT HOT! xD!!!
*bish bish stop saying that*

That day I was bored so I felt like watching some Versailles comments and PVs. :D I watched the Noble ; Aristocrat's Symphony PV, *SCREAMS* I couldn't stop aww-ing & omg-ing, xDD!! SUBARASHI!! :D Noble is their album~

Aristocrat's Symphony PV

I know it's quite long. But it's like a tragic story :D. About the life (smth like that) of Noble; Aristocrat. Kamijo-sama as the prince bla bla bla. Fight for love etc etc. xD
The music is by Kamijo himself XD~


Shout & Bites PV

The camera movements is like woooh~ I watch until @@. XD
Kamijo has his style of singing, I like his expression~! :D
Teru~ xD If I'm not mistaken, the music is by Hizaki. xD


Photobucket That day I saw this CUTE gif @ Versailles Fan Community . I'm like "Aww so cutee..". So I went to watch some comments, and I found the comment related to this gif! XDD It's just a few seconds, how sad. =X But Teru was really cute xD~ I got to like him even more~ Bad bad Kamijo pushed him down, but he hugged him in the end ~ :D .

OMG, OMFG!! I realized HOW CUTE Teru is!! NYAAA!!! ❤ ❤ ❤ XD The kiddy, fun type~ Just like Nao :D And Kai, cuz he always smile xDD~ YOSH! That second onwards, he's now my favorite (including Kamijo)! And WOOO~! Jasmine "molested" him xD KYAAAAAA!!~

Teru - Like An Edison Noble Comment

eto.. At first I don't really like this hmm.. Teru's voice, damn low O_O~ But sexy xD. LOL! He said 18 times "eehh..."(means erm) in this comment. HAHA~ TwT It's kinda blur, the way he sat down, cute pose xD! After that, the best part xD : Before he go off, he waved bye bye(OMG SO KYUTEE!!), and run away. OMFG xDD Awww cuteenyaaaa ~ Wah he could run so fast with those boots :D Teru!!!

Kamijo - BrandX Noble Comment

Kamijo was commenting about their new album Noble, I dunno what he saying, but in the middle part he did push ups (O_O), FAIL! HAHAAH OMG DAMN CUTEE!~ ❤❤❤ *SQUEALS* Next one is err, there's this lady walk pass him(she wanna go through the door behind), Kamijo gave the "What the..." look at her, ROFLMAO. HAHAHAHAHHA! So farniee~! I repeat these for a few times xD. I took SS, wakakakaka *proud*

*clears throat*
Aheerrm, sorry for over reacting xP.

Versailles - Interview (English Subtitle)

It was during The Revenant Choir period. Kinda funny xD.
There's one question about what food do they hate, LOL, Kamijo answered "Japanese Wasabi", he even said the word "Japanese". LOL! xD



Lots of


Went surfing their blogs, tour around Kamijo and Yuki's. Post some first xD this post is getting longer weeeee~

Found these 2 pics @ Yuki's Blog. Wah, so adult liao still like these? xD I dunno what it says, but I think it's something like, it reminded him of when he was young he used to like these cute things. HOW CUTE!! :D Yuki~~~~~~~~~~ ❤ ! (i'll bang the wall if I'm mistaken) ...

Kamijo-sama! your hair~ xD

Versailles is Love!

Kamijo is Love!

Teru is Love!

V.K.T ; Vampire Knight Team? -____-||!!

Currently LOVING their song, SFORZANDO.

Lastly, To My Beloved. :D


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