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The Singer & Cellist - Kanon Wakeshima

Ohime-sama no namae wa Kanon Wakeshima desu! :D

Kanon is a japanese singer and a cellist, still very young, 20 years old :O! She started her career this year, her first single was Still Doll, released May 28th 2008, which was the ending theme for Vampire Knight anime. The song lyrics is written by Kanon and the music is by Mana, a famous musician and fashion designer for visual kei, from Moi dix Mois and Malice Mizer. I love the way she played the cello and how she sing it, it gives me a dark and creepy kind of feeling, I like that! XD That's why I'm "promoting" her hahah.

PS : Kanon is a cutie! :P

Her second single had just released the past November 12nd, 砂のお城 / Suna no Oshiro (Sand Castle), which is also the ending theme for Vampire Knight Guilty(Vampire Knight season 2) anime. AGH I'm in love with this song ~* Her vocal calmed my soul~ xDD!~ Look at her play the cello! For sure your jaws will drop~ HAHA~ FUIYOOOOOOH!

Kanon's Song Genre ;
Dark Ambient

Birthdate ;
July 3rd, 1988

Biography :
Kanon started playing the cello at the age of 3. She began to take the full-scale guidance since the early age. When she was a junior high school student, she formed a cello duo and an ensemble group. At the age of 15, she started playing the baroque cello as part classical ensembles. She appeared in many recitals and joint concerts since the early age. She began music creation at the end of the junior high school times, and when she was 16 years old, she sang as a vocalist for the first time on a stage of the senior high school festival. She was belonging to the light music club in the days of a senior high school. As a multi-talented artist, Kanon joined the Sony Music Audition as a singer. She was one of the finalists and she made a contract with DefSTAR RECORDS. 28th May, she will make her major debut.
  • a constellation : Cancer
  • a blood type : A
  • a performance musical instrument : cello
  • the opportunity when she began music : the recommendation of cello from her parents
  • the music that she played for the first time : twinkle, twinkle, little star variations
  • memorable song : haydn cello concerto
  • favourite cell player : Jacqueline du Pré
  • favourite musician : Emilie Simon, lily-chou-chou, Mayumi Kojima
  • a favorite composer : Debussy, Satie
  • a favourite painter : Alfons Maria Mucha
  • a favourite colour : red (mostly)
  • a favourite novelist : Mayumi Nagano, Hiroko Taniyama
  • a hobby / a special ability : drawing a picture
Wow! I'm so envious~ Not only good at singing and cello-ing, a pro artist too! Aawww xD. She's gifted :D. The bio credits to her official web, HERE . If you wanna read EVERYTHING (cuz i nvr post all). I enjoyed reading her bio, terlalu pro ! :D:D:D:D:D

Suna no Oshiro

Suna no Oshiro - PV


Still Doll

Still Doll - PV

................. TIME FOR MY GAZE MEN ;D ................

xD! I'll never forget them! I watched some latest and old videos. I fan-girl-lizm-ed like mad!! *SCREAMS* I saw this vid(first one) in KoonIe xD の blog, I went insane~! xD It's a tribute to the GazettE Shinjuku Live, more stuff @ here & here . *continue screaming* ~

Yaya, I said before, the live was canceled after merely 2 songs, about 10 minutes, the police had to shut the live down cuz later the fans might injure themselves(bang walls, jump here and there etc). The police had to drag Ruki away from the stage *AARGGHH HOW DARE THEY!* when he still singing, and other members *awwh Uru~*. Except Aoi hahahaah, nobody touched nor drag him away, wooot! Afraid of Aoi? HAHA! LOL.

the GazettE Live @ Shinjuku - Backstage

Starting was boring, *yawn*, but the place was amazing, thousands of fans(7,000) gathered for the surprise live *I wanna be there TmT* . The best part appeared at around 2:30. Where the Gazemen arrives! WOOOOO!!! It was about to start, all of them gather round, all the best!! *GAAAH I spotted Uruha's, Uru's SEXY ARM and SEXY BACK xD!!* ~ Uru and Ruki is as close as always~ , Reita looked SO COOL~! *his hair and the nose bandage xD*, Aoi and his goofy self xD~ And Kai :D! Lastly, the live, the opening, SUGOI!! :D Aaaaaaah.. Uruha-san~... *bish bish ; stop being so fan-girl-lizm!!* ~

GazettE @ Hey!

Hey! Is some kind of host channel. It was during Filth In The Beauty period~ Yea long ago. But still!!! :D Totally hot when the fan/audiences screamed while the GazettE cuties appear. Each of name said their name, I did some record :D, see which member get the highest and loudest "screaming rate" from the fans. Here goes (from highest to lowest) :
#1 ; Reita
#2 ; Uruha
#3 ; Kai
#4 ; Ruki
#5 ; Aoi
Am I right *shyt I sounded like Mr.Siva -_-* ? Cuz I repeated 3-4 times, it was still the same xD. Reita, of course he's the #1st, cuz he's the most popular member in the GazettE. XD!~ Uruha you're 2nd! I'm proud! XD~ HAHA, when they came in, the host is like "Nanya are?!" looking at Reita's noseband. LOL! I like the part Rei sort of "fight back" at the host. hahahah.

Alice Nine @ Hey!

WOOT! Arisukyuu sashiburi! XD This is during Tsubasa period. *nod nod* The screaming rate!
#1 - Tora
#2 - Nao
#3 - Saga
#4 - Hiroto
#5 - Shou
Ah this is hard, cause Hiroto and Shou's nearly the same. Oh well xD, Shou . Nao's so cute! OMG~ The host smacked his head! GRRR~ The 2nd time is, the host sort of kicked Nao in the ass, and Nao ran to other side (to Saga's) and then back again. SO KYUTE!! XDD Nao gave the "omg" & "wah" look :D! He's the one who does the most talk. Got subtitle below but I din see, too focus on them ._. ~

Reita Fanvideo

Why can't I Reita like I heart heart Uruha, Ruki and Kai? XD! NEVERMIND. Sono mama de ii. HEHE~ Uruha~

Heart them forever~

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