Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Miyavi ~Oresama~

Supposed to wake up at 9.30am, end up overslept for 1 hour. xD Pheww, today modem no rest! Yeayy!~ Actually today dunno what to do. I decided to watch Miyavi's movie, Oresama. I watched it @ Crunchyroll(tyty KoonIe for the link). I notice that it's not complete so I finished the rest in youtube. =D It's about 1 hour 20-25 minutes. I know this movie quite long ago, xD. Now only watch, & I LOVE IT. Miyavi a.k.a Myv a.k.a Miyabi ~ He's DAMN HOT. Agh! :D

Movie Title : Oresama

Miyavi plays a rockstar in Japan (a role he should be comfortable fitting into) in the year 2003. After being ambushed by screaming fangirls he enters a van, in which he falls asleep and is *magically* transported back to the year 1984. Receiving various reactions from the locals for his "fake" Japanese bills and eccentric attire, he reads a newspaper and realizes he's no longer in 2003. Meeting up with a local musician, he makes some friends, forms a band and various amusing antics ensue, including Miyavi meeting himself as a child and playing a live show for a bunch of screaming fans. Before long, however, Miyavi realizes he can't stick around in 1984 and he has to return to his present. The movie covers the story of how the 'hero', who has no house and no money he can use, meets other musicians and forms a band so they can make money to live off of. It is a 'half-autobiography', meaning it's partly based on Miyavi's real experiences in the music industry.

Firstly, I saw a bunch of school girls screaming and shouting, "Miyavi! It's Miyavi!". Ah, fan girls. XD Miyavi was in a van or something, the girls were pushing around each other to see him. His driver having bad time trying to "remove" them away. Then this girl, she was eating ice cream, some other girl pushed her and she dirtied a friend's shirt. The sweat part was, Miyavi came out of the van, helped the girl, and sort of licked the ice cream. WAH~ Anyone would be happy to lick back that ice cream too! XD~ After that he drove away. The fan girls still trying to snatch away that cone of ice cream -_-". In the van, he fall asleep. After that, yaya, like the storyline said, he's been "magically" transported back @ 1984, his year is 2003; dreaming. His actions are so cute XD, the way he walk and move. LURVE his clothings! Tattoos~! Piercings! WOOOOOOOOOO~~ Ha! There's one part he saw a girl, wearing orange, white polka dots, dress. He looked at her dress as if it's "rare", smirked and laughed at her(she looked back hatefully), he said "dasai", means uncool, and "hick clothes?". LMAO~ After that he whispered to himself, "Nan ja are? Orenji mizutama ka yo?", it means "What the hell? Orange polka dots?". HAHAHAHAHHA! NICE NICE!~ LOL LOL!

Okay enough for the too-much-info thingy. I'll just say the main points. He realized he's not in 2003, he dunno what to do to go back to present, he dare not go home and meet his mom, he meet new friends, he joined and played in a band, bla bla bla. He made friends with this kid called Ryuu, and one day he realized that boy was himself. Aiyoh just refer the storyline can d. hahahah. A girl called him kakkoi! WOOO~ Agh his craziness amazed me XD~

Oresama Part 1

Continue? Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 .
Kindly let it load first! XD
Unsubbed, but if you want subbed go here .
Subbed but sux. :D
I can't really understand, but just watch only. xD

- He played the guitar, so SO SO original!! OFMG OMFG~! so fastt!
- Omoshiroi otoko deshita(interesting dude)! *heart heart~*
- The kids called him pervert! Becuz he's wearing sleeveless? LOL *abune na*
- He's a PRO in football! OFMG~ *fascinated*
- Lurve his hood & berret! :D *so cool*
- He loves pink. *awww*
- He pointed middle finger! *faints*
- He can't sit still. *how cute*
- A friend of his friend(female) keep saying he's kakkoi(cool), HAHA! *oh yes he is*
- He's good with kids! *i wanna be one*
- He's good in make ups! WOOOT!~
- The concert is HYPER~ *loveess*
- He SANG during concert! *melts*
- Kissed his mate! *aahhh... continue to melt*
- SUPER fan girlism! XDD *soo crazyy*
- He's so skinny! *sexyy*

The ending quite sad, cuz he had to go back to present and had to leave his friends behind, especially the boy. ;(

Making of Oresama

AWESOME!! how cute!~
- Wah, so many clothings
- His rehearsal book, red, and, conteng-ted. HAHA!
- He's soso attractive. xD
- Kodomo no koro! (child's heart ; means childish) *and i love it*
- Played with his vocal!

Besides watching Oresama today, I download many things. Damn it took long time xD. I finally get to know Kanon Wakeshima. And I start to LOVE Versailles even more!!! I watched the PV Noble; Aristocrat's Symphony, Shout & Bites, and some interviews. I won't post it today (although I really want to), tomorrow! :D WAKAKAKAKA....

Miyavi - Play the guitar
30 seconds only!
*his hair color............*

OMFG OMFG OMFG!!!!!!! That's AWESOME! :D:D:D:D:D *faintz*

C A N D I D ! :D


The best is still my gazebabes! XD

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