Monday, November 24, 2008


YOSH! I finally finished creating a new layout = =". Wakatteru! I know I always change la, aiyo I'm too free mah xD. YATTA! KoonIe now can see everything! Heee heee~! *high 5* Erm, I know it's abit too greeny. But I kinda like it, although I don't like green. Hahah, it suits the story xD~ Got many options. But this is the best XP. I mayb will change it from time to time ahhahahah. The last pic is original. =X

Last night, my bro dc me again. It was around 12.30am. I duwanna sleep yet cause bro say wanna let modem rest today, -_-V. So I sleep late, wake up late. In the mean time, I sien sien so I feel like drawing. It sucks, one month never draw. All !@#$%^&*()!@#$ liao XD.

Who is this? OSHIENAI. xD It looks retarded TwT.

Zzzz. It's always like, I simply sketch sketch, in the end looks not bad, when I seriously wanna draw nicely, end up like sh!t. (of course I duwanna post the shyt one xD)
PS: It looks like some Visual Kei cutie~ HAHAHAH!

Changed the effect via phone. xD! The right one is currently my phone wallpaper -_-. I like it alot. *self praising*

I ate ice cream today. It was weeks or months since I ate one.
Seriously. YUMMY!!! XD

Since the modem is on a "break" today. I spent my time watching Code Geass - Lelouch of The Rebellion - R2(season 2). Finished everything. It's really a-must-continue-watching kind of show. DAMN. I cried, cried like I never cried before TwT. I seriously cried. Doushite darou? I will publish a VERY LONG post after I watch finish the 2nd time, I'll type EVERYTHING out, and let out my feelings T_T. BOO HOO HOO!!!! D':
PS : Lelouch is HOT!

I love this scene, it's @ the 23rd or 24th episode. :D

Some jap jappy I wrote last night. Copy and learn oni lar, I bo that pro ;P.

Waga の namae! :D

I heart heart my current desktop wallpaper! XDDD
Siapa tu? Uruha-san desu! It was a WELL MADE one. Heart heart~*

That's what I want the most for now.
I'm so sad today.
Cause the show damn sad,
an undescribable sadness.
Sadness overflowed.
I'm gonna watch it again.
*aiya i know it's show only la i'm really affectionate and passionate towards anime okay! xD*

Today no babes.
No time to surf today. Sobs.

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