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That's the name for this visual kei jrock band :D I started to like them like nearly a month ago, since I'm so free so I'm making this post! :P How I got attracted to them is because of Byo, the vocalist =D, I saw many pics of them in some of the Live Journal Communities, then I saw Byo's from their latest upcoming single, Gather Roses,, I'm like "HEY He's kinda HOT~~!", that's where it begins xD. I started "stalking" them~ Downloaded ALL of their songs, plus PVs~ WOOO~ Their songs are quite similar to the GazettE, lots of murmurs, screams etc. (FYI GazettE is still the best hohohhoo) LOVE IT =) They started forming this band since 2006. Two years plus yo!

WAIT! If you're quite fimiliar with the GazettE, notice that Byo looks a lot like Ruki! Plus their styles are almost alike! Their hair is one of it =D =D

Here are the cuties~~ First picture for each of them is from their song Wailing Wall, the other is Gather Roses. Of all pics, I think Byo looks the best in Gather Roses xD. His hair is hot~ *wink*

Members line up :

Byo [vocal]
Jin [drummer]
Kazuki [guitar]
Manabu [guitar]
Yuuto [bass]

Byo 鋲

Birthday : January 9th

Jin ジン

Birthday : July 22nd

Kazuki 和己

Birthday : August 5th

Manabu マナブ

Birthday : June 23rd

Yuuto ゆうと

Birthday : June 19th

ScReW consists 5 members, Byou, Kazuki, Manabu, Yuuto and Jin. They performed under the concept of the darkness. Using poison as their theme, they decided to use the color purple as their band color. They named their band SCREW in an attempt to grasp and stab the listeners’ hearts like a screw into something solid. They chose a simple and easy word that everyone could remember.

SCREW, formed in March 2006, however, their members have good experience from their former bands. Vocalist Byou used to be a member of Joker together with the bassist Yuuto. Guitarist Kazuki used to be in Clover, their drummer Jin was in LiViNg DEAD and Manabu who used to be their support guitarist, became an official member after they signed onto the label indie PSC in May 2007.

They started off playing secret lives and their first one man concert was held at Takadanobaba AREA on April 23. Their first mini-album, Nanairo no Reienka, was released in July that same year and it was limited to 2000 copies.

Several concerts were held and three maxi-singles were released later in the year, and to finish off 2006 they were invited to be a part of the Winter Romantic Fes. 3days「X-day」 event organized by Kanoma (ex-Fatima) and Kamijo (Versailles, ex-Lareine).

2007 began with more concerts and in March they released a full length album which they called Fusion of Core. A promotional tour for the album, LIMITED FUSION, soon followed. A short while after the tour, SCREW was signed on to PSC and they released the mini-albums VENOM and VIRUS.

During 2008, they have been releasing singles such RAGING BLOOD, Wailing Wall and, in November, Gather Roses.

Some group pictures :)


Raging Blood

Gather Roses

Wailing Wall

And obviously my favorite is Byo, then Kazuki, Manabu, Jin, Yuuto. The last three I'm not so sure yet since I don't really know them =D. Yuuto has really really girl-like-innocent look, kinda cute. Kazuki looks a bit like Uruha's(gazette guitarist) lil bro xD.

Here's Gather Roses PV Preview, GOSH can't wait for the full version plus the song! It's coming on the 19th of November! XvX!!!!!!!!!!!!! Byo's really naughty is this pv! GRRR that lucky gal! D:

Wailing Wall - Full PV

XD~ and oh~ for their official sites and blogs etc, go to my links section and look for it XDD.


whatever it is, i'm still loyal to the gazette. *wink*

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