Sunday, November 9, 2008

Code Geass R2

Pika-Pika-Pika!! xD
I'm feeling so random now. Just before this I'm trying to edit some LJ layout for my fan fic journal = =". It's HARD BEING A NOOB!! *sobss*

Was about to start a lil bit of my fan fic, sienz mienz.. had to make some preparations before that :X

Anyway, last week, dunno wednesday or thursday :D, my brother went to the Curve to buy some anime. Lawl. He couldn't wait until next weekend I go to Petaling Street and buy more hahahh. That time I just came back from school and exams have yet ended. Once I reached my room I saw my phone "blinking" (because I put silent), I realised that it was my bro. Got few missed calls (oopsie i'm so late haha). So I picked up and answer.

Me : Hellouu?~
Bro : Eh you want Code Geass a not?
Me : *MCC-ing* Code Geass? Season 2 ah?
Bro : Aa. Pro wan. Lambaian Filem.
Me : *delighted* OOO~ Erh, how much is it?
Bro : Cheap wan la. Got discount.
Me : Not more than RM25 ah~
Bro : Won't be more de la. So wan a not?
Me : Buy la. Heeehee.
Bro : Must pay me back ah.
Me : *smile faded* yaya.
Bro : Ah kay la.
Me : En.

Lol. That's how it's like I guess. Oh, MCC stands for Mong Cha Cha (blur blur). And Lambaian Filem is the company in Malaysia that produce high quality DVDs, clear && pro subtitles hahahah. Plus pro cover. LOL. About the conversation, I don't really remember. Cheh, pay him back. LOL. I terlalu perasan, thought he will gimme free (like before). =.=" Anyway, I'm really glad I already have it. Since this season 2 ended around end of september this year. Original price is RM33.90. I think he bought for RM28 cuz I saw the price sticker on it's plastic cover. Chey, 3 bucks difference nia. Take away another 5 bucks also good :D . He bought 3 anime, including this, one of it is BlassReiter. Heh. And he got all over excited about it(excluding Code Geass).

Yesterday being random (I've always been random), so I took photos of my DVD. *kisses it* Then today I felt like editing the pics, so I did. :D No offense but my photoshop editing skills sucks still. I edited some part so if you're "normal" you should know which part of each photo I edited XD.

That's all. Back to "work". HEHEH.

Photobucket [ ROFL this is fucking funny and cute! And that's Kai from the GazettE. Just the head part though. Hahahahahah. ]

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