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WEEEE~ I'm addicted to Distorted Daytime haahah. Aah, today I finally get to know that this song is Uruha's Melody~ . Damn I'm so slow xD. I read the interview translation @ GazettE Media today. I thoroughly enjoyed it. He put so much feelings and efforts into it awwwh. Kekko taihen da ne? :D Otsukare-sama deshita!~ Heh there was one part Uru said he don't want to say "a good meaning" for the song cuz their(gaze) drummer(kai) always say that. LAWL that's cute :D. I read Ruki's interview on Leech, Distorted Daytime & Hole (all that is) too, akinda funny somehow cute in his ways =D. Leech has a meaning of "hiru" in katakana? I've heard this word "katakana" for so long and I'm not sure what it is xD. Congrats Ruki your english improved! :D Oh and these interviews are from Neo Genesis magazine Volume 28. Credits to kisekii though, he/she is the one who made the translations and posted it in Gazette Media. For the mag scans, a million thanks to rawkstarr23 from GazettE Daily! x33 I duwanna say more cuz it's all in it! XD Read it and you'll understand, AND you'll LOVE the songs XD~
Ohyeh I added colors to the interviews so it'll look easier = ="

And ah here's the cover for the magazine ;

Uruha's Interview on DISTORTED DAYTIME ;

Translation for the interview ;

Interviewer's question's in Bold
Uruha's answers in Italics
Translator's(kisekii) notes in [Brackets]

Placing real feelings into the sounds and phrases [of the music], and to be naturally indifferent and free from passion, is Uruha. For this current recording, being born as a band, he seems to be experiencing the "sound barrier" that is surging. Uruha's simple and cool original song "DISTORTED DAYTIME”, once again proves that beauty is born because of these 5 people.

The 3 songs from this time's Single, they seemed to be turning to the same direction vectorially.
-When I heard them [the songs], there wasn't anything that felt out of place. This single does not have the motive of being intense in every direction. There is a theme of "anger". Where "LEECH" is concerned, Ruki used a original tune. At a point in time when this song entered [probably during their discussion], I was thinking "I want to do [songs with] this kind of feeling". For the sounds' image or phrase, first I will get advice from others, then in addition I myself will add colors to it and then erase, add and then erase. [As in, in addition he will make more changes to it]

Is it something like trial and error?
-Yes. I would trouble over the phrases that parallels with the sounds, but there are also good places [phrases in the music] that I would keep it, and I'll filter out the rest [which there are problems].

Where are you aiming to do this [Trial and Error] at?
-The part where I minded the most, was music that is not pop music. It's not just when I focus my tune on my "anger" in "I don't want to think why is it so pop" [Not sure about this, maybe he doesn't prefer pop?], and the lyrics and band's sound would be colored [As in sound better]. It seems like all the anger would be full enough to be made into a wall.

This is what you achieve when the 5 people gathers together.
-Yes. I even wanted to show the emotional side [of the song]. It's not like......" 'A' melody is this kind of feeling", but it's the display of emotional feelings through one song.

The way it [DISTORTED DAYTIME] ends gave a good feeling. For the introduction I couldn't imagine an impression of it, but clearly it was Gazette-like.
-The truth is, I actually wanted the introduction to flow a little longer, but I changed my mind because I thought "Can I set up the drums according to the edges to let it end pleasantly?"

"DISTORTED DAYTIME" is, definitely Uruha's melody yes.
-Is it true. (Laughs) I understand! [Why is it called 'his' melody]

The 3 songs this time, I thought that they thrusted Gazette's core.
-Ah. That's right.

Uruha's Melody is like establishing on just that one thing.
-Actually there are alot of things that I wanted to do. But as I thought it's within this time's Single. I suddenly hit on this song's feelings just before the song selection meeting.

What kind of feeling is it?
-It's also "Anger". I wanted it [DISTORTED DAYTIME] to be of the same level as "LEECH", and also it is the concept for this time, the whole theme is about "Anger" which is like gasoline, we pour oil over the fire. [To create a greater flame and thus greater "Anger"]

You explained it very well.

I had a good feeling while listening to it. The word "Coward" appears in blocks [I'm not sure if he meant in brackets] , and it is a new development.
-It's really cool to see everyone around me working on it [the song] together, and it is being produced. As I think like that, even though its really cool when it's being produced, I would think that it's very little [I think he refers to the effects of the song]. It's the same when we do it as a band, we feel that we did produce something good, but when we hear it with our ears you could actually feel an exceeding power.

The power increases whenever I hear the new songs. It seems that the band's feelings have overpassed Gazette's feelings. [He probably means they surpassed themselves]
-After all if we put feelings into the sounds, naturally the pressure of the sound would increase.

In "HOLE" there is a sense of floating in it.
-It seems like so. The floating feeling was presented rather daringly. Why is it? It just somehow became natural. But I think it's because probably I made it rather light/airy.

So, what did you do?
-Ideas like making the part with 'A' melody light/airy, at first I didn't know what to do. But well, I'm relieved that you could feel the light/airy feeling. (Laughs) This song, is not really "Anger", it's either this or another good meaning [for the song] would be sexy. ......But I didn't want to use the phrase " a good meaning".

-It's because our drummer uses this phrase often. (Laughs)

(Laughs) Well, it is a good sexy feeling.
-But that feeling seems to be a little unsuitable. (Laughs) Now that I think of it, even though I wanted to make the introduction [of the song] to be of a reassuring 'A' melody and let it be played out rather colorfully, in the end I produced out light/airy phrases.

This time, you seemed to have done a training camp for recording.
-Though, Ruki and I did the recording at another Studio. But even though I said that I stayed there [the 'camp'] , it doesn't particularly feel like a training camp.

Did you have the feeling of staying overnight?
-There was, but the only reason was because returning [he didn't state where was he returning to] was troublesome. (Laughs) Well, although it's a different feeling from the lodging during tours, returning to home isn't particularly anything either......speaking of that, probably going back home is better.

-There wasn't much reason for me to stay. Probably it meant that I won't be late [if staying at the camp]. ......But, well it is huge.[He probably means the habit of being late is problematic] (Laughs) In my case, it's not just talking about having the mentality.

Compared to the last recording, are there any obvious changes?
-The quality of the songs have increased, and it seems like last time I would play games at the waiting room, and time would naturally pass. I thought "Last time I held such a good composure..." [As in, he could play games to kill time]. (Laughs) Even though I held such a composure but it isn't good. Well, maybe it's because it's now, I can think of anything I want.

It means that you want to become more stoic steadily.
-Rather than stoic, it's more like I 'have' to put all my feelings into it...If what we say differs from what we actually do, we wouldn't have any power to persuade others isn't it. I don't want a situation where I get everything tangled, and in the later future I feel that it's very hard for me.

Are there times where you would come to such a thought?
-After all, doesn't it come [the thoughts] when we keep making music repeatedly? I think it's because the fact that I did it properly, I'll keep seeing the things that are inconsistent, through all the different failures, I am able to be at where I am now.


Ruki's Interview on their single, Leech ;

Translation for the interview ;

Interviewer's question's in Bold
Ruki's answers in Italics
Translator's(kisekii) notes in [Brackets]

"LEECH" has the meaning of hiru[Leech in katakana] which sucks the blood of humans. Another meaning derived is a human who lives like a parasite. Ruki's lyrics, directly, and also cynically, exposed the world. "LEECH" is the explosion of anger, "DISTORTED DAYTIME" is the sorrow of the comtemporary society, and “HOLE" is love comedy horror...?! "Exactly 3 songs that expresses real mentality", was what Ruki said.

How is the new single being presented?
-It's talking about becoming a really strong person. And also the single this time, it's not just 3 various song put together. This is because I thought of gathering songs of same themes.

I could definitely feel the core of the GazettE from the 3 songs that you have gathered. Among them Ruki's song "LEECH" is a song that is beautiful and sad, as well as intense.
-At first it wasn't "rusty", it was the B melody that made it so. Talking about this, even though now the song was sung with anger, at first I thought of making a song that is without much melody.

The backup vocals, was it a lady's?
-It's a lady's. But it's not the same person that did the backup vocals in "Filth in the beauty" though.

But the voice in "Filth~", really gave me a feeling of lady-like.
-This time I actually wanted a Cheerleader-like voice in the chorus.

Ah, a Cheerleader. But I thought that it was rather girl-like.
-Exactly what I was thinking. (laughs) I wanted an energetic voice.

"LEECH" is hiru[Leech in katakana] yes.
-Yes. It's like a nuance of sucking a person's blood to live, to parasitism.

But the lyrics seems to be filled with anger and exploding.
-It's about getting up realistically. I can't say it though.

Definitely, you did gave it your best shot.
-But the most dangerous part [of making this song] is having English in it. I thought with sarcasm "If I were the other party [customers], would I take this CD with my hands?"

"COCKROACH" "Maggots" and now "LEECH", is it like a dirty insect works of 3?
-(Laughs) Now that you talk about it, it seems like so. It's gokiburi, uji and hiru. [Cockroach, maggots and leech respectively]

The second song in the tracklist "DISTORTED DAYTIME", was definitely Uruha's melody yes.
-Most parts of the melody wasn't applied easily. (Laughs)

This song is certainly made without considering anything. [Melody and such]
-This is Uruha's melody. (Laughs)

(Laughs) Is there anything that is being presented in this song? Or is it again another form of anger.
-Rather than anger, the lyrics expresses that "danger is always side by side with you", now, we could sing about occurrences in Japan. There were many things that happened... like the case in Akihabara. [ 秋葉原通り魔事件/Akihabara massacre ; a case where suspect Tomohiro Kato killed 7 people and injured 10 by just using a truck and a survival knife to stab passer-bys in Akihabara in 8 June 2008. He has been indicted on 10th October.] And also, it’s not just about imitating a case that happened a long time ago. [The Akihabara massacre was said to be referred from a killing spree in Tsuchiya in March 23 2008, and also the Osaka School Massacre occurred exactly 7 years ago, where 8 elementary students were killed] There is an increase in cases of “anyone is fine” [to kill]. It seems that they are being influenced by the internet.

That’s why there’s the phrase “A chain reaction” at the last part of the lyrics. There are considerable number of cases where people seem to “admire” murderers, which are not to be permitted.
-That’s why, I want to sing about the us living in this kind of city, (for example) a city in Tokyo. It’s not a strange concept.

When I hear you say all these words, it seems like I am watching a scene of great horror in a movie.
-The song [DISTORTED DAYTIME] is a song about living in a situation that is always scary. For example doesn’t terrorism occurs in countries that is always appearing. [As in, always appear in news or something like that] In Japan, “no difference murders” is currently on the rise, and it’s always around us.

In the lyrics, words like “Coward” seems to appear frequently. Is this not just about people pointing “that is a criminal” just to be sure? [Sorry I have totally no idea what is said here m(_ _)m ]
-It’s not just about facing a strong person, but it’s about not showing your fangs to a weak person, thinking that you are the world’s most pitiful person, it’s talking about a person who can’t change due to one’s ego. This song, is related with the next tour’s title. Talking about “FROM THE DISTORTED CITY”, it is “a message from the distorted city”.

Recently, there seems to be an increase of English words. [In the songs]
-This is because I want to write the things I want to say as it is, and there are also many other problems, there are not many attractions too [he probably means it’s not that strange too], and you may not get it if it’s not in English. I’m Japanese by music though.

And the 3rd song in the tracklist, “HOLE”, isn’t it a little unique?
-It’s the story of “anti-women”. Seemed to be stabbed, but at such a dangerous situation he tries to take it out but it doesn’t seem to come out though.

-Since I had the feeling of “Such a strange strategy is good~”, I’ve been going very steadily, just like the down-train.

For a moment it became a horror.
-Well, it’s a love comedy horror. Normally a knife is always pointed at my back. [Sorry I have no idea what is he referring to]

(Laughs) Did you desire anything for yourself?
-I’ve nothing to desire now, but times when I was like that… there were. Don’t people start to change gradually once they are in love. When such things happen, I have this feeling of being sad.

It is sad yes.
-There is also such innocent feelings, but it’s because of our habitually behaviors, I could make this into a song. (Laughs)

That’s why, you fell into the “hole”.
-Talking about holes, there is a pit as well.

And there is also a grave hole.
-I guess so. (Laughs) But there is another meaning, which refers to woman. Like the old songs for the broken-hearted, I seem to like writing the same kind of songs as well. It looks like the progress of a relationship.

HOLE” is a song made by Aoi-kun, but are there any difficult parts like Uruha-kun’s?
-There are. This song has no melody, and also there were around 3 chords that I couldn’t do anything about it. I was troubling over it like “So what should I do~?”

As expected, these are songs that a guitarist would make, yes.
-Maybe because I made the songs myself and as a Vocalist, I tend to make the melody the subject. [like the most important part] The members they still have a long way to go. (Laughs)

..........................................END OF INTERVIEWS............................................

After I read the interviews I listened to the songs again, Leech, DISTORTED DAYTIME, & HOLE. Hee. Especially Distorted Daytime, weee . Wait, there are interviews from other members too, one of it is Aoi, cuz he made HOLE. I can't find it yet, it's either haven't post or it's far behind in older posts. Will post it if I found it xD. I only post Distorted Daytime translation lyrics. Most of it is in english so, the only jap part was about 3 lines. XD

Distorted Daytime
[English Translation, credits to GazettE Lyrics .]

I ask you it. Have you tasted sorrow?
「The feelings are deeper than death...」
Teach it. Why does not tragedy have an end?
Why is it?

You are afraid of the crowd. [Coward!]
Even the excrement can't be picked up. [Coward!]
A bottomless depression
You are afraid of the crowd. [Coward!]
You can't wipe even blood to flow. [Coward!]
You are afraid of the crowd.

Is it the punishment in proportion to a crime ?
Laws cannot heal pains all the time.
Can you deny it?
Even if time passes, the wound does not fade away.
Before distortions increase.
Please command death penalty.
Discussion is not necessary.
Carry out death penalty early !

The weak of a red mask.
Hell drawing.
The crowd who is confused.
The follower who does not die out.
The coward of red eyes.
Hell drawing.
The crowd who is confused.
Hey coward...please die!

You are afraid of the crowd. [Coward!]
Even the excrement can't be picked up. [Coward!]
A bottomless depression
You are afraid of the crowd. [Coward!]
You can't wipe even blood to flow. [Coward!]
You are afraid of the crowd.
Carry out death penalty early !

The weak of a red mask.
Hell drawing.
The crowd who is confused.
The follower who does not die out.
The coward of red eyes.
Hell drawing.
The crowd who is confused.
Hey coward
The distortion does not vanish  "An imitation of an imitation"
A chain reaction.


conclusion : I them, more than I ever did. *laughs*
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