Monday, November 17, 2008

GazettE Live Surprise & Leech in Music Japan

the GazettE already released their new single Leech the past November 12, 2008. :D
Last saturday, 15 Nov, there was a surprise live in Shinjuku @ Tokyo, following to this release!!
OMG! SO COOL, it's really surprising because.. ah see it for yourself (it's a surprise right?) if you haven't. It's in the starting of the vid. I'm really crazy now :D:D:D!!! How I wish I'm in Japan! *sobs*

Here are some pics taken during the surprise live, PLEASE TAKE NOTE that I don't own this pics, and be abide by copyright rules! :D Thanks to a gaze fan in GazettE Daily! ^3^ Aww I want those "being dragged down by fans" pictures too... xDDD *stares at all of them esp Uru~*

Pictures taken of the GazettE BUS! WOOOO~~ I wanna have a ride... TmT....

Now for the GazettE, Leech in NHK's Music Japan, aired in 13 of November, 2008. :D I'm SOO DROWNED into it x3. ❤❤❤

What else I've missed?

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