Thursday, October 9, 2008



Exams are just EXACTLY 12 DAYS away and I still haven't revise ANYTHING!

Everyday stuck with my personal interests.

It's really hard to buck myself up!

The LAZY side is taking over me :(


I think I'm gonna score very badly.

MAMA! PLEASE! No failures! :(

At least 40% pun cukup cukup untuk terus hidup lah!

Just for this TERM. OKAY?!


What did I do last night?

After dinner, I was berazam-ing to start studying normally, perfectly, quietly in my room. I hung up the exam timetable(oops i didn't rotate it :X), I mean, pasted in on my wall. WTV.

In the afternoon I've stacked all books and exercises to revise it. In the end it's just for display = =". And oh, that DVD there, forgot to remove it :D

Started just few lines of Sejarah I got bored, I "wrapped" my moral nilai paper with CELLOPHANE TAPES. LOL So yellowish! But pro. Took an hour plus. HEHE. After that I start slacking again. TERRIBLE PERSON. D:<
After dinner and watching the 7pm korean drama on 8TV, about at 10pm at night I on my radio, put in the disc and PLAY. Listening to songs by Alice Nine. Oh you can see the track number "12", the song title is "RAINBOWS". WAKAKA. It was after I bath, enjoyed the song, danced along (hiao zha bor = =, no ones watching anyway XD), sing along(with lyrics on hand), do LAME poses....

.... next few tracks, I got bored of my hiao zha bor dances and lame poses so I took few random photos of myself, here's the best one XD. Oh sorry I'm wearing my pajamas. *blushing*

Before that, after dinner I thought of watching "Dr Seuss's How The Grinch Stole Christmas" again, it was LONG ago since I've watched this. Christmas? AHAHA. I like la! :) HEY!!! Who watch this movie before? It's awesome! The main is Jim Carrey, you can see the picture which look like some monster right? It's him in make ups. I REALLY RECOMMEND THIS SHOW FOR CHRISTMAS, every year! :D I watched this at 12+ am. I'll review this movie after the... exams...

OH YEH, the christmas song is damn nice, sang by Faith Hill, "Where Are You Christmas?". Can't find the song yet :(

BTW this DVD is AMAZING, it has games, music video, plenty of bonuses like behind the scenes, visual effects, how they make up, the plan, EVERYTHING. I ENJOYED IT. That's why I slacked. Wanna borrow? ASK MUA.

Slept around 2am.

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