Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday KAI!

from The GazettE


~ o(^3^)o ~


Kai... Kai... Kai... Kai... Kai !!!

♥ 戒わ大好き !!! ♥


Gosh you're older a year now!
Still cute baby~!
Love the way you care for others~
Love the way you speak~
Love your carelessness for losing things all the time~
(not to offend :D)
Love everything about you~
I'll have to remind you that you're a great cook!
You're always & forever a GazettE drummer!


atashi wa zutto kimi no...

Egao ga dai suki !!

*hugs && kisses kai* x3

Want some Kai Bday Project graphics? Go here xD (It's in the first few posts so you have to hurry if not you'll have to view previous pages to get it it has 20+ posts of it :O! XD)
Extras xDD

I can't stop laughing at this pic! SO CUTE HAHAHAHHAHAH!!
(Top to bottom : uruha, reita, ruki)
Yesterday mom went to 1u and bought me a new bed sheet. GOSH I should've gone with her and pick one myself x.x
I rather stay home and online with my lurrrveesss anyway xD.
Plus, I had fun with Mokona last nite too! XD
(i pin my hair cuz my fringe's disturbing my view XD thats why my forehead looks sooo BLANK zzzz)
peachy xD
NEVER forget to adjust your looks before taking a picture next time = ="

PS : I still suck at editing. =X

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