Sunday, October 26, 2008


Today my mom shifted one of the BIIG BIGG brown cupboard to my room (had to shift in with her nooo had to leave the com for a few minutes T_T xD, and yah that's FREAKING HEAVY WAAAA! xD) She said i hav too many things, thats VERY true wakakaka. Well its a good thing ahhaha.
More things = More fetishes

& WOO ! Shiorrkknyaaa today eat mummy's HOTDOG soup again! XD
GARGH the stupit chicken flesh stuck in my teeth no matter how i brush it! D:
& I TRIPPED and almost fall over that dumb wires in my room 3 times whenever I pass through it! = =||

Last Friday(24th oct) took the DAMNest SHIT DI*K Sejarah paper 2!
(wuuuu I said bad words xD)
FUCK. Good thing it's over! xD
Actually, I planned to study sejarah chapt 6-10, NONO! I mean the tips [Zaman Gelap & Renaissance, Khalifah, Turki *mama sei yah*, Bani *baba sei yah* etc] at 3:00 AM in the morning, cuz I slept at 10pm, half asleep alrd, in the end, woke up at 6.45am (OMG LATE SIA!) siennz.
Thanks to the first paper in the morning! XD
Chinese paper 1! It gave me 1 hour 45 minutes to study, cuz I NEVER take chinese (although I know chinese ahhaha) managed to read through all but only can memorize 40% of it -_-||| At last I can only do 30% of that paper 2. Thanks both of my best buddies Shoey && Yuanny for these tipsies! WAKAKA (i'm sure they're smiling rite now looking at this post x.X)

(die in BM)

(die in cantonese)

(die in hokkien & chinese but diff pronunciation)

(die in jap)

I finished the paper in 1 hour time. Damn pro I know xD.
I got extra paper so I just started sketching.. thinking of GAZETTE && Anime! WAKAKAKA lawl.

Just love drawing the eyes && chibi(s). :D

*zooms in* XD!!!

WAIT. Before I run, give u some fetish xD

&& My GazettE FanArt xD draw about 2 weeks ago. More art HERE xD

I'm soo proud and happy that I can finally watch Junjou Romantica season 2 episode 3! XD

PS: I always use noob english xD.

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