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rikai dekimasu! :3

Got these from 8D found them in the biography section. I think I haven't seen/read these before?! I don't remember....BUT IT'S SO CUTE! And I don't know how old is this interview too... xD

Aoi, Reita, Ruki, Kai, Uruha
{ guitarist, bassist, vocalist, drummer, guitarist <3 }

Ruki's FACTS:
- Ruki has a herniated disc in his spine. In childhood it wasn't painful but when he became older (first year of high school) it started to bothered him so he had it to be operated.
- Ruki is nervous. He likes to argue. Though in interview he often keeps silent and looks tense.
- Ruki has a tense relationships with his parents. He can't apologized personally to them, he writes letters to them.
- His hobby is shopping (shopping-to-death)
- His place of living is usually very clean and tidy, looks like temple and smells incense.
- Ruki was a drummer for one of his previous band. OMG!! REALLY?!

-> About Ruki by other members
What is your first impression of Ruki?
- Reita: When I first met him, I thought he is a vivid rocker. It would be fun to form a band with him. But actually he is someone inconsistent. Once when we had performance with the other band, I asked him “let’s go home together today?”. Although he answered “Fine!” but when we found him he was all surrounded by fans. And we can just……Maybe he just couldn’t keep his promise.

Ruki’s expression: “That’s because……” said a nervous Ruki. Reita ignoring him.

- Kai: I met him in a live house when having a bands companionship. We didn’t have a word before at all but he just lent his equipments to me. He’s really a nice guy was my first impression of him.

Ruki was still a drummer at that time?
- Kai: Yes.
- Uruha: I really don’t remember. In my memory, I was interested in Ruki’s band vocalist. And after that the vocalist told us their drummer want to have some words with us. And I was like “Ohhhh, that guy!” (laugh)
- Aoi: I first met him in studio. He suddenly came shake my hands and didn’t get shy at all. I thought may be he would be someone big in the future. But I don’t remember anything else other than shaking hands. HAHA!!! So random xD! CUTE!

What are Ruki’s strong and weak points?things
- Reita: The good point is he has good sense of whatever he is doing. It is fun to have him around. He will cheer the others up around and have lots of more than necessary to speak……But he manage to merge into the atmosphere’s tension as a whole. The bad point is he really is a baka. Clumsy in speaking. And messed up the other’s house……

Ruki’s expression: I didn’t mess up you house! OUHHOHOOHHO!! What is Ruki doing in his house eh? *perv*

- Kai: The good point is he has curiosity in everything. I think it’s good to have a try in anything new. The bad point is he has too many to speak. Sometimes I really want him to be quiet for a moment (laugh). I was half serious but Ruki just thought I was joking and kept on talking. (laugh) HAHAHA!! Kai xD
- Uruha: The good point is he is very intimate with the others and that’s the lovely place he has. It’s just like he doesn’t know what the worldliness is. And he is the “heart” and “brain” of the GazettE. And we are brothers, we all respected him so much. The bad point is he likes shirking. It’s like he will act as an ostrich when there is difficulties. *imagines Ruki running like an ostrich* LOL!!!!!!!!!!

Ruki’s expression: Looked like he want to run away from there. AWWWWWW

- Kai: Ruki, that’s of no use. It’s over once you’re in that zone. You can’t escape just by running away. (laugh)
- Aoi: The good point is he has the most knowledge of music in the GazettE. But in this two years we have been working together, we always help to move out the equipments from the van. I just saw Ruki lead off shifting stuffs about three times in these two years. Every time is Kai who moving in and out very diligently. With the same B-blood type, there are still some differences between them.
- Uruha: He doesn’t have that voltage at all!

Ruki’s expression: Dumb…… HAHAHAHAH!!

Do you have things like “Please keep your mind on that! Please stop doing this!” that you want to tell Ruki?
- Reita: Please stop making up unreasonable lies. Once it was the meeting time already but Ruki still wasn’t here yet, I thought he was still sleeping so I just called and asked “Where are you?”. And he said “I am on the train now”, but it’s so quiet around that it didn’t sound like he is on one. The time didn’t match too. It’s okay to tell where is he now honestly. Please don’t making up bad lies. LMAOO!! Ruki BAKA!
- Kai: In my circumstances for example, he’d asked me to give him a cigarette, but I usually found it was all gone after that. Just tell me a word and I will give it to him.
- Uruha: Once a time, Ruki asked me “may I stay overnight at yours” and I said okay. And I let my mum prepared for his coming. But he still didn’t get here in the midnight, so I called and asked “aren’t you coming?” and he said “I am on my way.” So I just kept waiting, but the bell didn’t ring at all that day. (bitterly smile) Ruki dumped him!! NOOOOOOOO~ My poor uru TwT XDDD
- Reita: Poor Uruha~

Ruki’s expression: “That’s SOOOO long ago……” murmuring to himself. AHAH XD! So cuteee

- Aoi: I felt the same. He said “give me a cigarette” and it would all gone. ARGH He smoked too much~

Ruki’s expression: “I am so sorry.” And nodding his apologies.

Here is the corner of instant dialogue.
- Reita: I want to know why is he being so nice to me.

How nice is it?
- Reita: I usually will take off my coat when I arrive at his home and he will take care of it for me. He will even hang it up with a hanger. May be he just want to make his house dirty? But I’d like to marry Ruki if he kept on doing all those tiny kind things. (laugh) MARRY?! GO ON~! XD
- Ruki: What? No way, it’s just because you wanna get marry? (laugh)
- Kai: It’d became weird if you speak too much, Ruki. You’d get into that zone again……

Did you really help taking care of the clothes?
- Ruki: Yes.

You will do the same to the other members?
- Ruki: Yes. I just don’t like putting things around undisciplined in the house. Ruki's a clean man~ XD
- Reita: I want to add supplement! Ruki will do that in his house only. He put things all around in the other’s house and on the moving van.
- Ruki: I can say anything in this corner now?

- Ruki: I didn’t mess up there. (angry)
- Reita: He got angry now……
- Kai: Although I am bullied by everyone, but why must you hit me by the hand with rings on? OMG POOR KAI!
- Ruki: It’s just by chance that I hit you with my rings on.
- Reita: I felt it pain too! Please be measured.
- Ruki: Really? Aren’t you joking with me?
- Kai: It really hurts. (seriously)
- Ruki: I know it hurts with rings. But you seemed happy with it, so I just kept doing that thinking it should hurt. (laugh) LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!

Is that so? (smirk) So what about Uruha?
- Uruha: Don’t you value your property so much? Why would you forgot your purse in the convenience store?
- Ruki: You said something happened long ago again.
- Uruha: I still have your stuff in my car.
- Ruki: Hat?
- Uruha: Not just that. I think I have a few punk CD there? And clothes and shoes. I put them all in a trunk. Eh eh eh~ this is suspicious xD ya right XD sooo lovey-doveyy!!!

Please answer this, Ruki.
- Ruki: I forget things very easily. (bitterly smile) But that’s still something long ago already. like Kai!
- Aoi: Then why do you always stop singing before the solo in rehearsals? Every time I am about to start playing the solo……He just sings when he feels like it…… Are you thinking it is end already?
- Ruki: I am used to stop when the music dies, that’s the reason.
- Aoi: But what about rehearsal is, you have to check with the sound of solo, isn’t it?
- Ruki: I am just out of control. (laugh) I will notice on that from now on.
- Aoi: Please, I’ll count on you. (smile)

Is there any difference when it’s just two of you instead of all being together?
- Reita: He will help picking up my things when I am lost in trance. He even won’t complain about a word of his feeling. And our stomach have the same timing. I am so happy that every time I visit his house he will cook something for me to eat. I'm touched T_T
- Kai: He is even much more tender than everyone’s around. May be he is just shy with all of us here. But when it’s just two of us, it’s like “Wow! Is that true of such a attentive Ruki?”
- Uruha: I think he is chiyu-kei [sees reference in Uruha’s section. Ruki did response to his words here] to me. When he came staying at my house, it’s chiyu enough to see him sleep rowing on my bed. OMG~ *dies of cuteness*
- Reita: Lovely kid.
- Kai: He is just someone recalling of the other’s maternity?
- Aoi: I feel the same with the others. He is so much more gentle and somehow cute. Of course he is cool being as our “head”, that’s very respectable, too.

What makes you feel cool of Ruki recently?
- Reita: I was surprised that he brought his own equipment (mike). He always seems unconcerned with the equipments. And he just walking around with his personal notebook in hands, doing the design skillfully, that’s very surprising too.
- Kai: Personally, he starts to understand me more of my feelings.
- Uruha: I became lonely……We used to hang out a lot before. And we had lots of topics to talk about before. May he lost the interest in me? please tell me he havent!! :(
- Aoi: Recently, he has been doing well on the MC[speeches between songs]. He could speak on and on for an hour in the MC before.

At last, please say a sentence to Ruki.
- Reita: We all like you. No one will ever dislike Ruki.
- Aoi: If someone hates Ruki I will just XXXXX him!
- Uruha: The one who hate Ruki will just make us all of his enemies. *GASP* i wont ever hate ruki! (as if i will)
- Kai: That’s right. We will take care of you!
- Reita: Last time Ruki said he want to see my mail, so I just let him. And there was mail of me between Uruha which has Ruki’s name on it. He was froze with a “Huh” and he face just softened when he understand that we didn’t say any malicious of him. (laugh)
- Uruha: That must be chiyu as well.
- Reita: Who will be such a BAKA to leave the evidences behind? (laugh)
- Ruki: What’s that mean?!
- Reita: We love Ruki!

Uruha's FACTS:
- Uruha likes alcohol. Too likes.
- He likes teasing Kai. KYAA!
- For his free time he likes to stay at home and cut video clips at his PC.
- Uruha has older sister whom he has not good relationships with.
- In high school he was the one who likes visual kei. wowowo really?!
- He often thinks about death. Too often. OMG NOOOO!!!
- Uruha and Reita have been friends for more than 15 years. That I know. But 15 years?! *faints*

-> About Uruha by other members:
What is your first impression of Uruha?
- Ruki: His face looked gentle, but I thought he was a big brother of heavy metal.
- Kai: It was just the first impression anyway. I thought he was lack of personality charm. HAHAH!! AGREEE.
- All: (laughter)
- Kai: Actually, I thought he was a supporting technician and Aoi was the solo guitarist. LOOOOOOL!! SO BAD XD
- Reita: I have known him for a long time. We met each other at the suburb soccer club. My first impression of him is just “what a blushing”. (laugh) XDDDDDD!!
- Aoi: I first met Uruha among the other members. I was waiting for him at my friend’s home and I heard the door opened. When I turned around I saw a heavy metal guy standing there. That’s my first impression.

Uruha’s expression: What’s that?! You guys! (grumbling himself) CAN I SQUEEZE HIM?!

What are Uruha’s strong and weak points?
- Ruki: The good point is that he acts like a big brother, and that’s what he so-called himself as well. (laugh) And he is gentle too. The weak point is that he forgets what he said very soon. I hope he can take the responsibility of his own words. a gentle seme~ =X!
- Reita: What is this? Stand on yourself!
- Ruki: But Uruha is looking here through the sunglasses. (smirk)
- Kai: He is someone very passionate with music. When it’s just the two of us, “I am just like this! I think on that way!”, he will speak of himself seriously. “Do like this! Should do like that!” It’s good to always be the pioneer. :3

And the weak point is……
- Reita: Kai-kun, be tough! What are you afraid of? [Uruha seems terrified to the others…]
- Kai: Okay, I’ll try my best. (sweat) It’s awful that he is stubborn and will not change his idea. Stubborn attracts meee!
- Ruki: God! You said it loud. (laugh)
- Reita: Good point is, don’t judge by his appearance, he is actually a hardworking person. About the weak point, didn’t he said I am too talkative and don’t listen to him at all in my interview? But he is also just talking of himself all the time. HAHAH!
- Ruki: Oh, no. We are now turning into a malicious talk.
- Aoi: The good point is he can talk a lot with me about music without hesitation. And the bad point is just like the others said, he is a little impetuous. And I like to drink slowly, but Uruha get drunk very soon and go teasing people. drunk and go to bed! *w*

Do you have things like “Please keep your mind on that! Please stop doing this!” that you want to tell Uruha?
- Ruki: He is a nice person indeed. But why must he dug out things from ages to speak of? And everytime I go to his home, he will make me watch our first live video. LOL REALLY?!
- All: (laugh)
- Ruki: It really made my stomach twist by watching that, so I told him everytime that I don’t want to watch that. But then he would have that brilliant big smile on his face, and I felt so melancholy. I hope he can throw that away.

It can be done by giving it to the manager?
- Ruki: That’s also…disturbing…It’d be the best to let me keep it.
- Kai: I hope he can have more interest in me. No matter what I talked to him, I found his face was just emotionless. It would be fine to tell me “It’s boring” if he felt like that, but he had no reaction at all. More interest? OwO
- Reita: Ahh! I am so sorry for that. How come Uruha has no interest in Kai? I am sorry if he said something bad, Kai-kun. I will talk about this with him.
- Kai: I will count on you then.
- Reita: May be Uruha is too self-paced. And it takes him so long in the shower, it takes long time to dry his hair, long, long, long, why is everything takes him so long? he's taking his sweet time... *w*
- All: (nodding)
- Aoi: Uruha and Kai were playing games beside me when I was writing songs. Actually it doesn’t matter that they were playing games. But Uruha would keep talking about the games with Kai kun when I was working seriously beside. That’s really distracting so please stop doing that.
- Reita: And you (Kai) too!.
- Kai: Err, I am sorry. (sweat)

Here is the corner of instant dialogue.
- Ruki: The question is asked through the editor, right. Sure, what are you scared of? (smile)

Uruha’s expression: (Taking off the sunglasses and staring at the members)

- Ruki: Uruha always acts like he is usual, especially to me and Reita, like we are some wired people. He said his style is “street casual”. And sometimes ago we are on the street in Shibuya, there is a villain said, “Hair! Long.” I want to know what did Uruha think at that time. And where does his moral of “big brother” come from?
- Uruha: Isn’t that good? (get serious suddenly) O.O scary! xD
- Ruki: Well, if he think so. I am just curious of that.
- Kai: Uruha is too self-confident. He once said himself looks like imai tsubasa or takizawa kun. I want to know what does it make he think he looks like them? PERASAN! XDDD and OMG!!! TACKEY AND TSUBASA!! *w*
- Uruha: Kai doesn’t understand me much. What is the problem to look like them? My sister said my hair style looks like takki before, and I was really happy about that.
- Kai: Ah, I got it then, you mean hair style. I can understand that. My question is cleared, next please. (smile)
- Reita: Mine is similar to Ruki’s. In winter, I wore my favorite jacket which I brought earlier, but Uruha didn’t want to walk with me on the street. It’s liked he thought himself is the usual one and looked at me like some weirdo. Didn’t he want to go out with me for just a while?
- Uruha: But that’s a jacket with a green skull! Can I really walk with him?
- Reita: That’s why I took it off.
- Ruki: didn’t you still wore it before?
- Reita: Not this winter. I want to say something here. Please don’t pick on other people’s wearing.
- Uruha: I got it. I won’t say that anymore.
- Aoi: I want to know why Uruha likes to occupy the bed everytime when he stay overnight at people’s home? XD!! CUTE!
- Uruha: Because human beings are meant to sleep on the bed.
- Aoi: Why does the owner of the bed has to sleep under the bed? LOL!! POOR THING! sleep together laaa!
- Uruha: I think the owner has his right over his property. The owner also has the right to tell me not to sleep on the bed when he doesn’t want me to. What is the problem of sleeping on the bed if you don’t tell me?
- Aoi:…………Ok…I got it.

Is there any difference when it’s just two of you instead of all being together?
- Ruki: Scrupulous. He has high tension when everybody is around.[Japanese refer “tension” as vitality rather than nervousness.] If he says I am chiyu-kei[Type of person that can comfort the others, their existence can make the other feel relax.], then I am going to roll on his bed for him. (laugh) And please bring me to somewhere fun more often like the old times.
- Kai: No matter we are all there or it’s just the two of us, he is indomitable all the time. Both Uruha and me like playing games, he won’t stop until he finally win. And he won’t admit it if I win.
- All: (laugh)
- Reita: Uruha is the only one that can talk world affair with me, that’s the topic that the others won’t talk about. We talked about the war ardently some times before, and it changes into a malicious talk of the other members.
- Ruki: Really?
- Aoi: What’s that about?
- Kai: Just as expected…… (sweat)
- Reita: That’s right. So you guys would better put a bug on us! The atmosphere is embarrassed. (smile)
- Reita: Okay, okay. Of course we wouldn’t say something like that, we love you guys so much.
- Aoi: Well, Anyway. When it’s just me and Uruha……
- Ruki: There wasn’t times of just two of you right?
- Aoi: Yeah (smirk). It’s only when we two practicing guitar. His eyes was so sparkling at that time. sparkling :D

What makes you feel cool of Uruha recently?
- Ruki: He has been more attractive…… WOOHOO!!! XDD ATTRACTIVE~

Hum? No more illustration?
- Ruki: Because he looked terrified staring at me(sweat) I sweat to =.="
- Kai: He started calling me recently. He wouldn’t call me at all even about matters of the band before. But I saw more of his name on my call-in list currently, I am quite glad of that.
- Reita: He will get mad at the pedestrians when he is driving, I hope he can stop behaving like that. That’s not something cool at all. (smile)
- Aoi: I always think he is stiff by observation. But he became more attractive and desirable on stage now. I won’t give in to him.

At last, please say a sentence to Uruha.
- All: We love you.
- Reita: We talked a lot of this and that, but those are all comments of love.
- Ruki: We wouldn’t have said that much if we don’t love him indeed.

Reita's FACTS:
- Reita has Harley and likes to drive it.
- He is also fond of skating.
- He is the most talkative of the GazettE. I didnt know that xD
- He's TV junkie. His favorites programmes are scientific and sport.
- He believes in reincarnation.
- He can't write long letters/e-mails. He prefers sending sms but never uses smiles in messages. aww why not!
- Uruha and Reita have been friends for more than 15 years.

-> About Reita by other members:
What is your first impression of Reita?
- Aoi: I can’t recall anything. We were not as closed as now, not much memory back then.
- Uruha: I joined the soccer club when I was in year 2. Reita joined in year 4. He was in small size back then. With black hair and don’t know why he always pout. HAHAHAH!! xD POUTT!!

Reita’s expression: There’s nothing to do with the lips!

- Uruha: And there was another good friend called KAKI chan. They are one big and one small so Reita was being called “the smaller one”. And I found him very good at joking when we talked, my first impression of him is like “Isn’t he fun.”
- Kai: I was introduced to him by Ruki. I thought he was some gloomy person.

Reita’s expression: Liar! I have talked with you.

- Ruki: When Reita talked about his first impression in my session, didn’t he said I didn’t go home with them? I want to explain myself here, I couldn’t anything of it.

Reita’s expression: WHAT?

- Uruha: Ruki has said nothing yet. Just go on.

Reita’s expression: “What’s that. Just Annoying. I don’t care……” was murmuring himself.

What are Reita’s strong and weak points?
- Aoi: The good point is, he is good at cheering people up when we are all frustrated. The bad point is, his motivation is low. There is a little bit different of him when in live.
- Uruha: The good point is, he will stand on himself whatever happened. And his bad point may has something to do with his A blood type. When I said “shouldn’t it be this because of that”, he wouldn’t listened to me at all. He would just say “So what will you do?”. And when I listened to him I found him just changed my sentences. I thought it’s better to answer people after listening to them, so I hope he can just listen to me.
- Kai: He is really good at detecting the atmosphere. He’s keen on understanding people just by the look. *thumbs up*

Reita’s expression: “That’s right.” Having a smile on his face.

- Kai: The bad point is, he’d like to solve disagreements by hands. He just like bullying me when I can’t reply properly. But if I stand on a good point, he will disturb me by hands. When I saw that and said “Hands disturbing again?” then he would really came attacking me. (laugh) cuteeeeeeeeee...
- Ruki: The good point is, it’s very interesting to talk with him. I can always find words to keep on his conversation. About the bad point, it was Uruha’s birthday event some days ago, of course we are celebrating for him but Reita wanted presents himself as well. Is he just jealous or he is impudent? aahh.. swtt...

Reita’s expression: What? Like all’s my faults anyway. (sweat)

- Ruki: Well, it’s just things like that.

Do you have things like “Please keep your mind on that! Please stop doing this!” that you want to tell Reita?
- Aoi: Aren’t we both standing on the right hand side of the stage? When I was standing in front of the stage I felt him came and push me aside. What should I do if I want to come in front?
- Uruha: I want to say he always consider to much and I think sometimes he just do it over. And of course these do reflect on the matter of the band. Please don’t give up in the middle, try to finish it up.
- Kai: Say it in a good way, he is good at associating with people. But in a bad way, he is quite self-centered.

Reita’s expression: Staring XDDDDDDDDDD !!

- Uruha: True, true. Sometimes he said he was going to invite people, but the person who came next day said it was like a torture.
- All: nodding.
- Ruki: He said I had messed up his house before, but he also messed up mine. I told him quietly you shouldn’t do it to the others if you dislike that yourself too. But he just attacked me, I am still a little bit afraid of speaking him now. (smirk)

Reita’s expression: Staring at Ruki. LOLOL!!!

- Ruki: The feeling now is quite uncomfortable as well.

Here is the corner of instant dialogue.
- Aoi: In live, we are both standing on the right…… Umm, it’s hard to say. Reita will complain about it again. No, I don’t have anything want to know. (smirk) It’s good enough to perform like before.
- Uruha: He has became manneristic recently. There’s lots of chance that we go home together, but he just didn’t talk to me. I thought he don’t want to talk with me.
- Reita: Well, I don’t really understand which is the fact. Uruha didn’t talk as well. He seemed in a bad mood when the car came pick him up in the morning and he just complain about the others. I want to say loudly that “Aren’t you the same!”.
- Uruha: Well, keep your eyes open when you are driving!

Wait a minute, it’s not good to have quarrels here. Please go on happily.
- Uruha & Reita: Okay
- Kai: My question is much more urgent. May I work along with you as the rhythm team? I have said a lot before but I really don’t have much confidence.
- Reita: What? It’s all my fault with everything happened and not happened. It’s just annoying that everyone want to take their revenge! kowai! T_T
- Kai: He got pissed off already, then just forget it. (smirk)
- Reita: WHAT!
- Kai: My question is ended and you don’t need to answer that. If I make you angry, I will just follow after you quietly. (smile)
- Ruki: I always thought, Reita always say something the same to me when I visit his home. He will say like “want to eat something” or “are you hungry”.
- Uruha: Err? May be he always asked if Ruki was hungry because he was hungry himself?
- All: Looking at Reita ROFL!!

Reita’s expression: lower his head.

- Ruki: I will be in a bad mood when I am hungry. But that just happened once in our old band times. Although it just happened once, I would always buy 2 burgers when I started to get hungry. Eat one immediately and left one to have it later. But I found it gone later, I got hungry already by then.
- Uruha: That’s something strange……(laugh)
- Ruki: Therefore…Please listen to me. I was really hungry and I don’t have any money with me. I was looking forward to the burger and found it gone. Can you understand my feeling? I could just go to sleep without the burger. And Reita will still ask me “Got angry? Are you hungry?”. I just want to know what do you mean.
- Reita: Well……I am just joking.
- Ruki: But Reita keep on saying that for more than 2 years!
- Uruha: I can understand Reita’s thinking pattern now. But isn’t that just fine to get something to eat when we're hungry?
- Ruki: I want to say, I would have said it myself when I am hungry, don’t need to worry about me.
- Reita: I am sorry, may be I just use the wrong method to show my caring.
- Ruki: And there’s nothing to do with my anger.
- Reita: I am really sorry about that.

Is there any difference when it’s just two of you instead of all being together?
- Aoi: I still don’t have the chance to be just with him. Although I stayed overnight at his home before, but we didn’t talk at all. I even thought I have been to the wrong house. When I went home, I was friends with his family but not Reita’s.
- All: laugh
- Uruha: Well, he like to be half joking in his talk. I have been friends with him for such a long time, I just know about his gentleness well enough.

Reita’s expression: Thank You!

- Uruha: Well, we have said lots of horrible things of him, but actually he is much more gentle that that, please look after him.
- Kai: When it comes to me, he treats me all the same with the others around or not. That’s really nice of him.
- Ruki: When we have the same topic, he will chat very passionately with me. For example, if Reita bought the DVD of his favourite artists, he would come show it to me very happily.

What makes you feel cool of Reita recently?
- Aoi: He gets really serious when it come to music.
- Uruha: He is very easily affected by the others. If he met some cool bands, he will have changed in some dedicated ways.
- Kai: Ummm? It seems there’s some changes with his clothing style.
- Ruki: I am like the others giving an “OH” when I see changes in his clothing style. His wearing was rather rigid before, not as causal as nowadays. I was very shocked to see him wearing his silver necklace out.

At last, please say a sentence to Reita.
- Kai: I love you!
- Uruha: Love you, too!
- Aoi: Yeah. Right.
- Ruki: Ahahaha.

OMG TWO MORE TO GO!! *pants*

Aoi's FACTS:
- Aoi's hobby is surfing and he's quite good at it.
- If one needs a help, Aoi is that one who can really help.
- He knows 3 dialects.
- To praise him is to say that he's good guitar player.
- His room is rather messy.

-> About Aoi by other members:
What is your first impression of Aoi?
- Kai: I think he was awe-inspiring, sorry. (sweat).
- Reita: His wearing style really looked like a band man one.
- All: (laughter)
- Uruha: He felt like in a band from Saitama.
- Reita: Isn’t that fine with Saitama?
- Ruki: He seemed like a host in Kabukicho. [????is a red-light district in Shinjuku, many of these “adult business” is under the affection of mafia. ???is more or less like a club boy, entertaining their female customers.]

What are Aoi’s strong and weak points?
- Kai: He is always very gentle. But may be that’s for me only. (smile) ONLY? :'D

Aoi’s expression: (smiling shyly) awww so cuteee!

- Kai: But sometimes our conversation can’t go on because his speaking is too blunt. Although I have a lot that I want to say, but he seems so indifferent and our chat can only end at the middle……
- Reita: He is generous. If I asked him to buy something and told him “I’ll pay you back later”, he would never say “give me back my money”. Of course, I had paid him back later. But if that was Kai, he would say “pay me back” very soon.
- Kai: That’s sophistic! You know how many months had I waited?
- Reita: That’s why I’d like to return to you earlier. (laugh)
- Kai: What do you think I am……
- Reita: But it is confusing that Aoi will suddenly talk to me in a way that I don’t know how to response.
- Uruha: The good point is, he is a very considerate person by natural. When I go visit him, he will ask me “want to eat?” and go make me a meal. Oh, did Ruki cook me meals too?
- Ruki: Hey! I had cooked for you, forgot?
- Uruha: Miso soup, right?
- Ruki: I cooked you spaghetti too.
- Uruha: Yeah. Can they cook for me too? *w*
- Reita: Right, you don’t need to say anything to Aoi and he will cook for you.
- Uruha: Wait…(sweat), Ruki too…(sweat) 8DDDDDDDDDDDD
- Reita: Well, that’s a dilemma. You are undecided.
- Uruha: When I go having drinks with Aoi, he will buy it for me and say “hai, coffee.” He looked like God to me at that time. SO FATHERLY!!!!!!!!! :3
- All: Wow.

Aoi’s expression: (embarrassed) CUTECUTECUTECUTE

- Reita: It’s good that your God is so cheap, just a cup of coffee.
- All: (laugh)
- Uruha: But sometimes he treats me very coldly. He seems indifferent even when deciding our guitar solo. May be we are both nonchalant.
- Ruki: He is gentle as a big brother, he will cook for me whenever I visit him. No matter when he was performing in his previous band or after he came to Tokyo, he is the most hardworking member in it. But during the tour or visiting his home, I found him usually in a bad temper after waking up in the morning. Well, may be I am the same……
- Uruha: What’s that?

Aoi’s expression: (making a face like "aren't you the same too!")

- Ruki: He was like “Umm, Umm” whatever you said to him. And that made me quiet and autistic (laugh). Besides, there were many times that Aoi would make gag when we were having bad mood, that’s just annoying. I was thinking like “please go to die.” at that time. (laugh)

Do you have things like “Please keep your mind on that! Please stop doing this!” that you want to tell Aoi?
- Kai: Sometimes Aoi will give up voluntarily when it’s almost there. I hope he can keep it up.
- Reita: We are both standing at the right side of the stage, I will nudged him if I want to come up to the front. There is not much opportunities for me to stand at the front. It’s the same when filming the PV, I was always blocked by him. I was feeling like, “please at least give me a few shot!” HAHAH!! so funney!
- All: (laugh)
- Reita: I am fine with it if even it’s just a few shots. But I really want to be filmed in the PV, because I am the member of Gazette as well.
- All: (laugh)
- Uruha: I will always ask him to play games with me whenever I visit him. I really hope he can stop saying “No” to me with a smirk. Isn’t that good to play a round with me? sooo lovey-doveey!

Aoi’s expression: .............

- Ruki: Sometimes he doesn’t understand whether we are making fun or meaning it seriously, and then he will get angry. I can easily feel his murderous-looking……It hurts like a baseball throwing directly “BOMB” to me…… jaga your temperr!

Aoi’s expression: What should I say......(sweat)

Here is the corner of instant dialogue.
- Kai: Will I disturb you when I am at your home?
- Aoi: Not at all.
- Kai: When I went playing at Aoi’s home, he told me “may you stay there awhile for me?”. May he has no interests in me?
- Aoi: That’s because I was working damn hard on my computer and I couldn’t work with you beside me. As I just have one computer and wasn’t that reasonable?
- Kai: Okay, I understand now.
- Reita: I want to ask about the clothes. I bought a jupon from Yahoo! Auction for him, but he complaint about it when it arrived. When I saw the picture I asked him “So? I will get this one.” and he said “fine.” So I went on bidding it, but he just grumbled over it when it came! How do you guys think? That’s really bad. And that’s a jupon of American Army, I had paid a lot for it.
- Aoi: I just want a double-sized pant. When I saw the picture I thought it was black in colour, but I found it was dark blue when it arrived……I was treated by Reita. HAHA!! see properly!
- Reita: See! He said that again. It’s my fault anyway.
- Aoi: Okay, I got it. (smile)
- Uruha: Why did you stop wearing your navel piercing?
- Aoi: The skin there was getting thinner. It felt dangerous so I took it off.
- Uruha: Then how about the jupon I gave you?
- Aoi: I had worn it until that American Army’s jupon came. That’s the memorial present from Uruha, so I have kept it carefully. how niceee
- Uruha: That’s great.
- Ruki: I said this about Uruha as well, but Aoi should stop pretending usual people.[referring to the clothing style]
- Reita: Are you kidding?
- Ruki: He said something like “The usual people must be me” when I chatted with him before. I want to know which place you can tell as usual?
- Aoi: I didn’t say that before.
- Ruki: You have.
- Aoi: If I had said that it should be something like “The most usual one must be me”.
- Ruki: Yes, that’s the sentence.
- Aoi: Can’t you tell by looking the 5 of us?
- Ruki: I will arrest you if I am the cop.
- All: (laugh)
- Ruki: May it be then if he say like this. We won’t be able to get over this argument so let’s just forget it……I am not convinced though.

Is there any difference when it’s just two of you instead of all being together?
- Kai: He is unexpectedly caring. Aoi would come checking on me when I was working on the computer and asked me “What do you want to eat? I will go get it.” Then he would go buying it for me. I am really touched by his gentleness. me too *sniffs*
- Ruki: I just understand it today, you (Kai) are so easy to feel lonely.
- Kai: I am very easy to feel lonely. LOL. damn funnyy LEE!
- Reita: Sometimes I forgot my instrument at Aoi’s home and I would send him mail said “I am sorry but may you bring it to me tomorrow?” It’s common to end with simply “okay”. But he will reply me “I will pack it up and bring it to you”. May be he just want some attention?
- Uruha: I hope I can have more topics with him. Aoi likes playing games too, please talk about it more with me!
- Ruki: He is basically very caring, and it seems he likes looking after the others. But we don’t have much topics other than the band. We just exchanging our CDs……
- Reita: You think you guys are TATSUYA?[a Japanese rental chain store]

What makes you feel cool of Aoi recently?
- Kai: May be I am not in the position to talk say this about him, we are both the ones that usually forget stuff. But Aoi started noticing the things that he promised, I can see he is getting on his own way. I just feel like he is changing a lot.
- Reita: He started wearing like a usual people, and I was like “OH”. It’s another matter to say that suit him or not. I just feel like “Wow” to see him want to have a change.
- Uruha: He started showing of his forehead recently, I was thinking “Oh, that’s lovely!”
- Ruki: He is getting more characteristic.

At last, please say a sentence to Aoi.
- Reita: You are not a usual nobody.
- Uruha: I think we are speaking of him more modest than the other members.
- Reita: Please take care of us brother.
- Ruki: Please be our good brother forever.
- Kai: Please take care of us!

LASTLY! The leader of the GazettE! :D

Kai's FACTS:
- Kai's hobby is cooking and he does it well (though Reita doesn't like it)
- Kai has a radio show: Premium Radio Show where different j-rockers are invited to.
- Other gazemembers consider him to be a leader of the band.
- He mostly speaks at interviews.
- He helps Uruha to give up smoking. Smoking won. LOLZ

-> About Kai by other members:
What is your first impression of Kai?

- Ruki: Different from the feelings of now, I thought he was gloomy.
- Reita: I don’t know him much yet as the same as Kai doesn’t know us. (laugh) It was like he’d stop talking suddenly.
- Uruha: I thought he was a complicated person. My common knowledge is different from his. Wasn’t it basic to greet when you first meet someone? But Kai only gave me a glimpse. And then I heard he thought I was supporting technician after that, HOW RUDE! I had greeted him properly!

May be he was just shy?
- Uruha: Well, that would be fine if that’s the case, but I was shocked.
- Aoi: I also thought that he was someone who couldn’t greet properly.

Kai’s expression: Well……I surrender. (sweat)

What are Kai’s strong and weak points?
- Ruki: The good point is that he has a nice personality and can calm the atmosphere. The weak point is that he forgets stuff everywhere, though I don’t have the point to speak of him myself. (laugh)
- Reita: I will start from the weak point. There is some problem with his brain in summary, I can’t even find a word to describe his forgetfulness. We have asked him if he forgot something before and he answered “No”, but actually he did forget something secretly. Forgot to lock the car’s door when going to the convenience store for example, it’s just unforgivable. The good point is that he is easy to bully and he won’t get angry after that. This is serious case! XDDD
- Uruha: Virtues……I think there is a lot of him but I preferred his tenderness.
- Reita: If there is a lot (of virtues) just name some of them now?
- Uruha: Well, It’s hard. But Kai has always been gentle.

- Uruha: He sold game boy advance to me with half price for example. I'm damn SWEAT!! XD

Kai’s expression: …………(smirk)

- Reita: Sweet! Is that a new one?
- Ruki: Cheers to tender Uruha kun. [It said Uruha here, but I think Ruki should mean Kai actually.]
- Uruha: And he will be my game competitor too. But his shortcoming is doesn’t understand me. He won’t agree with me even after I told him about what I think.

Kai’s expression: That’s not true……

- Aoi: The good point is, he will give his best to help the others no matter he can make it or not. The weak point is…he said he would come to my home because it’s late at night, that’s fine, but he just used my computer and even forgot my existence.

Do you have things like “Please keep your mind on that! Please stop doing this!” that you want to tell Kai kun?
- Ruki: Please don’t forget your moral of hardworking. And you often stay overnight at my home, please sleep properly on the sheets (tatami). It must hurts the waist to sleep on the floor. He doesn’t listen to me even I told him, “It will get sick.” Please understand my care.

Kai’s expression: (nodding)

- Reita: Aren’t we the member of rhythm team? Please work hard together to become the best partner.

Kai’s expression: PEACE!

- Reita: We all love Kai after saying this and that. But there is only one thing that we want him stop doing, that’s the band……
- All: (laughter burst out)

Kai’s expression: Please let me think about it……(murmuring and smirk) Just joking Kai kun! Everybody just likes teasing you.

- All: (nodding and grin)
- Reita: Kai’s fan must be angry with me if I keep bullying him like this, but please understand it’s only pranks. Kai makes other people feel for loving him.
- Uruha: Please don’t forget your hardworking. Thank you for always. It’s like Kai is living by instinct.

Kai’s expression: (smiling shyly) *bites keyboard*

- Uruha: He is always the pioneer among the member no matter how troublesome the matter is. Really thank you.

Here is the corner of instant dialogue.
- Ruki: I just said Kai is working desperately. I want to know if you are really working so hard or that is another reason.
- Kai: I am always hardworking.
- Ruki: That’s great.
- Reita: Well……can’t we have another drummer?
- All: (guffaw)

Please ask something other than this. (laugh)
- Reita: Kai has always been forging himself, or let say he is being harsh on himself. I think that’s pretty cool of his hardworking secretly all behind of us. Here’s the question. I want to know if Kai always do running ?

You do running?
- Kai: Yes, everyday. Oooo~ nowonder so fit!
- Reita: The same with muscle training?
- Kai: Yes. But please don’t say it in front of everyone!
- Reita: (ignoring)
- Uruha: Kai set fire at my home unsuccessfully last time. I would like to know the reason of that. Shouldn’t we trust each other as members, I want to know the reason why Kai wanted to burn down his member’s home. OMG MAJI DESUKA?!
- Kai: I don’t wan to say something pointless, but I didn’t intend to set fire.

You can’t tell of the reason?
- Kai: Wait a minute. That’s only a mistake.

So it was not on purpose?
- Kai: That’s right.
- Uruha: Give me back my days in shock horror. (sob) awwwwww.
- All: (laugh)
- Ruki: That’s the problem.
- Kai: What is that? Please believe me. It’s not fair.

It seems Kai didn’t mean to set the fire. What about Aoi san?
- Aoi: Please don’t mess up my house when you come.
- Kai: I will keep notice of that.

Is there any difference when it’s just two of you instead of all being together?
- Ruki: He will be much more scrupulous. I think he is breezier when we are all together.
- Reita: He will always look at me.

Kai’s expression: Don’t say something weird.

- Reita: Kai always calls me “Rei chan, Rei chan.” when it’s only two of us, which is a little disgusting. (laugh). But we are friends who can talk everything with the others, I hope we can go on like this forever. NEW NICK!! REI-CHAN! XD
- Uruha: He won’t talk with me if we can’t find topics.

Kai’s expression: Isn’t that the same with everyone? (self-murmuring)

- Uruha: If Kai sits beside me when I am driving, he will say a lot to keep me awake.
- Aoi: When I am driving and Kai sitting beside me, we will chat a lot quietly because the others are sleeping and the conversation won’t last long. I don’t know if it is tedious to talk with me, but there are times that our conversation can’t last.
- Ruki: May it be boring?
- Aoi: I made him feel uneasy?
- Reita: What? That’s bad, Kai is a nice person.

Kai’s expression: (looking depressed)

- Aoi: He is a good person actually.

Is there anything that Kai want to say after hearing this?
- Kai: I think I have better understanding of everyone’s feelings. (tears) awww! *pats*

What makes you feel cool of Kai recently?
- Ruki: He will start working right after he has the idea.
- Reita: It seems he is working hard on the drums recently. He even go practicing at the studio just by himself. How aggressive!
- Uruha: I asked him what kind of drummer he is before, and he said he is the type that dislikes attention. I told him, “Isn’t that good to have some appeal?” And he said he is bad at that. But he has got more fascination recently. He doesn’t look like just part of the stage anymore.
- Aoi: He has been more serious about drums than before. And he is working really hard. I can’t give in to him neither.

At last, please say a sentence to Kai.
- Reita: We have said a lot of this and that, but it’s just because we all like Kai kun.
- All: Kai kun is loved.

Kai’s expression: (smiling shyly and giving a happy grinning face to everyone)


They're tooooo cuteeeeeee!!! I LOVE BOYS. XD

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