Sunday, May 24, 2009

thats the fact

I updated my w i s h l i s t ! ♥ @ my profile :3
As far as I can remember though, hmmph.

Tomorrow we're having Moral paper, that shucks. Even shucks is the Civics paper, it's 2 and a half hours! What a waste of time!!!!
I've got 36 nilais + 36 sentences of definition to memorise, plus I needa read the textbook for the academic questions! AND NOO! I don't have a Form 4 textbook! ;_;
It's just like that! Why am I so uncomfortable! I just need to time myself accurately so that I won't leave any questions blank anymore. =w=

Yesterday went to Tropicana, lulz.
I shouldn't have wore the tight 3quarter pants and the long long blouse thingy.. ahhh I don't know what these outfits called =w= I hate my bum, I hate it lots, one day I'll just go slice it out and donate those who are having small miniature bums. I mean it.

I bought a new shirt! I LOVE IT. I was camwhore-ing with it last nite, but I still couldn't find the camera USB wire thingy. SHITHOLE! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU?!

*nervous laugh*
I wanna change 'it' again... alamak!

I've got a plan in my head. But I'm afraid to convey it out.
I don't want her to hate me, even if it's just that short period of time.
But I'll still do it, my ego is taking over me.
Hah, I don't know if it'll work anyway. Hopefully.
'Cause I really want them.


Aren't they cuteee!
it's been a while!

bigger and slightly different picture HERE.

got them from gazette_media.

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