Sunday, May 3, 2009

i've got scanner! YAY

Yesterday went to 1u, and then dad bought a new printer! YES YESS!! This time, it's together with scanner, WOOHOO! LIKE FINALLY. I've been wanting scanner for SO FCKING LONG. ♥ HP brand, but duno what model. And the ink, mom say since her working place at the hospital @ Cheras, using the same printer or printer than uses the same catridge, she could bring back free printer inks! INCLUDING COLORS. OH YEAH BABY!! *runs in circleS*

First thing I wanted to scan was, my PSC10th stuff I got that day, and some pieces of my fanart LOL. So I did! :D I'm sharing it! Lalala ♥ I know many people already scanned and uploaded it earlier, but since I've done it, I'll just do it again. *_* (cuz me ish slacking) I had fun scanning, MY FIRST TIME. But I've got to sit and get up many many times on the seat in front of the com becuz the printer is at the side, which you got to get up to put your stuff to scan or print. XD I don't think my scanner has the best quality. But it's good enough! :D Sorry if it's not straight and senget ahahaaha.

Woah.. my masterpiece!
Simply drag and drop wahaha. ♥
Sorry.. no Kra and Kagrra. T_T
and it's only SCANS not the performances itself.

Download links @ mediafire:

✿ EVERYTHING - download
✿ the GazettE - download
✿ Miyavi - download
✿ Alice Nine - download
✿ SuG & ScReW - download
✿ the DVD covers & badge - download

  • Leave a tag at my tagboard if you're downloading. It won't hurt. And it's a MUST. Don't ask stupid questions.
  • DO NOT redistribute or sharing at anywhere else, not without my permission. Just ask.
  • You can use it for graphics. ;)
  • DO NOT claim as yours, I'll slice you up.
  • Credit is LOVE! I'll love you lots for that. :D
  • You can like crop some parts or resize of it and post in your OWN journal or blog, just link back at my livejournal or my blogger.
  • Be nice and I'll do the same!
  • Smile, scream, spazz, fangirl/boy whatever, have fun! XD
and I scanned smth else! :D

A young picture of me. DAMN FAT RIGHT?! And my brother answering the phone.
I ter-scanned this photo becuz mom want me to teach her how to scan, so I use this as a test :D PS: I love singing. You see! My parents say I'm such an entertainer when I was that young XD almost everyday or everyday, I take out the KIDS'S KARAOKE videos, and start singing along, while dressing up, with a toy microphone. LOL. and that's my old house in KL not the current one. XD LOOK AT MY *O* face = ="

HEHEHEHE. Also scanned this gazette logo KoonIe darling drew for me~ OUR END PRODUCT. too bad it's kinda crumpled T_T... but it's nice! It's like a texture ;D I didnt resize it here, can see clearly xD And until now I'm still using it for my file! :D baby you should be proud :3

HOHOHOHO. This picture again?! Yaya. This is one of my fave artworks... It's a few days work too. And it's SETSUNA. WOWOWO FINALLY . ♥

MY CHIBI GOKUDERA!! YAY!! ♥ SO CLEAR HAHAHAA. But senget abit. *sigh* so cutee! and that jap word is "teme", means "you bastard" smth like dat~

Mom say I'm not allowed to use the laptop starting next weekend. :( I bet I can only online a while. Gonna miss everyone T_T exams starting 13th of May! 3 WEEKS!!!!
I still got 5 episodes of dgrayman before i can proceed to the next disc... 5 epis waiting for me... *continue watching*

I'm emotionally affected now ;_;

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