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hey ya boo boo! MY METAL MAN

I lurked a bit in gazette_media, it's been LONG LONG time, nearly 2 months I think, since I've been there ;D saw this translation of the interview with Kai from the GazettE ;D from ARENA37C Vol.56 magazine part 1/2. ♥ I'm "importing" some lines I like, thank you kisekii! ♥ CLICK to see the post.

  • Italics is my comment! XD
  • Bold is the interviewer
  • [brackets is the translator]
  • Nothingness goes to Kai himself ♥

I felt that “WITHOUT A TRACE” was very Ruki-like in terms of both the Lyrics and the Music. This song and it’s lyrics was written for a fan who passed away, but it showed that the thing about death was not just sadness only. About this part, it’s really Ruki-like. Even though the others members have written lyrics of almost the same meaning for this song and the mood is similar, but there wasn’t that kind of expression. I really think, that is something that only Ruki can do.

I'm touched T____________________T


Reita’s fingers are very, very delicate,..........

wooo! REALLY?! I didn't know that! :DDDD


I would feel bad (Laughs). I don’t want to, it’s so embarrassing. I will never play it (Laughs)! I will never let anyone touch my handphone. If I ever lose my handphone it would be the worst thing ever (Laughs). Talking about that, in the past when I went to the washroom, Ruki opened that voice folder and everyone listened to it, and when I returned everyone was laughing like crazy. It was embarrassing (Laughs). Isn’t that mean? I was feeling like, “Seriously, stop it~” (Laughs). I heard of this [recording music into phones] via Ruki. That’s why, that Ruki knew that I’ve saved tons of phrases in my handphone (Laughs).

HAHAHAH!! THAT'S SERIOUSLY CUTE. maji kawaii desu! *squeals*


Because there’s another guy who is even more Metal that Aoi, if we become outrageously Metal, it would be quite worrying isn’t it (Laughs).

Another guy who is more Metal? Who is that?

Yup. Rather than saying it’s his roots, he really likes Guitars from Metal music. That’s why, we need to have him playing throughout the song. So that his teeth will not be able to carry out it’s use (Laughs). [If I’m not wrong Kai might be referring to the possibility of Uruha doing Teeth Guitar… XD]

URUHAA~!! ♥ My metal man XD! LOL. Teeth guitar? *scratches head*


Do you think that the GazettE is a band that is able to do it? [To not be stereotyped]
But it’s difficult. But, no matter how does the original melody sound like, I think that the final part [when the complete song is made], it does sound the GazettE-like.

Yes yes. I might sound rude to be saying this, but honestly I feel that at first, you guys were going along with the fashion of being categorized as Visual-kei isn’t it? However, as time passes all of you got rid of that sterotype, and now when they want to present new bands, they are being built upon the personality which they say is “the GazettE-like”. I really think that this is a great feat. Because it feels like you have created another genre called “the GazettE” that is totally not within the borders of Visual-kei.
If that is so, I’m very happy. We do have a slight feeling that this is happening. I think that a very positive style is growing out of this.

I'm proud of them T^T


----- Also Kai's 100 Questions and Answers XD! ♥ CLICK -----

o15. Compare yourself to an animal?

I'm monkey too! HEHEEEEEEEE

o30. Your charm point?
~Dimple [YES 8D]


o38. An image of a Girl which you think is cute
~A girl who gets irritated or angry when she is being teased [... I fall into this category... D:]

*hands up* i'm one of it! HA HA. not funny =.="

o60. A hairstyle you would like to try
-Dreadlocks [*Imagines Kai in Ruki's FITB hairstyle* *dies of shock*]

OMG LOL!! *imagines*

o75. When is the time you feel blissful
~ When I laugh

me too! KE HEHE.

o88. Within all the members, who would you choose to be for a day, and what would you do?
~Uruha, Aoi. I want to play the guitar for once!

omfg. imagine Kai playing guitar! OMAIGAWWWWWD! ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

there's still many more i havent read T^T
Spam some pics...


sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet smile


It looks tight O.O"

KYAAAAAAAA. URU You fucking sexy bitch XD

He looked like he's lost . COME TO MAMA~! *arms spread wide*

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