Sunday, April 26, 2009

random post ; LUKEEE!

sorrey, this is really a random post. xD
i just made myself another Friends-Only banner for my livejournal! :D

guess what picture I used? :D easy..
it's Ivan and Kirill again. gaahaaa. ♥

XD from this picture...

cropped the size i want... 450x340.. O.O"

used a bunch of textures randomly... of course it must be suit. 8D ♥

and just 2 simple words.. "Friends-Only" XD!
later i just add 2 pixels of black border, to look nicer. bwahhaha.
and i just realized Ivan is eating "one" of his hair! LOL

and this icon of Kirill i used as my default. XD OMG. i need opinions for my editing for this icon RIGHT NAOOO!!! whut! I totally love it, and i don't usually like my works. this one gives me the dreamy and dark kinda feel, errh.

i'm gonna list out what i'm supposed to do or finish during these periods.
✔ study for mid-terms
✔ continue doing my art port folio
✔ draw my "botak man" for NIE
✔ update my graphics journal *uhhh...*
✔ change my journal layout *w*
✔ get all Katekyo Hitman Reborn! episodes from Sherie and watch all
✔ download D-Gray Man episode 53-60 (bro's duty)
✔ do not slack
✔ rest moar, drink moar water
✔ finish watching Kuroshitsuji within a week or two
✔ don't eat too much
✔ save money for anime DVDs 8D
✔ rewatch Junjou Romantica season 2 *w*
✔ print out lyrics and those doll pictures *hehehe*
✔ don't sleep too long in the afternoon
✔ what else eh? =w=

My anime wishlist!!! (it's written wide and clear on my whiteboard XD)
✜ Katekyo Hitman Reborn! [everything]
✜ D-Gray Man [everything]
✜ Kyou Kara Maou! [season 3 or everything]
✜ Zero no Tsukaima : Princesses no Rondo [season 3]
✜ Shikabane Hime [season 1 and 2]
Gundam 00 [season 2]
✜ Natsume Yuujinchou [season 2]
✜ Shounen Omnyouji (fuck weih i've been looking for this everywhere!!)
✜ Neo Angelique Abyss [season 2]
✜ Switch [OVA]
✜ ...and moarr!!

and... more dolls picture! ahahaaa. IT'S THE ELF + BLACK VERSION OF LUKE! XD ♥


;A; don't look at me like this..
it's hard to look away... ;A;
xD ♥_♥




he's black but he ISH HOT. ELVES FTW.
*currently drooling all over*

shit... i've loaded episode 53-60 for nearly 4 hours now.. can watch already..
I HAVEN'T MOVED A THING! I'm distracted! GRR. GOODNESS. MEANS I CANT CONTINUE WATCHING D-GRAY MAN FOR THE WHOLE DAMN WEEK ! ;A; nvm, still got Kuroshitsuji XD! AHAHA. That fanvid seriously make me wanna watch! WOOO!.

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